The idea came to him one day when he was sitting by a pool skipping rocks with Suzaku.

It was so simple, it was amazing he hadn't thought of it before.

Lelouch felt a bit like an idiot. That was probably how Suzaku always felt, except more so.

He had grown up enough to not want Charles dead, but he could still want to see him groveling on his knees.

Excited, he leapt to his feet.

"Damn, only sev-"

"Suzaku, I've got it!"

The brunet twisted, "Got what?" He looked curiously at Lelouch's hands, possibly expecting him to be holding a small frog or something of the like.

"It! I've got it!"

"Lelouch, you're not making any-"

"I'll explain later, come on." Lelouch tugged impatiently on his friend's hand and dragged him off into the forest in the direction of town.

"Lelouch, what're you-"


"An expl-"

It was a known fact that the best way to silence a moron, or at least, this moron, was to occupy its mouth with other things.

It was also the most enjoyable method, Lelouch found.

Suzaku made a pleased noise somewhere deep in his throat as Lelouch slid his tongue past his lips.

Backed up against a tree, Lelouch smiled at the brunet breathlessly. He ran an affectionate hand through soft brown curls. It was ridiculous how enjoyable that was, but not as ridiculous as how kissing Suzaku affected him with the same lightning intensity every time.

Lelouch was turning into a bit of a sap in his old age.

It was in line with this concession that, after stroking Suzaku's head again, the prince leaned forward and whispered three little words into Suzaku's ear. "You're so amazing."

He leaned his head back against the tree's rough bark and watched delight make itself evident on the brunet's face.

He bit his lip, trying to restrain a grin, "Does – Does that mean?"

"Yes, idiot," Lelouch sighed and stroked his hair again, "that means I love you."

Suzaku didn't even bother with trying to restrain what sure as hell sounded like a squeal before kissing Lelouch roughly on the mouth, then pulling back to grin madly at him.

Lelouch dimly wished he was not so very familiar with the sensation of not being able to breathe properly because of how tight someone was hugging him.

"It's funny, I knew you'd react like this, but I said it anyway. Your idiocy is contagious."

Suzaku's happiness was not diminished in the least, "You know I'll never be able to take your insults seriously again, right?"

"You mean there was a time when you did?"

"Well, not exactly," Suzaku admitted readily enough, leaning forward again.

Lelouch jerked his head quickly to the side, "C'mon, we have to go to town."

"Why-y?!" Suzaku whined, "Can't we stay and," a squirm, "erm, commemorate the occasion?"

"Like we need a reason to have sex," Lelouch snorted, tugging Suzaku toward town by his wrist. "It's not like we don't do that more frequently than can possibly be healthy as it is. I have things to do, planning things."

Suzaku dug his heels in abruptly, Lelouch very nearly lost his balance. "I thought you'd given up on that whole 'regicide' thing."

"I have, I just want… to have a little fun at my dear old father's expense, that's all, nothing major."

Suzaku let himself be tugged forward again, "You confuse m- Is this what they call a relapse?"

"Probably." Lelouch spun and kissed his friend again. He was tempted to comment on how pathetically hard it was to not spend all of his time doing just that, but the boy would be absolutely unbearable if his inner sappy romance lover had any more encouragement in the next month… maybe two.

Progress was predictably slow, considering how often Lelouch almost fell over as he stumbled over something (it was hard to be graceful when walking backwards and most of your brain very much distracted). That was, thankfully, more frequent than the times Lelouch really did fall back. It always seemed to take a while for them to stand back up, for some odd reason…

And then there were the frequent occurrences of the two stopping entirely to lean against a tree.

Sheer force of will kept their clothes on and hands (mostly) to themselves.

"What kind of planning stuff do you have to do, anyway?" Suzaku asked between nips to the prince's perfect neck. He'd gained the presence of mind to inquire about that at about the same time they reached the end of the forest.

Lelouch took a few seconds to answer, because he'd almost tripped again, not because he'd forgotten. "Um, important planning stuff."

Suzaku pulled back to look Lelouch in the face with narrowed green eyes, "How important?"

Lelouch needed to stop touching Suzaku's hair, he felt silly when he did it. Suzaku had probably noticed the frequency with which he partook of the act, Lelouch really hoped he hadn't.

"Pretty important… but not particularly urgent."

