DTC: You are about to be let into the most top secret facility the government holds. We have a device that can send one human being back in time, Seven Days.


A strange metallic sphere of un-known origins floats in a loose orbit, it's orange garbed pilot had lost all live upon his test flight's exit of the atmosphere. Leaving the sphere derelict.

A space shuttle in the distance draws closer to bring the sphere back home, a Black Space Shuttle, to be precise, with a strange label on the side printed on it. "NeverNeverLand."


The one lone occupant of the room bounces a basket ball up and down from his hands to the leaky roof above him.

His maroon hair is dimmer than it once was, and his eyes seem more grey than their natural brown.

This man is Davis K. Motomiya. He was imprisoned for mental instability's. "For the safety of his friends and family" they said.

"Che..." Davis rolls his eyes. "Yeah right."

What had really gone down was that he had seen something he shouldn't have. A strange sphere of energy flashing accross the sky like a blur. He swore there was a man inside, but his fellow teammates called him crazy. The meteorologists said it was just "A piece of an old satalite."

Davis K. Motomiya knew better.


"Hi!" A perky young reporter says to the camera and it's viewers behind it. "Mimi Storm here reporting, live outside the Whitehouse where the President is due to give a state of address on the recent threats on the country by our..." She trails off as a soft whirring cuts into the air. "...What in Yggdrasill's name...?" She turns to face the White House just as a long range ICBM loaded with radioactive materials impacts the east wing.


"Mimi storm here, reporting live outside the white house where the President is due to give a state of address on the recent threats on the country by our...What in Yggdrasill's name...?"The recording replays her last few moments as a large nuclear explosion rips through the area, cutting the tape to static.

"This was yesterday." The head of the team states as he turns to face his assembled group of compatriots. This man is Director Taichi "Tai" Kamiya. "With the President dead, we've been auttomaticly authorized a Back-Step."

"A backstep? We don't have a pilot!" US Navy Captain Takeru "T.K." Takashi states as he croses his arms.

"If we don't try, we never succeed." A purple haired female with a Russian accent by the name of Miyako states as she re-adjusts her glasses.

"Yeah yeah yeah." The NSA Agent named Marcus Daimon cuts in. "We don't have time for this. Either we try to stop this, or we don't. What do we do?"

"We have Seven Days to prevent this." Miyako cuts him off. "In that time I'm sure I can find a pilot for the sphere in time."

In his wheelchair, Dr. Kourishiro "Izzy" Izumi sighs. "If we don't, we can use T.k."

"What?" The man sits up. "Me? I'm not a..."

Suddenly, a sharp whistle cuts through the air.

Everyone looks up to the oldest person in this conference room.

Dr. Jyou "Ol' Reliable Joe" Kido sighs. "Do we need to do this again?"

"Thanks Joe." Tai smiles and faces the room. "Miyako. Do you have a pilot?"

"I have a few..." The girl starts.

"Good. I want you and T.k. to go interview them. Make sure that they've had air-force training, not any of that 'cool hair' stuff like our last guy." Tai states.

"Poor Yamato." Izzy comments nonchalantly.

"We've got seven days, people." Tai slams his fist onto the table. "Let's make sure our President's alive at the end of it. Dismissed."

With that said, everyone stands.


Davis raises an eyebrow as he watches the news on the TV. A Nuclear Missile had been launched from out of nowhere and killed everyone in the Washington D.C. Area three days ago. And they were still talking about it. "What a way to go." he sighs.

As he turns to face his lunch, a large blue folder lands infront of him with a thud. "huh?" He looks up.

"Davis K. Motomiya?" Miyako asks.

"What's it to you?" Davis asks, picking at his food.

"We have a proposition for you." Miyako states as she sits down.

"What kind of preposition? They? Them? We? It? She? He? Me?" Davis jokes.

"Proposition." Miyako corrects.

"Well, what is it?" Davis asks, glancing up to the Russian female before him.

"We have a device that needs piloting." She opens the folder to reveal a non-disclosure agreement. "You're our next choice."

Davis raises an eyebrow. "What happened to the ones before me?"

"Either dead or didn't agree." a second voice cuts in.

Davis looks up and smiles. "T.k...."

