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Konoha's Arctic Fox

Chapter Three: Tests, and Horrors in the Forest

The tall man in the black trench coat looked around the room, seeing what fresh meat was thrown to him this time. So far he wasn't impressed.

Coughing once to get everyone's attention he began, "My name is Morino Ibiki and I will be your proctor for the first exam of the Chuunin Selection Exam. While you are under my watch you will follow my rules and there will be no questions. Understood?"

A few Genin nodded nervously before Ibiki continued, "Alright then. The first portion of the test will consist of a written exam containing ten questions. This part of the exam will last one hour. You will have 45 minutes to answer the first nine questions and I will give the last question after that. Everyone pick up a test from the Chuunin next to me and sit in the seat with the number on the test. Move it!"

The Genin assembled hurried to the front of the room, forming a line to pick up their test. Some of them could be heard mumbling about it being a written test. Sasuke and Sakura were smirking, they were smart enough to pass a written test. Their idiot of a teammate however didn't stand a chance.

The Jounin Lounge was a place for those of Jounin rank to gather and relax and get away from the harsh life of a ninja. Currently the Jounin-sensei's of the Rookie 9 and Gai were sitting talking about the chances of their teams to reach Chuunin.

Kakashi was lazily reading his book while talking about the first part of the test, "This first exam will be interesting, since they have Morino Ibiki running it."

Yuuhi Kurenai was a rather fresh Jounin, and had not met everyone yet, so she didn't know who that was, "Morino Ibiki? Who is that?"

Sarutobi Asuma had quite the crush on Kurenai and took this as a chance to impress her, "Morino Ibiki is the head of ANBU's Torture and Interrogation Unit. He has made quite a reputation for himself as being a master of psychological tactics. He will make the test interesting that is for sure."

"Do you think any of your Genin will be able to pass his test?" Kurenai asked, worried now she had signed up her students too soon. She had been pressured quite a bit by the council to put her team in though, since it consisted of three clan heirs.


Kakashi looked up from his book, "Huh? You say something?"

"DAMN YOU AND YOUR HIP ATTITUDE MY ETERNAL RIVAL! IF MY STUDENTS DO NOT PASS THIS PART OF THE EXAM I WILL RUN 500 LAPS AROUND KONOHA. IF I CAN NOT DO THAT I WILL RUN UP AND DOWN THE HOKAGE MONUMENT ON MY HANDS 100 TIMES!" Gai told the room, not that they really cared. Gai was a prime example of how people changed after experiencing the harsh life of a ninja for so long. You became... weird.

After that excitement, Asuma continued the conversation, "Anyway... Shikamaru is a genius, so I am sure he will figure something out and then help Chouji. As for Ino, she has her clan's techniques to help her out. How about you Kakashi?"

Kakashi looked up from his smut for a moment to acknowledge he heard the question before looking back down. After a moment he answered, "Honestly, I'm not sure. Sakura and Sasuke will be fine, they were Kunoichi and Rookie of the Year. As for Naruto... I have honestly no idea."

The group was confused. "What do you mean you have no idea? Wasn't Naruto practically a complete failure at the Academy?" Kurenai asked.

"After our mission to the Wave... Naruto changed completely. While waiting for me to show up to team meetings I would catch him studying. According to the Hokage all Naruto has done for the past five months is eat twice a day, study, and train. I couldn't find out where he trained so I have no idea what his capabilities are. I think we will find his performance in this exam to be very interesting though." the lazy Jounin told his comrades.

The room went silent as they contemplated what Kakashi had told them. They all agreed that they would be keeping an eye on one Uzumaki Naruto.

Back in the exam room, all of the tests had been passed out and everyone was waiting for the rules for the test to be told.

Seeing he had the room's attention, Ibiki began, "This exam will be a deduction based exam. Everyone will start with ten points. For every question you answer wrong you will lose one point. There are Chuunin stationed throughout the room to observe you. If any of them catch you cheating you will lose two points. If one person in a team fails, the whole team fails."

Murmurs started filling the room while Sasuke and Sakura gave death glares to their third teammate. Both ready to kill him if they ruined this chance for Sasuke to become a Chuunin, and Sakura to impress her love. Naruto was able to feel some weak killing intent at the back of his head but ignored it. He was used to it after all, being the pariah of Konoha.

