By PaBurke

Pairing # 1866 Xander / Greg (CSI)

Disclaimer: Not mine, No Copyright infringement intended.

Word Count: 450

AN:/ Question-was the format too hard to understand?



"Just relax Greg, and tell us what you remember, as much as possible."

It was odd being on this side of the questioning. Grissom had come in to the hospital to question Greg himself.

"I was dusting for prints when I heard the officer on the scene yell."

The scream was nearly inhuman with pain. Greg dropped his brush and rushed to the front door.

"The officer was already dead."

The stench of blood filled Greg's senses. The man who had mocked Greg when he had entered now lay in a pool of his own blood. His sightless eyes warned Greg of unseen horrors. There was a movement to the left.

"All I saw was a shadow. It towered over me but it didn't seem to have arms."

A shadow where there should have been light. The street light was shining.

"Somebody ran into me from behind."

The attention of the shadow was suddenly elsewhere. A hard body slammed into his and the two fell to the cement.

"They pushed me out of the way."

"More than one person?"

"No. It was just one, a male."

Greg smelled the after-shave. The man covered Greg's face with his arms. "It'll be okay," he whispered.

"My head cracked on the concrete step."

Darkness dotted his sight, moving in alien patterns. Was the street light still shining?

"He was as tall as me but I never really saw his face."

He protected Greg with his own body.

"He spoke, he tried to reassure me."

"Did he have an accent?"

"Not one I can identify."

"They'll get him," he said with certainty.

"There was a girl with him. She spoke of another."

"Xand, we got'm. You can let the vic up now."

"She called him 'Zan.' He got up and then noticed that I was bleeding."

The presence of the other body disappeared. The night was blacker than ink. Greg could see shadows. Was there any light? He felt a comforting hand on the side of his face. "Oh dude, I'm sorry. You're bleeding."

"He apologized for hurting me while he was saving my life."

"We gotta get him to a hospital, pronto." Then the darkness won but Greg knew that he was safe.

"That's all I remember."

Grissom shook his head. "No one knows how you appeared in the ER. You just were there," he smirked slightly, "Like magic. If you can think of anything at all that would help us, call the office. Your 'Zan' character could lead us to the police officer's murderer."

Greg nodded.

"Heal quickly, Greg. We need you back at work."

Greg smiled shakily but settled into his hospital bed.

Strong arms carried him to safety.

Greg slept.