"That's me." The Navy Captain sits down across from him.

"Haven't seen you in a while." Davis returns to his lunch.

"Yeah, well, work's been a pain." Tk closes his blue eyes.

"I can see that..." Davis stifles a gag as he downs some mysterious meat. "She your wife?"

The looks on both Miyako's and Tk's faces is enough to send Davis into a laughing fit. "I'm just kidding!"

"Not very funny, Mister Motomiya." Miyako growls.

Davis sighs and glances to his friend. "So, they hired you to get me to join up in whatever it is they're doing?"

Tk shakes his head. "No, I've been with the project from the start. But, when I heard that you were on Miyako's list of possible candidates for pilot, who was I to resist coming to visit an old friend?"

"An old friend who left me to hang when I went up for my psych evaluation." Davis growls.

"Yeah, well...I had my reasons." T.k. sighs.

"Such as?" Davis asks.

"The object you saw was no meteorite, mister Motomiya." Miyako states and pushes the folder forwards.

Davis raises an eyebrow. "You're in on this?"

"Sell your soul and find out." T.k. jokes and slides a pen towards Davis.


Davis stares around the secret facility in awe as he is led ahead by T.k. and Miyako.

"This is it, Davis my friend." T.k. smiles as they reach a large pair of hangar doors. "You're about to be let into the biggest secret that the government holds!"

"What is it?" Davis asks.

"Mister Motomiya." Miyako says as she unlocks the doors. "We have a device that can send one human being back in time."

"Seven Days." T.k. finishes as the large two doors swing open with a loud "hiss", revealing an even larger hanger with a large sphere inside, seemingly tiny compared to the size of the room.

"That's..." Davis glances around as he enters the chamber, spotting technicians and scientists of all sorts hustling around the room, with the Sphere as the center of attention, men with welding guns, for some odd reason, race around the sphere's outer edge, welding things together. "That's the thing...That's the..."

"That's the device that supposedly made you crazy, mister Motomiya." Miyako finishes.

"Is he our new pilot?" Comes Izzy's voice as he rides up.

"Davis, this is Izzy, He's the main technician on the sphere's internal workings." T.k. points out.

"Yeah, nice to meet ya." Davis waves absentmindedly as he stares at the sphere.

"Is he okay?" Izzy asks.

"Shocked to find out that his best friend works at a job designed around the device that made him lose three years of his life in a prison. But otherwise, fine." T.k. laughs.

"Ah." izzy looks up to Davis. "Well then, if things work out, we'll be seeing a whole lot of each-other."

"Huh?" Davis looks down to the red-head in the wheelchair.

"If you'll just follow me." Izzy turns his chair around one-eighty, and rides off towards another direction. "We'll begin your testing, and then we'll do our Back-Step."

"Ah...Okay..." Davis blinks and follows him.


"Sphere Internal Gyroscopic Horizon Recovery Test At Maximum Intensity. Try Number: Forty-Two. Let's try this again shall we? Hopefully this time you won't get thrown off." Miyako calls out as the simulated cockpit starts up, the screen in front of him shows the sphere dis-engaging from it's clamps and allowing it's seven different green points free movement around the screen. "Core Reactor at ninety percent."

"Yeah. I'll try not let this bucking bronco kick me to the ground again." Davis pulls a pair of goggles over his eyes and tightens his grip on the joystick.

"Reactor at One Hundred percent, engage." Miyako calls with a twinge of humor as Davis slams his hand into the large green button in-front of him.

The sphere suddenly jerks forward, back, to the left, to the right, around int a full three-sixty motion, up, down, and back again in at-least one second alone, and continues to randomly assault the pilot with different intensity's of rotation.

All the while, Davis has to keep the sphere on screen's seven points exactly, or close enough, to their assigned positions while a small timer at the top counts backwards. Saturday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday, Sunday are the assigned days. And as the one minute ride comes to a sudden stop, the timer somehow started it's loop again.

Miyako gasps at the testing records as Davis jumps out of the test cockpit relatively un harmed. Amazingly, he had kept the sphere on target the whole time, with only one or two points coming unaligned the whole time...For the Forty-First time. "Again Mister Motomiya."

