Words: 200

Prompt: Mingle

Notes: Originally written on 4 Aug 2009 for the weekly perfection prompt 'mingle' at dokuga_contest on LJ. 'Mens et Corpus' means 'body and mind' in Latin.


He was there. Lurking, like a spectre, in the back of her mind.


The moment the word crossed her mind she felt him come to attention, the tendrils of his consciousness mingling with her own as he impressed his presence upon her mind. Her stomach clenched with fear. The moment she'd thought of home, she knew that he had seen it too.

You will take me to the well.

She staggered, feeling as if she were going to be sick any moment. A car slowed along the side of the road, the driver rolling down the window and calling out to her. His voice was distant, like she was hearing him through a thick haze.

"Miss? Miss? Are you alright, miss?"

She felt the icy clutch of his being grab hold of her body, and she felt herself turn around and snarl savagely at the man. He backed up a step, and then another. Sesshoumaru guided her body forwards, and she felt a power that wasn't her own rise to the surface, rubbing against her spiritual powers with a painful friction.

The man ran, stumbling into his car and drove away with a squeal of tires into the night.