My knight in shining armor

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"Would you please lay down that notebook? You've been working all day"

"I'm sorry, Kaoru. I just have to finish this"

"Ohh, come on, Kyouya"



"Okay, I can finish this later"

"I guess I have to kiss you all the time to stop you from working"

"I wouldn't mind"

"Me neither"


"So, Tamaki was an idiot today"

"He is always an idiot. I can't see how this can be a surprise to you"

"It's not. Stop being so mean, Kyouya"

"I am not mean"

"You are"

"I am not"

"You are"

"I'm not"

"You are"

"I'm not"

"You are"




"Ha ha"

"That was unfair"

"So what?"


"Are you grumpy now?"

"I'm not 'grumpy' and I've never been"

"You haven't? What about that time when Hikaru woke us up because he couldn't find me at home?"

"I was not grumpy"

"You were. You told Hikaru that if he didn't stop calling me, you would make sure he wouldn't be able to breathe anymore"

"I was not grumpy, I just made your brother aware of the danger of waking me up at 3 am"

"Well, he has never done it since"

"So it worked"

"But you were still grumpy"

"I was not...."



"Ha ha"

"That is so unfair, Kaoru"

"Hmm...but you still like it"


"Then stop complaining, grumpy"

"I am not..."




"Okay then, I was grumpy"

"Ha ha"

"Stop making fun of me you devilish twin"

"You sound like Tamaki"

"Really? Just kill me already"

"Ha ha"

"I'm glad you think I'm funny"

"Of course I do. You sarcastic sense of humor is really entertaining. Besides, if you get too annoying, I'm just gonna kiss you"

"Sounds good. Maybe we should convince Haruhi to kiss Tamaki every time he gets too annoying"

"She wouldn't have any lips left after a week"

"Yeah, you're right"

"Of course I am"

"I really need to get back to work"




"....That's unfair"





"....Who's unfair now?"

"I'm just learning from you, you know"

"Too bad you can't convince everyone like this Then you could use that on your father's buisness connections"

"Eeew...most of them are bald"

"Yeah, and you prefer redheads, right?"

"I prefer you"

"Aaaw, Kyouya. Who knew you could be such a romantic"

"Don't make fun of me. You love it"

"I do love it. And you"

"I love you too"

"Isn't this getting a bit cheesy?"

"Yeah, it is"



A/N: If you didn't get it: The "...." means they're kissing. Reviews are loved