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The bus grounded to a halt and the mechanical doors of the blue bus flung open, revealing a girl dressed in a brown and pink hoodie, her gloved hands tugged in her pockets for warmth. The wind blew her brown locks away from her face to reveal a girl of fair complexion and soulful brown eyes. Leaving behind the comforting warmth of the bus, she stepped off the bus and into the cool, late October air. With a dull clank that seemed to echo around the quiet surroundings, the doors flanged shut and the blue bus roared off for its next destination.

She stood without moving from her spot, dazed. Her eyes adjusted to the familiar surroundings where tall oak trees hovered over the nearly frosted mulberry bushes that were seated next to the calm lake. Removing one gloved hand, she touched her cheeks. Warmth. She trudged down the dusty cobble stones path covered with parched skeletons of great white oaks. Orange and red leaves lined the side of the path and she heaved a sigh. It was so sensually beautiful here and a sense of nostalgia hung in the air. Except for the occasional bus or automobile, silence enveloped her.

Walking further down the path, she stopped and allowed her gaze to settle tenderly on the old and bent oak tree. It was nearly frosted and dry leaves were scattered about under the tree. She smiled and sat down under the tree, allowing the branches to cast familiar shadows on her. She sat there, under the old oak tree, overlooking the lake, which aside from the occasional splash of a fish, was very calm.

Her hands absent-mindedly fingered the leaves that had fallen overnight and her thoughts flew back to those innocent days. She could still vividly remember the times when she would leisurely strolled down these all too familiar stones path, her hands on the crook of his arm before settling under the same old oak tree with him. It was like an unwritten and tacit tradition between them every time Fall arrived, how he would prepare the blankets, while she got the steamy mugs of hot chocolate ready. They would settle against the tree, sipped hot chocolate with marshmallows and watched the maple leaves fall from their branches. They would sit there till the sun disappeared below the horizons and the lights from the street cast a yellow glow around them. Of course, they talked. They talked about everything- the future, their past, their thoughts, their goals and ambitions… Sometimes, they played a game or two…

Sighing softly, her eyes scanned the horizons and landed on the stretch of houses just across the meadow. A welcoming, warm glow was casted in her direction. Tearing her gaze away from the houses, she allowed herself to immerse in the endearing beauty of her surroundings just for a little longer. The wind was picking up, signaling the impending arrival of November. Soon, the red and orange leaves would have all fallen and parches of white snow would cover the cobble stones path. She heaved another sigh as she began to lug her luggage across the clearing in the direction of the houses.

"I'm coming home," she muttered under her breath.

Bella was coming home after a year at Princeton for the holidays and so was he. Her best friend, her first love… Probably her last too, if fate permitted it.

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