Suzaku's face split in a grin, "Perfect," he purred in a way that did a funny thing to Lelouch's knees. "I love you."

Lelouch rolled his eyes but let himself be kissed just the same.

He was remotely aware of the fact that they were no longer sheltered from sight by trees, but rather in full view of any who happened to pass by, and they were still engaging in what could only be described as tasteless PDA (they'd gotten more… enthusiastic… as they went), and yes, Suzaku was untucking his shirt and sliding his hands beneath.

Lelouch parted his mouth from the other marginally (air was necessary after all) and rotated them about so they were heading toward their small cabin. Pushing their lips back together with a soft sound he would not admit to, he tightened his grip on the back of the brunet's shirt while the other made quite sure the brunet's head wouldn't move away.

By chance, his eyes slid opened partially. Oh fuck.

He froze.

It only took Suzaku a second to notice the sudden lack of activity on the part of his partner. "Lelouch?"

But the other kept staring wordlessly over Suzaku's shoulder, mouth and eyes wide open.

Suzaku spun around.

His first thought was to grab hold of Lelouch's wrist and run back into the woods and keep running until he couldn't breathe.

But that wouldn't work because Lelouch didn't have the world's best stamina and even Suzaku was not so wonderful as to be able to carry Lelouch far enough fast enough once Lelouch's breath gave out - they wouldn't make any progress at all that way.

Second was – There was no second thought, there was nothing he could do; resistance was futile.

He took a sliding half-step to the side, positioning himself largely in front of his lover, as if that would shelter him from his pink-haired ex-fiancée, standing before the two, accompanied by a woman Suzaku recognized to be her older sister Cornelia and a small host of Knights. It would seem that the sisters had been caught in traps in their trip through the woods.

Suzaku could sympathize, or he would were his brain capable of anything other than making a high-pitched noise akin to a wail.

By the looks on the imperial siblings' faces, they had been there for a while, had probably caught the whole show.

A casually meandering C.C. paused to take in the tableau. She paused in munching on – Was that an apple? – to blithely comment, "Awkward."

The procedure was the same as when it had been Lelouch and Suzaku caught in traps in the woods. Cornelia and Euphy were to be brought before the council, which Suzaku and Lelouch had been commanded to temporarily join.

It would seem that upon capture, the princesses had demanded to see Lelouch and Suzaku.

Well, Euphy had demanded, Cornelia had stood there, glaring, nearly causing many of the Knights to wet their pants.

After a short and nerve-wracking interrogation during which it was established that the sisters were Lelouch's siblings, they had all grown up together, and none of them were in the least bit suspicious or important, they were released from prison (the same empty storage room Lelouch and Suzaku had been locked in) with the condition they be kept under constant guard.

It was well into the evening now. Lelouch had yet to have an actual conversation with either of his sisters or Suzaku. He wasn't entirely sure if that was a bad thing. Regardless, that would all have to be dealt with upon the morrow. For now, he just wanted to sleep with the deluded assumption that he would wake up and this would all be no more than a very elaborate and distressing dream.

He was in the process of undressing when the door opened. He spun, alarmed, convinced it was Cornelia come to kill him for taking her sister's lover away, but it was just Suzaku.

He pulled his shirt back on, "I didn't think I'd be seeing you here tonight."

"Why ever not?" Suzaku was genuinely bewildered as he shut the door behind him.

"I thought you'd be – I just figured you'd want to sleep alone tonight."

"Lelouch, I gave up ev- I gave up a lot for you." He embraced him from behind. "I don't want to start thinking you weren't worth it."

"Am I not wonderful enough to remind you even when I'm not present?"

"You're not wonderful, you're amazing."


"I love you."

"You seem to think that's the magic phrase to get you out of any trouble."

"Lelouch, much as I love you when you're snarky, could you please play nice? Just for tonight."

The prince turned his head to nip at his partner's jaw. "Fine, but just for today."

Suzaku pressed a kiss to the side of his head, "Thank you."

"You know," Lelouch mused with a sigh, "I used to mock couples like us."

"Fluffy ones?"


"We really are a couple, aren't we?"

Lelouch shrugged and broke out of his hold, "Sure, I guess so. Why?"