"What?" Davis blinks. "I've done this test at the highest intensity over fifty time!"

"Forty-Two." Miyako corrects.

"And each time I've gotten it down pat." Davis points out. "The least you could do is let me do this mission of yours for real!"

"Not until I'm satisfied with the results." Miyako comments, pointing back to the training device.

"Shouldn't you be satisfied?" Davis asks.

Miyako points towards the device without a word.

Izzy coughs, making his presence in the room known. "I step out for one minute and you've taken over the testing on my behalf?"

Miyako mutters something in Russian.

Izzy rolls his eyes and reads over the testing results. A moment later, he turns to Davis. "Suit up." Then to Miyako. "Start the count down."

"But, Izzy..." Miyako starts.

"No buts." Izzy wheels over to an intercom. "We are go for Back-step. I repeat, we are a go for Back-step."


Davis, now clad in a bright orange jumpsuit, and carrying an astronaut's helmet under his arm, walks down the main hallway into the sphere room, a grim expression on his face.

"Okay" Tai starts while walking along side the chrononaut. "When you arrive, find a phone and dial the number 555-42Nv-53Ln. Key word is 'Conundrum.' Any questions?"

"Yeah, do I get a free soda and lunch upon return?" Davis jokes as he ascends the stairway up towards the sphere cockpit.

Tai shakes his head. "Good luck, Davis."

The chrononaut puts on his helmet and dives into the sphere.

Tai slams his hand onto a red button on the ramp and dives away while the sphere is sealed, and a warning siren blares.


Davis flips a few switches, and the sphere on the screen in-front of him loosens it's grip on reality.

Marcus crosses his arms as the sphere is surrounded by a field of energy.

"Reactor at sixty percent." Miyako counts out.

"So, what do you think?" Izzy asks.

"I think it's all going to explode." marcus answers.

"Reactor at Seventy percent." Miyako continues.

"Davis is a great pilot." Tk smiles. "If he can't do it, no-one can."

Joe sighs. "I just hope we all don't get irradiated."

"Reactor at Eighty percent." Miyako counts out.

Tai laughs. "I have a hunch, this is going to work."

"Reactor at Ninety percent."

"But, I could be wrong." Tai smirks.

"Reactor at One Hundred Percent. ENGAGE!" Miyako calls.

Davis slams his hand onto the green button, and the world around him explodes into light.

The sphere launches from it's place in time and space, and backwards through the universe.

Davis enters the sphere room in awe, then steps out in reverse.

The sphere, under it's pilot's control, travels through a wormhole, and keeps time inside it the same while everything moves backwards.

The arguing in the conference room stops, then recommences as if on rewind.

The alien device re-enters Earth's atmosphere, Davis, inside, smirks wildly.

Washington D.C. is hit by the nuclear missile, explodes, then, everything back-steps.


Davis crawls out through the sphere hatch and onto the ground. "Let's do it again..." he mutters after a glance around his surroundings.


Suddenly, the phone in Tai's office rings. He picks it up. "Hello?"

"Cunundrum." comes Davis' voice.

Tai blinks. The sphere had gone missing earlier that day. And now someone was calling him on his private line calling himself... "Conundrum? Forgive me if I sound brash. But... Who in the world are you?"

A laugh from the other side. "I'm the boogieman..."


Davis was on speaker phone. And thoroughly freaking out the Back-Step project team members.

"And No, Miyako, the device was Endothermic. Not exothermic."

Miyako blinks. "That doesn't even make sense!"

"That's what Izzy said." Davis laughs.

Said man in the wheelchair's jaw hits the table.

"So, in essence, someone blows up D.C. just for the sake of it?" Marcus asks. "I say he's making it all up."

"He wouldn't make anything up. He's provided the proper clearance codes." Joe states. "He's a chrononaut."

"Now, if you guys'll excuse me, I have to go get back to my little spot in prison." Davis comments.

"Wait! Davis!" T.k. cuts in. "You were in prison?"

"You left me there after my last psych evaluation. Ah. I know. Busy with national security and all..." Davis' voice comes off with a twinge of sadness and anger.

T.k. blinks. "I wondered why you never replied to my letters."

