"You'll find its going to be okay, because loves is on its way."
Love Is On Its Way by Jonas Brothers

As the years passed by, their hearts healed. Miley and Alex couldn't say whether or not they were over Nate, and Nate couldn't say if he was still in love with Miley and Alex or not, but at their hearts weren't broken anymore. There were no more tears, sobs, whines, or regrets. They felt no more heartache but just the feeling of lonesome.

They were all completely separate from each other. Nate was still living in Hollywood, pursuing his dreams. People couldn't go through any street in southern California without seeing the name 'Connect 3' everywhere. Alex's family moved to New York so that she could follow her own dream of becoming an artist. For once in her life, she was top in her class – in the Fine Arts Academy. Then for Miley, she and her family moved back to their hometown in Tennessee, just to start over again and live a different life.

So many miles away, but so many memories the fill up the space.

They wouldn't really speak much of each other. It's not like Alex would tell her new friends, 'back in New Jersey, I stole my best friend's boyfriend'. Miley wouldn't say, 'my best friend from New Jersey and I shared the same boy'. And Nate would definitely not tell anyone, I was so in love with two girls that I cheated on them for a while. Alex would be shunned, Miley would be treated poorly, and the media and paparazzi will be all over Nate. So they kept their mouths closed when it came to their past and just let those memories linger in their minds.

But Nate had the urge to change that.


"Hey, Alex, why don't you like Connect 3?" Harper, Alex's best friend in New York, questioned curiously. Alex choked on her drink. She patted her chest while she coughed. Harper gave Alex a confused look. "Are you okay?" she asked, more puzzled than concerned. Alex cleared her throat and nodded her head.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." She said, setting her drink down on the table in front of her. "So the weather's looking pretty nice today." Alex said, glancing out of the window. Harper squinted at Alex, getting more perplexed by the second.

"Okay? Anyways, why don't you like Connect 3?"

"Since when did I say that?" Alex asked.

"Well, every time they're on TV, you change the channel. When one of their songs is playing on the radio, you switch the station. When their name even pops up in a conversation, you leave. Do you hate them?" Harper asked. Alex scoffed and gave Harper a look.

"I don't hate them, Harper." She said.

How could I hate them? How could I hate him?

"Then why don't you like them?" Harper pressed.

"Why does it matter? They're just a bunch of pretty boy popstars who sing and dance for the pleasure of females around the world. This conversation is pointless." Alex said, standing up. Harper grabbed her wrist and pulled her back down on the couch.

"Alex, I want to know because…well…" Harper didn't bother finishing her sentence. Instead, she changed the channel that viewed Connect 3.


"Oh, my god, Miley did you hear the new Connect 3-"

"Lily, I swear to god, if you bring that band up one more time, I'm going to break into your house and steal all of your favorite shoes." Miley threatened. Her best friend in Tennessee, Lily, laughed and shook her head. "I'm serious! I will actually break into your house and-"

"Miley, if you just listen to me about Connect-"

"La-la-la-la!" Miley sang. She plugged her ears and closed her eyes. "Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Lily rolled her eyes and pulled Miley's hands from her ears. Miley gave Lily a dangerous look. "You better not say their name." she said.

"Connect…" Lily said slowly. She smirked at Miley's steaming face.

"Lily, I'm not kidding."

"Thr…" Lily said, pausing in ever letter. She closed her mouth for a second. Miley sighed and finally relaxed back. "Three!"


"I just want to show you something! God, Miley, you don't have to be so overdramatic. I know you don't like them that much and all, but still, this is really important. You need to hear their new song." Lily said, grabbing the remote and flipping through the channels until she got to a certain one. Miley rolled her eyes and folded her arms across her chest once she saw Connect 3 on TV.

"Give me one good reason why I should listen to Connect 3's new song?" Miley muttered.

"Oh, I could give you a really good reason."


"And here we are today with Connect 3 and their new song!" the host said. A loud cheer of applause came from the audience that consisted of teenage girls. Shane and Jason smiled widely at them, waving happily. Nate, on the other hand, quietly sat down and smiled weakly at the audience. He stared intensely at everyone before looking back at the host. Jason and Shane had their guitars in hands, ready to play, while Nate sat down in front of the piano, staring at the white and black keys in front of him. "So, what's this song called?"

Shane and Jason looked at Nate, waiting for him to speak up. Nate gulped and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He slowly opened them and gave the host a small smile. "It's called Love Is On Its Way." He said, his voice almost in a whisper. The host nodded, interested.

"And can you tell us what this song is about?"

"Well…when I was young…I was in love. The bad part about that, I was in love with two girls – who also happened to be best friends. I couldn't love one more than the other. I couldn't have both of them, but I didn't want just one of them. I love them so much, but I ended up hurting them when I left. This song is just about how I wasn't worth it. I wasn't worth their tears, their love…I wasn't worth it. I just want them to be happy, to find another guy who is worth it. They might think I'm crazy, or they might agree with me. But all I want to say to them is that…their real love is on its way."

Nate was close to tears. Shane and Jason looked at their little brother sympathetically, hoping that he wouldn't start crying. Nate took another deep breath and smiled. "So, Alex, Miley, this one is for you."

Young hearts,
I believe that we are not far,
From becoming who we truly are,
Love is on its way

Dreamers you see everything in color,
While the world is getting darker,
Love is on its way...
So hold on another day, 'cause love is on its way
You'll find its going to be okay, because loves is on its way

It alright you'll find a brighter day
'Cause love is on its way

Leaders, show us how to love each other,
It could help us to recover
Love is on its way

Lonely, I believe that you will find me..
And together we will truly see.
Love is on its way.. Yea
So hold on another day, 'cause love is on it ok
You'll find it going to be okay...
Alright you'll find a brighter day,
'Cause love is on its way.

Yea…Hold on another day 'cause love s on its way,
You'll find its going to be okay
Its alright you'll find

'Cause love is on its way
'Cause love is on its
'Cause love is on its...way


"Oh…" Miley whispered. She bit her lip as tears began to escaped from her eyes. Miley smiled and she started to giggle. "That's Nate for ya." She added, shaking her head. "So sweet and sappy."

"So…he's actually talking about you? And that Alex girl…she used to be your best friend?" Lily asked. Miley nodded. "Wow. What. A. Player." Lily said, rolling her eyes at Nate. Miley gasped and smacked Lily's arm with the pillow.

"Nate isn't a player! He just happened to…fall in love with me and…Alex."

"It's still not right."

"Since when is love ever right?"


Alex's throat closed up, and she felt tears welling up in her eyes. Alex didn't attempt to wipe her tears this time. She wasn't crying over sadness, she was crying over happiness. This was the song Nate played for her the first time she went to his house. Even if he played the guitar that time and was playing the piano this time, and he hummed the lyrics before, Alex knew that this was the song he played for her. The song the he wouldn't let anyone else hear. The song that he hasn't finished writing yet.

And now, he finished it and dedicated it to her...and Miley.

"So…do you like Connect 3?" Harper asked, giving Alex a small smile.

"No, I love them." Alex said.

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