title: And Don't Forget the Twinkies
word count: 200
fandom: CSI
challenge: #042 – Five Things
summary: lighthearted after a fashion
author: PaBurke

disclaimer: I own nothing and gain no money from these few words

Grissom looked over the list. "A necklace was stolen from the Cochrans. A book and a knife were stolen from the Williams. Another book was stolen from Kubrich. Is that everything?"

Nick shook his head. "Well, except for the box of Twinkies from Kubrich."

"Obviously an impulse, but why would someone who is good enough to get in and out of such high security instillations without leaving a trace only take these five things?"

"We do know that all the high price items came from the same estate sale, but hundreds of other items were sold and not stolen," Nick added.

Grissom hmmmed.


Giles hmmmed as he looked over his glasses at the man standing in front of him. "Twinkies?"

"I was hungry," Xander exclaimed. "It was my last house of the night and the spell that Willow gave me takes energy out of the person who is being hidden. It was an emergency."

"A whole box."

"An emergency, like I told you."

"Next time, take your own snack in."

"Next time, you make sure the newbie Watchers are more informed on what they're allowed to sell," Xander retorted. "And there will be no next time clean up next time."