Author's Note:: Just a one-shot for Mother's Day. Cause I'm nice like that. Enjoy.

The Perfect Rose.

~A mother's day one-shot~

I paint my kitchen roll tube green, making the stem of a flower, I smile as I finish it.
The teacher comes around with multi-coloured tissues and crepe papers. I take red.
I smile and start scrunching it, shaping it. Sticking out my tongue in concentration as I do.
I look at the other kids' work around me. It all looks lame and stupid compared with mine.
After I paste the tissue to the toilet roll, I start working on a card, using the safety scissors.
I cut out some shapes with the wavy edged scissors and star folding the card.
I pick up my pencil and write 'For my mommy' my writing looks neat.
I'm pleased with it.

At the end of the day, I pack my creations into my backpack and wait to be collected from school.
Rushing home with daddy, I burst in through the front door all excited and call out for you.
"Mommy, Mommy!! I made you something, come see!!" I call, eager for you to see it.
You come to me and I hold the things behind my back, smiling brightly, beaming up at you.
"You gotta close you eyes and hold out your hands mommy"
You do, and my sister watches, wishing she could make something as good as I did.
I gently place the card in your hands and step back, waiting for you to open your eyes.
"Okay mommy, you can look"
I hear you gasp and see the smile as you look at my handwriting.
"See, I'm a big boy now, I can write like a big boy"
You nod and I tell you to close your eyes again, before placing the wannabe flower in your hands.
"Miss Becky told us to make's a rose mommy, cause it reminds me of you"
I see your eyes cloud with tears and the smile.
"You have red hair like the flower, do you like it?"
You nod and pull me into a hug, I kiss your cheek.
"I love you mommy, happy mommy's day"