Suzaku shrugged and settled back on the bed. The extra room wasn't quite done yet, so it was still the same small one as before. "I never really thought about it. I mean, it's you and it's me, which is technically 'us', but… couple? I don't know, I just never thought about it, probably because I never thought we'd fit into one of those pre-constructed little… things."

A person was only allotted so much eloquence per day, Suzaku must have used up a week's worth before the sentence's end.

Lelouch sat beside him, "That actually made a lot of sense. I don't suppose we're really – Does it even matter?"

"No." Suzaku tugged him down for a kiss, "Not at all."

Lelouch awoke to Kallen shaking his shoulder gently. He rubbed his eyes and sat up, "Is-"

Kallen pressed a finger to her lips and pointed at the still slumbering form of Suzaku beside him.

"Is something wrong?" he whispered, sliding slowly out of bed, trying not to wake his brunet.

She shook her head, "Your sister wants to talk to you; I'm her guard for the day. She's waiting outside. I thought – I didn't think you'd be dressed." A significant glance toward Suzaku as Lelouch pulled on his boots and a clean shirt.

He shrugged and smiled slightly, "We have our nights."

Outside, Lelouch gritted his teeth and refused to show fear. Not that it mattered, could scorned women smell fear? Lelouch really hoped not.

Euphy met his eyes determinedly, but kept twisting her hands in her skirt just the same, "Walk with me?"

Lelouch nodded, "Of course."

They walked in silence for a while, Kallen a polite distance behind, until they arrived on a fallen tree by the forest's edge. Euphy sat and Lelouch followed suit.

Lelouch couldn't bare the quiet anymore, "Euphy, I'm so-"

"I didn't come here to hear you apologize, whether or not that's what you were about to do. Nor did I come here to try to separate you two." She said nothing more.

"Then why are you here?" Lelouch watched Kallen, who was standing about twenty paces away, eating an apple and studying the clouds.

"I needed – I just wanted to make sure."

"Of what?"

"That – That you two were – Do you love him?"

Lelouch wondered if it was odd that it was easier for him to tell his sister he loved Suzaku than to tell the man himself.

Euphy nodded and clenched her fists in the thick white material of her skirt. "I'm – I'm happy."

"I know you must be – What?"

"I'm happy for you. I – I really am." Lelouch believed her, but noted that she sure didn't seem happy, if the way she sounded like she was fighting back tears was any indication. "I was always kind of worried about you, you know; even when we were children. You were sweet enough to all of us, well, Nunnally and I, but you've always – You push people away, Lelouch. I know Father wasn't justified when he said no one would ever love you." Her voice grew stronger as she spoke, less choked.

Lelouch flinched.

"But – You do make it awful hard some times. Most of the time, actually," she laughed quietly.

Lelouch gripped her hand tightly in his (surprised she didn't pull away) and tried to think of a decent response. "You – You really did grow up well," was all he could come up with in the end.

She forced a smile and squeezed his hand hard enough to hurt.

"If you ask me, he didn't even really deserve you."

She choked, "Lelouch, please don't-"

"I'm serious! He's stupid and pig-headed and an insidious little bastard." He also has an infuriating addiction to cuddling, but it's probably best not to mention that, given the circumstances.

She squeezed his hand again, less painfully than before, "I'd hate to hear how you talk about people you don't like."

He laughed and she turned to smile weakly at him.

He cupped her face lightly with his hand and kissed her softly before he could really even think about it "You are one hell of a woman, little sister."

He walked away without paying any heed to the look on Kallen's face that indicated she'd been doing a little listening whilst watching the clouds.

He wandered aimlessly downtown for a bit, trying to work things out in his head. It would've been so much simpler, so much easier, if she'd cursed him, hated him. But no, she forgave him and, unless he was suddenly bad at reading people, loved him just the same.

In some ways, he felt like he'd been the one to lose, not that it was really a matter of winning or losing. Maybe he would always be beaten by his little sister. Yes, he was smarter, but she was… better.

He didn't pay much attention to where he was going; ignoring others walking down the street and a small group clustered outside a building.

There was no helping it though; while human nature could be changed, it was a bit of a bitch to do.

"… and so they all lived happily ever after."

He stopped and stared dumbfounded at the old woman telling what sounded like a fairy story to a cluster of small children, all of whom seemed quite moved by the story.

Damn. He really was an idiot, maybe he should stop being so hard on Suzaku about it.