"well, now you know. Right now my cell bed looks mighty comfortable right now..." Davis goes to hang up.

"Wait." Tai interrupts the cut off. "If you're a chrononaut, you've got to report back here. Immediately."

"Suddenly. I have a strange desire to go to France. Or maybe the launch sight right here in the U.S. Of A.! Bye now!" With that, he hangs up.

Silence fills the room.

"I need a full military lockdown of the endothermic missile sights immediately." Tai orders. "T.k., I want you to go recover Our chrononaut!"

"Yes sir!" The navy captain stands up.

"You've got it!" Marcus nods.


All the endothermic missile silos were being locked down. NOW!

Employee number 2-39 had no time left, she had to launch the missile now!

Sneaking over to the main controll pad, she starts to ener in the launch code and target sights.

"Ahhem." Someone coughs behind Employee Number 2-39, turning around, She spots Davis smiling broadly as his fist launches into her left cheek.

"Ya know." Davis comments as the woman hits the ground. "Mom always said to never hit a lady. But when she's about to blow up Washington D.C., I'm ever so willing to make an exception."

"Those corrupt politicians deserve it!" 2-39 growls, spinning around and kicking her feet at his legs.

"Really now? I don't see it that way." Davis rolls his eyes and jumps away from the spinning female...terrorist? "Now. Are you working for someone, or are you just tired of me monologuing?"

"Sora." She says and throws a desk chair at the chrononaut.

"My name's Davis!" He smirks and flips away. "Nice to meet 'cha, Sora!"

She growls and charges at him. How in the world could he be so...HAPPY!? "What are you?"

"I'm just your friendly neighborhood---" Davis ducks under her leg. "---Concerned citizen!"

"CIA?" She asks, punching at the still avoiding Davis.

He sticks his tongue out at her as he jumps onto the launch console, easily pressing the delete key all the way to the beginning. "Good luck tryin' to blow up D.C. now!"

2-39 growls and jumps at him, pinning Davis to the console. She narrows her red-tinted eyes as Davis gulps. "I sware to you...!"

*BANG! ZAP!!!*

The wanna-be terrorist goes rigid, and then collapses to the ground, revealing Tk with a Tazer gun at the entrance of the room.

"Man, you sure do know how to make an entrance!" Davis rubs his arm where the girl's sharp fingernails had pinched his skin.

Tk rolls the girl over onto her back and removes the ID tag in her front right pocket. "Hikari Yagami, 18." he reads and shakes his head. "What is a girl like her doing in a place like this?"

"I got pinned by an eighteen-year-old, huh?" Davis comments. "She said the word 'Sora' durring our little fight. That mean anything to you?"

Tk shakes his head. "Nope." He pauses. "How did you get in here anyways?"

Davis smiles and tosses his friend a card. "Never never land has some high-up clearance."

Tk blinks at the front of he card. "'Daisuke Motomiya.' You went with 'Daisuke'?!" He asks.

"I was asked for a fake name, so I gave one!" Davis shrugs and sighs. "Looks like you guys got yourselves a new field agent."

"Heaven help us." Tk jokes.


"Good work people." Joe smiles. "We've successfully Back-steped. We've saved D.C. And we've managed to find out about a new shadow group with-in our government."

"Fulcrum, Shield, DATS, FBI group number 42, the RING, now Sora?" Marcus asks. "What's next, Alphabet Soup?"

Davis shrugs. "Just so long as I don't have to go back to prison, I'm fine with whatever this 'fine country' of ours throws at me."

"Mister Motomiya, it's not all fun and games." Miyako starts.

Tk then walks into the office, carrying a yellow folder. "This just in. Miss Light was brainwashed. Last thing she can remember is going to bed three months ago, just before graduation." He opens the folder up and shows a picture of said graduation. "There's more. Half of the student body went missing the next night. We've traced a few them down." He frowns. "Col. Ichijouji reports that a Tazer shock when they started to run broke them out of whatever mind control was put over them."

"Same story as Hikari?" Izzy asks.

"Same story." Tk nods.

Tai clenches his fist. "Looks like this 'Sora' group means business then." He sighs. "I just hope that we can stop whatever they had planned."