"Silence!" Ibiki roared, "Now then, show us that you are true shinobi. Begin!"

The first exam of the Chuunin Selection Exams had begun.

As soon as the test began Naruto began to think about what the proctor had told him, 'Hmm... It almost seems like he wants us to cheat. That must have been what 'show us you are true shinobi' meant. It seems there are a few people besides Sakura who are answering the questions very quickly. They must be plants for us to cheat off of. Now I just need to find a way to get those answers. Yukiko is too large to get the answers unnoticed. It looks like I'll be using my bloodline.'

Luckily one of the plants was sitting right in front of him. The blue-haired Genin placed a hand into one of the pockets of his pants and began forming a series of one-handed hand seals to use Hyoton: Makyou Hyou Shou. With his other hand he had opened a water bottle in his vest to be the source of water for this mirror he formed above him, blocked from sight by a sudden drop in the ceiling. Thankfully he didn't need much water, since his purified bloodline made his water and ice techniques incredibly efficient with enough practice. He could also convert his chakra into the ice or water needed, but even for Naruto's massive chakra stores it was draining.

Looking around it seemed his friend from the orphanage had a similar idea. He saw Tenten manipulating a set of mirrors to get herself and Rock Lee the answers. Focusing back on his own task, Naruto had Yukiko use her better eyesight to quietly read him the answers off of the plant's test. After a few minutes of copying he dispelled his ice mirror, and set his head down for a nap. Yukiko curled up by his feet and joined him in a quick rest as people around him were eliminated.

Naruto and Yukiko woke up to Ibiki's yelling, "Okay everyone! It's time now for the final question of the test. This is a special question which has its own set of rules. First of all, you will have a choice of whether or not to take the question. If you do not take the question, your team will fail the test. If you do take the question and answer incorrectly, you will remain Genin forever."

At this the girl Naruto remembered as Temari spoke out, "You can't do that! Other people have taken the test before."

"Well they didn't have me running the exam. Tough luck." Ibiki answered. A few teams quit after this. Naruto noticed his own teammate was starting to raise her hand to give up. He himself didn't think Sakura was ready for this, but he couldn't let her make the whole team fail. The jinchuuriki knew he had to intervene. This came in the form of him loudly slamming his fist on his desk. Yukiko shook her head at her companion's energy.

"That's crap and you know it! Give us the question, I'll take the question even if I have to remain a Genin forever. I'll just be the first to go from Genin to Hokage!" he shouted, effectively raising the confidence of every Genin in the room.

Ibiki was pretty impressed with this Uzumaki kid. He was one of the few brats who he couldn't entirely tell how they cheated. He knew the brat used a bit of chakra at the start and opened a water bottle, but that was it. The brat could also bring up the spirits of an entire room. A good trait to have. Seeing that he probably couldn't intimidate anyone else into quitting he gave his final call.

"Anyone else wish to quit? Okay then. All of you in this room... pass." Ibiki waited a few moments to let it sink in.

"What?! What do you mean pass? What was the tenth question?" Temari questioned.

"Simple. You. Pass. You could say the tenth question of the exam was whether to take the question or not. The first part of the exam was to test your information gathering skills. If we could easily tell you cheated we failed you. As for the last question, Chuunin are often put into life or death situations. The final question was just a way to see you would be able to handle doing so." Ibiki explained. He was going to continue before he felt a familiar chakra signature.

'Oh dear, this will be exciting' he thought.

Suddenly, a black ball crashed through the window of the room before exploding, sticking a banner to the chalkboard with kunai reading 'MITARASHI ANKO KONOHA'S SEXIEST KUNOICHI AND PROCTOR OF THE SECOND EXAM'. Said purple-haired, eccentric kunoichi appeared in the smoke.

"Alright brats! I'm the proctor for the second exam! Wait, Ibiki you let 26 teams pass? You must be going soft in your old age." she asked her superior at her job in the Torture and Interrogation unit. Looking around the room she noticed a certain brat with ice blue hair.

"You! Hey brat." she called out, looking directly at Naruto.

"Uh... Hey Anko. What a surprise." he said nervously. Honestly he found Anko fun to be around, but she could be damn intimidating sometimes.

"Umm, Anko. Check out the mood of the room. You are early." Ibiki scolded.