He all but dashed back to his house, biting his lip and thinking as he did so.

The bed was empty and neatly made, they'd been trying to compromise on things like that; Suzaku was probably whacking at something with a stick.

That certainly made things easier. He bolted the door behind him and began rooting around in the back of the bottom drawer of the rough wooden dresser wedged into a corner.

There! His fingers brushed something made of neither wood nor cloth. A bit of scrabbling and scratching with his nails and pulled out his hand victorious, a small pink card held in his fingers.

He read it quickly… and found absolutely nothing of use. What had the fairy said, 'just call me'? That was all well and good, but how the hell was he supposed to do that?

"Wow. This is a nice place you've got here."

He fell back on his ass and twisted. That had been far easier than expected.

"Seriously, have you considered doing a little decorating in here? I get the whole 'basic' look, it's not like I'm exactly a materialist, but this place is just-"

"I figured out what I want," he interrupted sharply, this was not what he'd called her here for.

"Gosh, really?" she sat down causally on his bed and plucked at the top sheet with a look of mild distress, sure, they weren't the best sheets, but – So not the point.

"Alright, no need to glare so, what is it exactly that you want? Changed your mind about that boy of yours?"

"Not exactly," Lelouch corrected, standing and brushing himself off. "I want – I want to be happy. Not just me, Suzaku and Euphemia, too."

She nodded and made a note of it on a clean page in her notepad. "Care to be more specific?"

He paced, "I want – I want us all to be with the person we're supposed to be with, I don't want – I just want us all to get a happy ending."

She snorted and made another note, "That's cute. I suppose my hope you figured out your second wish is in vain, yes?"

"Oh that, um," Lelouch resumed pacing and ran his hands through his hair. "I don't care; give it to someone who needs it."

She frowned slightly, puzzled, "Hm, I really would not have labeled you as the benevolent type. All well, what's the fun in life if there aren't surprises, right?"

He opened his mouth-

"Like I need you to answer," she lounged back on the bed and waved a hand lazily.

The grand ballroom was a dazzling mass of sparkling chandeliers, polished mirrors and expensive dresses worn by beautiful women. Lelouch couldn't care less.

The hour was late enough that if he left now he would not be reprimanded for being remiss with his ball-attending duties, sadly, the most important work a seventeen-year-old eleventh prince had.

He set his empty champagne glass on the tray of a passing server, excused himself from the pretty blond on his arm, scion of the Ashford family, not a bad woman in that she didn't see him as something to be married to gain political clout for her family; and walked, far less gracefully than normal, toward one of the exits.

On his way, his gaze landed on the back of his younger sister Euphemia's head. She was talking happily to her fiancé, an attractive young man with curly brown hair. Lelouch's gaze lingered on the fiancé for a second longer than was really necessary, there was just… something about him.

He swerved sharply and stopped unsteadily before a man dressed in the uniform of the royal guard.

"Guardsman… Kururugi, was it?"

Green eyes blinked at him in surprise, "Yes, your highness."

"I'm," Lelouch frowned and paused, "I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I don't suppose you could escort me to my chambers."

"Of course, your highness," the man bowed slightly from the waist and followed the prince out of the room, staying a careful three feet behind for all of the walk toward the prince's rooms, during which his gait became markedly less unsteady and gained more of its usual grace.

Lelouch pushed the door open and left it that way, waiting for Kururugi to follow him inside and shut the door behind him.

"We're going to get caught someday, you know that, right?" Suzaku grumbled into Lelouch's insistent lips.

He pulled back and licked his lips with a smirk, "Don't you think that makes it more fun?"

Lelouch, ten years of age and in possession of two parents, one doting, one not so much, really wished he wasn't quite so out of shape.

No, he wasn't out of shape. He just couldn't keep a decent pace while running.

Most of the time he purposefully avoided situations where that could prove a disadvantage, but there some things that were beyond his meager ten-year-old's control, one such thing was the whim of his third eldest brother Clovis.

The man was positively insane, and terrifyingly determined when he really wanted something. And right now, he really wanted Lelouch to pose for him. Again.

He said it was because Lelouch had an "exotic beauty", whatever that meant. The blond was clearly just a freak of nature.

And C.C. wouldn't protect him this time. He'd sabotaged her private pizza-time the other day and she had yet to forgive him. Centuries of existing had taught how to hold a grudge.

