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You're nobody 'till somebody loves you

Chapter 1

It was the story of Ron Weasley's life. Nobody cared about him. Being the youngest boy in a family with seven children, always made him feel, not even second best, but seventh…

Nothing he did was ever good enough; because one of his brothers had always done it before him… He also knew that his parents really wanted a girl, and that they were a bit disappointed when Ron turned out to be a boy. So of course Ginny came to be his parent's favourite, and everything she did was so bloody amazing.

Now, things were getting worse. It wasn't enough that he was the family failure, but now school was going in the same direction. Everybody seemed to do great at school, and everybody had someone special in their life. Everybody but Ron...

Harry and Ginny had hooked up just three weeks ago, and never left each other's sides. Hermione and Dean had been going out for months; heck, even Neville had hooked up with Luna. But nobody wanted Ron. The thing with Lavender had just been a joke from her and Parvati's side. They were now going out with each other.

Ron had always liked coming to school. He, Harry and Hermione had always done everything together, but now, they didn't give him the time of day. They were too busy snogging their lovers, holding hands and doing whatever they did when he wasn't looking.

He was sitting in the Defence Against the Dark Arts-classroom, letting his mind drift away and felt sorry for himself.

"It's never me…" he muttered to himself.

"What was that, Mr. Weasley?" A cold voice cut through his thoughts, and he looked up into Snape's furious face.

"What was so important that you had to interrupt me?"

"Nothing, sir," Ron looked down at his desk.

"Ten points from Gryffindor, Mr Weasley. And detention with me tonight at eight o'clock!" Snape walked back to the front of the class.

"Great," thought Ron. "Detention with Snape would be the perfect ending to a perfect day."

The rest of the day went as it had for the last couple of weeks. He sat alone at mealtimes, tried to do his homework all by himself. It was not easy, because he had always relied on Hermione to, at least, look over his homework. But now he was all alone doing them, and he wasn't doing too well.

Ron went to Snape's office at eight o'clock. He walked in with an indifferent expression on his face. He didn't care what Snape made him do. He didn't care about anything or anyone. All he wanted to do right now was to be left alone, sulking.

Snape, however, had other plans. He wasn't planning on leaving Ron alone. The minute the redheaded Weasley-boy walked into his office, he was in up his face. He was tired of pupils not paying attention in class.

Didn't they know how important defence against the dark arts was? Didn't they know what was coming? Didn't they want to learn how to protect themselves? And the Weasley-boy was one of the worst. He always seemed to lean to his friends to everything. He had never seen the boy act out of own free will. It was obviously Potter and Granger that told him what to do in every situation. It was time that he stood up for himself and showed what he was made of.

"Well, Mr. Weasley," Snape sneered. "It seems as you know everything there is to know about defence against the dark arts."

Ron looked confused. "No, sir." His voice trembled.

"Is that so? Then why aren't you paying attention in class, Mr. Weasley?"

"I'm sorry, sir," said Ron, looking down.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you." Snape said angrily. "Why aren't you practicing defensive spells and doing your homework properly?"

"I am, sir," Ron looked at his professor utterly terrified.

"Oh, you are, are you?" Snape sneered. "Then, Mr. Weasley, you will have no problem showing me how to produce a shield charm." He raised his wand and cast a stinging hex in Ron's direction. Ron looked bewildered and felt a sudden pain in his left arm.

"Ouch," Ron grasped his left arm. "Why did you do that for? I wasn't ready"

"Why?" Snape hissed. "You dare ask questions about my teaching?"

Ron looked embarrassed.

"You don't have time to ask stupid questions if you are under attack, Mr. Weasley. The Dark Lord does not stop and give you time to find your wand. The Dark Lord does not give you time to think of what spells you are going to use. And the Dark Lord will certainly not use a simple stinging hex if you meet him. And neither will his Death Eaters."

"You did though," Ron muttered under his breath, and regretted it at once. Snape looked furious.

"Grab your wand, Mr. Weasley, and try again."

Ron took out his wand reluctantly. He was beginning to get scared of what Snape was going to do next. Snape walked away from him, then turned around and pointed his wand at Ron. He cast the spell again, and Ron yelled "Protego!"

But it was no use. Snape was too quick and too powerful, and Ron felt the familiar pain in his other arm. He dropped his wand and clutched his free hand on the painful arm.

"Pathetic," Snape said coldly. "You can't even manage the most basic spells."

Ron fought to hold back his tears. He was not going to cry in front of Snape.

"You run around with your little friends, the three of you acting like heroes, but the truth is that they are doing all the work. You just tag along, can't even defend yourself against a simple hex. You're nobody, Mr. Weasley!"

Ron felt the tears coming, and knew that Snape was right. He was nobody. He couldn't do anything right, and everybody knew it. Ron couldn't take it anymore.

"Screw this," he said and ran out of Snape's office.

Snape yelled after him. "I am not finished Mr. Weasley. Come back here at once!"

But Ron ignored him and ran out of the castle and into the rainy night.

Snape rolled his eyes and went after him.