Justin look down and looks at the words he wrote

"I was just thinking..."Justin says

"About What?"Max asked Justin looks at the ocean

"Alex...."Justin says

"You two have been through a lot huh..."Max says Justin nods

"I love her Max, and that's not going to change ever I can't picture my life without her and I don't intend on doing so, I love her with every fiber of my being."Justin says

"Before I couldn't understand why my big brother would fall in love and risk everything for my older sister, but now I understand....it's like you two were destined to be together and you didn't let anyone stand in your way....you allowed yourself to take a risk...and I've never seen you happier."Max says Justin smiles

"Now my question is what are you doing here?"Max asked Justin chuckles

"Just wanted to get some air ..."Justin says

"Okay you got all the oxygen you need...no go back inside and take care of your girlfriend!"Max says Justin laughs and hugs him

"Thanks Buddy.."He says and walks back inside

Alex is sitting down in front of the television watching the basketball game with her Dad Justin walks inside and sits next to her Alex looks at him and kisses his cheek

"I missed you."Alex smiles Justin looks at her and kisses her forehead

"Missed you too I went to go for a walk on the beach."Justin says

"Without me."Alex pouts Justin smiles

"You fell asleep Babe."Justin says Alex rolls her eyes and leans her head on his shoulder

"Hey kids...your father and I have a gift for you.."Theresa says

"What would that be Mommy?"Alex asked

"You two have been through so much we have agreed to let you two move out and live together where ever you want...after you both graduate high school."Jerry says

"You mean we have your full blessing to be together?...and live our life?"Justin asked

"Honey love is hard to find...I know you love Alex with all of your heart..and Alex you obviously feel the same way Justin does...so we will allow you two to be together for as long as you wish."Theresa says Justin and Alex smile at each other

"Thank you Mommy Daddy."Alex hugs them

Justin smiles and he and Alex walk out to the beach deck Justin closes the slide door and Alex jumps on him

"Woah."He says falling down Alex smiles

"I cant believe it we can finally be together!!! No secrets in front of the people we love we can finally be us!"Alex says Justin tucks a strand of hair behind her ear so he can look at her beautiful

"See I promised you that we would be able to be together..."Justin says Alex smiles

"You always keep your promises."Alex says

"You didnt doubt me once?"Justin asked

"Never...."Alex smiles

"I have another promise."Justin says Alex moves closer to him

"What would that be?"She asked

"I promise to love you for the rest of my life Alexandria."Justin says

"I love you Pepe."Alex says Justin rolls his eyes and Alex starts laughing

"You just ruined a very romantic moment Alex."Justin says Alex laughs and digs her face in his chest smiling

"Sorry but I still think your middle name is hilarious."Alex says

"They you go again Alex..how do you expect us to have a serious relationship when your always making fun of me...you can't always win"Justin says Alex smiles and looks into his green eyes

"I have a strategy that will work...."Alex says Justin gives her a confused look

"What would that be?"Justin asked Alex smiles and kisses his lips passionately Alex slowly pulls away and Justin lays in his down on the wooden floor

"I think you just won."Justin says Alex laughs Justin smiles and then gets serious

"What is it?"Alex asked

"When you were in the hospital I was so miserable...I didn't know what to do without you, I felt so mad that I couldn't save you from that. To be honest I've never been so scared in my life."Justin says Alex looks at him

"When I was unconscious I was in this never ending dream."Alex says

"What did you dream about?"Justin asked

"I was in a portal with all these doors and each door had all the boyfriends I have had...when I opened one and the guy would come out I didn't feel my heart race...it took at least 20 doors for me to open until it got to you, when I opened that door and saw your handsome face my heart and my entire body felt like I was ready to live and love again, when I saw you I knew that you're the one for me, you're the one I want."Alex says Justin sees tears forming in her eyes and he kisses her forehead

"Alex I love you so much."Justin says Alex laughs and Justin wipes her tears away

"This is where I want to be Justin with you happy and safe and loved, as long as I have you my life will be fine.."Alex says Justin smiles

"Who would have thought that for 18 years of searching for the right girl she was with me the entire time..."Justin says

"I didn't expect us to fall in love Justin....I'm not scared anymore."Alex says Justin leans and kisses her lips

"HEY GUYS CUT IT OUT!"Max yells Justin and Alex look up Alex stands up and helps Justin up

"Kids..don't make out in front of Max."Theresa says Justin and Alex smile

"Sorry.."they say

"Let's go to the beach!"Jerry says everyone nods

As they watch the sunset Alex takes Justin's guitar

"What are you doing?"Justin asked

"I'm gonna sing duh!"Alex laughs Everyone sits and faces Alex

I glanced upon the ground today,
I noticed something,
It followed me along the way.
A figure of gray,
Impersonating every move I make.

For now, We'll call it my shadow.
And it said will you replace it,
So you'll be with me every where I go...

"Hey so you and Alex are moving out after she graduates?"Max asked Justin looks at him and nods

"Take care of her Justin..."Max says Justin smiles

"No problem Buddy."Justin says and messes with his hair

Sentences of yours,
Running throughout my head,
Searching for a chance
To catch my breath,
A never-ending dream,
You'll become a part of me,
Day or night,
Dark or light you'll be,
Taking over that thing called my

And what happens on the days when,
The clouds appear and fade away my
Shade, oh, that's our cue babe,
We'll run away to a place where the sun
Always shines

Justin smiles at her and winks at her Alex smiles sticks her tongue out at him

That not even time could erase,
You're my weakness babe but you give me
Strength, I need you,
I need you like the blood in my veins.

Sentences of yours,
Running throughout my head,
Searching for a chance
To catch my breath,
A never-ending dream,
You'll become a part of me,
Day or night, dark or light you'll be,
Taking over that thing called my

"Great job honey"Jerry smiles and everyone claps Alex smiles and Justin stands up so they can walk on the beach

"Hi"Alex says holding his hand Justin smiles and kisses her cheek

"Hello."He says

"So I have a question Is there anything else you could wish for?"Justin asked

"I want us to get married in say 6 years."Alex says Justin smiles

"Really?"Justin says Alex nods

"I want us small wedding with only our family and closest friends to come..and I want to get married on the beach.."Alex says walks ahead of Justin

"What else?"Justin smiles

"I want my bride's maids dresses to be light purple...I can see Maxy being your best man...Mommy and Daddy walking me down the aisle and you in a white tuxedo with your hair all gelled looking handsome."Alex says

"That's what you really want?"Justin asked

"Yes in 6 years I want that for us."Alex says

"What about the honeymoon?"Justin asked Alex smiles

"FOR THAT I want us to go Hawaii and go into a private resort where only you and I are the two people there so I can moan and scream out loud while you and I make love the entire time we're in Hawaii."Alex says Justin smiles

" How long do you want to stay in Hawaii?"Justin asked wrapping his arms around her waist

"3 weeks...maybe 4?"Alex smiles bringing him close to her

"Just wait Alex maybe I'll make that dream come true in 6 years."Justin says

"I can't wait."Alex says Justin smiles and kisses her lips Alex kisses him back and they fall in the sand.

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