And so it was that Lelouch was winded but sprinting through the trees in one of the outer courtyards just the same. If he could get beyond the palace walls, he would be safe, he was sure.

Clovis might have been insane, name an imperial sibling that wasn't, but he wasn't that crazy… right?

Lelouch closed his eyes and shook his head, determined to rid himself of such thoughts.

It was such a small act, never would he have guessed that it would change his whole life. Or maybe it didn't, maybe he would've ended up how he would end up if he hadn't, but that doesn't matter because he had, and it was a waste of time to regret things you'd done, or so Schneizel was always telling him.

With his eyes shut, he didn't see the small figure in front of him. Also running, the figure, a male, similarly aged ten, had his eyes open, but they were focused behind him, wary of pursuit, so neither noticed the other until both were on the ground rubbing at their sore head.

Lelouch was indignant, "Watch where you're-"

The rest of his sentence was cut off by a hand over his mouth as the other boy had tackled him to the ground in an over-zealous effort to keep him silent.

The young prince glared into the alarmingly bright green eyes of the offensive youth. He didn't even do him the honor of acknowledging his righteous rage; he was hastily scanning the trees.

Calming, Lelouch became aware of an unfamiliar voice calling an unfamiliar name. The voice grew fainter until it was almost inaudible, and the tension in the body above his evaporated.

"Sorry about that," the boy said, sitting back and wiping his hand on the leg of his trousers. What was that about? It wasn't like Lelouch had cooties or had licked his hand or something yucky like that… though he had sort of been considering it. His books said it was an effective way to get someone's hand off your mouth, but he'd never had an opportunity to test it.

"Sorry?! You think that just makes it-"


Lelouch found himself yanked forward by the front of his shirt so that he was crammed into a tight corner formed by a set of close-growing trees and the stone wall of the courtyard. Crammed in with the other boy way too close for comfort.

The voice was getting louder.

Lelouch decided yelling at the offensive intruder of his personal space could wait, curiosity came first. "Is that your name he's calling?"

The boy spared him a glance, before going back on the look-out. He nodded.

"It's not very nice to hide from people like that." Lelouch tried to cross his arms over his chest but couldn't in the close space and settled for glaring at the other boy again.

"Then what are you running for? It sure seemed like you were hiding."

"It's different when there's torture involved," Lelouch huffed.

The boy giggled, then clapped his hand over his mouth, with a guilty look at the trees between them and the courtyard.

Lelouch could faintly make out the figure of a man dressed in white over the other boy's shoulder.

"What makes you think I'm not running from torture, too?"

"Oh," Lelouch's widened, "I guess we're bound together by our suffering then?"

Medium brown eyebrows twitched together, "What's that suppose to mean?"

Maybe not.

Lelouch sulked silently and leaned back into the corner, tucking a piece of near-black hair behind his ear.

The man stopped calling and simply walked over to a woman with blue hair. They were undoubtedly saying something, but they were far too far away for Lelouch to catch any of it.

Eventually they both shrugged and walked away.

Lelouch was distantly curious about why neither he nor his companion-of-the-moment-and-hopefully-no-longer moved from their hiding spot.

The boy couldn't be as stupid as he seemed because he noticed the sour expression on the prince's face as soon as he turned back with a relieved sigh. "Look, I'm sorry about not liking your bondage, or whatever. My name's Suzaku." He stuck out a hand.

Lelouch was amazed by the amount of dirt under the nails before realizing he was supposed to be shaking it, not staring at it. He opted not to anyway. "Lelouch," he said with a forced smile, wondering how soon he could be rid of this urchin.

"Is your father still trying to marry you off?" Suzaku asked quietly when they were lying sprawled out on the bed together.

"Last week's candidate makes twenty."

"What are you going to do when he finds a woman you can't make a reasonable objection to?"

Lelouch shrugged a shoulder, "Kill her."

The brunet rolled onto his side, "This is serious!"

"I don't know, Suzaku, we'll figure that out when we get there."

Suzaku sighed heavily and pushed himself off the mattress, "I should be going."

"Why?" Lelouch whined and hated himself for it, doubly so because they both knew the answer. "Stay," he commanded softly, catching Suzaku's wrist when the other climbed over him to get off the bed.

Suzaku sighed and stilled, hovering over his lover, "You know why, and we both know it."

Lelouch released him with a last half-hearted glare.

"I don't care if they find out," Lelouch declared sitting up against the headboard.

Suzaku nodded absently, tugging his uniform white pants up. He wondered how many times they'd had this conversation. Considering their relationship had taken a turn for the physical around Lelouch's thirteenth birthday (because what says 'happy birthday' like kissing someone and running away after) and Suzaku had been insistent on hiding their friendship since it had started… the number was awfully high.

"I'd proudly tell them all how much I-" he shut his mouth with a snap and looked away.

That was new.

"How much you what?" Suzaku asked softly, sitting on the bed beside Lelouch's sheet-covered outstretched legs.

"You know what," Lelouch grumped, pulling his knees up to his chest and settling his crossed forearms atop them.

"And you know it's not that I don't love you."

The prince's lip twitched angrily.

"What do you think would happen, Lu? You think your father would acknowledge our relationship and let us be? All that would happen is you'd be sold off to some lesser ranking noblewoman even farther from Pendragon and I'd still never see you again."

Lelouch was inarguably intelligent, quite possibly the smartest person in Pendragon, perhaps beyond, but… he could be a bit… naïve. That, Suzaku expected, came from spending the entirety of his life in the capital city. Sure, he had his books, but he didn't really get things like just how his father's brain worked. (Suzaku expected that was willful.) Not that Suzaku claimed to understand Emperor Charles, he was sure that was impossible. But Lelouch was just… naïve.

Sadly, there wasn't much Lelouch could say to that, so he kept silent.

"I'm sor-" Suzaku started to say but couldn't finish because Lelouch was kissing him, as if a good round of tonsil hockey would solve everything.

And then he was sliding down and pushing Suzaku with him so the brunet was sprawled half on top of him. Against Suzaku's better judgment, he shifted over so he was fully on top of the prince and utterly grateful for the pants and sheet that separated them.

He was already making desperate little noises by the time Lelouch's left arm left his neck and drifted lower.

And, well…

It didn't take a genius to know that if Lelouch succeeded in moving that sheet Suzaku would not be leaving any time soon.

The brunet broke away abruptly, "Stop that."

The prince smirked for a brief moment then smiled innocently, "I'll just leave you to dress."

Okay, not that innocent.

Suzaku sat quietly on the bed for a moment, listening to the soft sounds of splashing behind the closed washroom door.

"Fuck." He went to the outer door.

"Well, the accommodations have improved at least," a drawling voice remarked behind him.

He spun so fast he nearly fell over.

A pretty (beautiful) (resplendent) blond woman stood by the bed surveying the room with a casual eye.

"Who are you?" He wished he could have said something… better.

"Relax, Guardsman Kururugi, I'm not here to hurt anyone, I'm here," a pause for dramatic tension, "to grant you one wish."

That was nice of her, but, "Isn't it usually three?"

"Yes, but, technically speaking, the wish isn't yours. The wish belongs to someone who had three but only needed two. He told me to give the last one to someone who needed it."

"Surely there are people who need it more than I do." There was a saying against what he had just done, something about horses…

The blond's lip curled, "I think he'd approve of my choice just the same." She was laughing at him and he didn't know why.

Suzaku was the third son of a humble woodcutter and had been born to a life of fabulous mediocrity. Which would've worked out wonderfully was it not for the boy who moved into the village a few days after Suzaku turned nine.

"Um, okay, so, one wish, then?"


"I wish-" What the hell did he wish? There were so many things that- Oh. Duh. Hm, Lelouch might be right about him being a dumbass, there was no need to mention that to the other boy though.

"I wish that Lelouch and I could be together somewhere no one would care who or what we were."

Her smile grew less evil, "Cute."

The boy had dark hair and was good-looking in a way that made Suzaku wonder if he was a girl for the first few weeks of their acquaintance. (He was also good-looking in a way that would do funny things to Suzaku's higher brain functions in the years to come.)

He and a simply bizarre woman who Suzaku took to be the boy's aunt just appeared in the village one day; Suzaku's life had not been the same since.

At age ten, they were still taking the first stumbling steps toward a solid friendship.

At fifteen, both were starting to realize that their lack of interest in girls probably had something to do with the other one.

By the time they were eighteen, they were as good as married.

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