"It doesn't matter! Meet me at Training Ground 44 at 9:00 in the morning tomorrow. Don't be late or you fail!" and having said her piece, Mitarashi Anko left out the window from whence she came.

Most were too confused to really follow what had just happened, or were gawking at Anko's lack of clothing. A tan trench coat, miniskirt, and fishnet bodysuit were all that separated Mitarashi Anko from the elements. However, they did hear their instructions for the next day and filed out of the classroom. Naruto immediately left for his apartment to gather supplies for the next part of the test. He knew Training Ground 44 all too well. It was his favorite training ground, and where he met his crazy friend Anko. Naruto thought back to when he first found Training Ground 44.

"Ugh. Yukiko-chan. We have looked everywhere for a place to train away from everyone. Everything is too damn open." Naruto groaned. He and Yukiko had been searching for a spot to train for hours.

"I know Naruto-kun... Hey! What is that over there? The place with the really high fences?" the white fox asked.

"I'm not sure Yukiko-chan. Let's go look!" he told his companion, picking up speed.

"Training Ground 44... this is perfect!" he said, looking at the sign attached to the towering gate.

Naruto grabbed Yukiko who let out a surprised yelp, and jumped over the fence with the help of some chakra in his legs. Looking around, the training ground appeared to be a massive forest with assorted streams, and trees everywhere. This place would be perfect for what he needed. The two companions wandered for a bit trying to find a nice clearing to begin their training.

Immediately after finding a clearing, Naruto felt a kunai pressing against his neck.

"Brat. What are you doing here? Who the fuck are you?" he heard a cold female voice ask him. Yukiko was growling at the woman, fangs barred. She smelled of snakes, which put her on guard.

"I'm here to train obviously. I don't like being around the villagers much and I didn't want people spying on my training. My friends call me Naruto, but to most of the village I suppose I am the 'Kyuubi Brat'. My foxy companion here is Yukiko. Could you let me go please?" the jinchuuriki said calmly. No need to make the lady with a kunai at his throat angry, but he couldn't help being a smart ass sometimes.

The woman removed her kunai from his throat and hopped out in front of him, "So you're the 'Kyuubi Brat' eh? Mitarashi Anko, Konoha's 'Snake Bitch'! Damn idiot villagers. So they give you a hard time too huh? We'll show 'em! Tell ya what kid, I think I can like you. Normally I don't like others in this place, but make yourself at home here. Just don't get your ass killed! I'm gonna go have fun in another spot. Later brat!"

After she left, Yukiko looked up at her companion confused, "Naruto-kun. What just happened?"

"I am not really sure Yukiko-chan... But I think it means we can stay. Wonder why the villagers don't like her either though." he said with a shrug of his shoulders. Filing the question to ask her if they encountered each other again, Yukiko and Naruto began their training.

'Anko is... interesting. Can't say she makes things dull though. Shame the villagers blame her for what her sensei did.' the demon container thought to himself. After their first encounter, she would meet with him while he was out there if she didn't have a mission. Once they grew more comfortable around each other they told their respective stories. Anko was kind of an older sister to him now, and fellow pariah. A crazy sister with a slight blood fetish, obsession with dango, and no sense of modesty, but a sister nonetheless.

Naruto and Yukiko made their exit from the examination room using the opening made from Anko's entrance. If the next part of the mission was in Training Ground 44, then it would most likely be a several day trip. Scolding himself for not bringing enough supplies with him for this part of the test, the two companions returned to the apartment to stock up. After finishing packing the rest of his supplies for a most likely several day visit to the 'Forest of Death' and any potential test afterwards, Naruto and Yukiko turned in for the night.

It was a beautiful day in Konoha. The sun was shining, there was a lovely breeze, and three Grass shinobi were mutilated, dumped in a ditch somewhere. Unfortunately nobody knew about that last part yet. At the moment, most of Konoha's attention was focused on the Genin gathering at the entrance to Training Ground 44.

Anko waited a few moments for it to be 9:00, "Okay brats. Welcome to Training Ground 44, affectionately called 'The Forest of Death'!"

Anko winked at Naruto, signaling him to start something. Anko and himself shared a love of pranks. It was a great way to let off steam against villagers. Naruto thought for a moment, then came up with an idea.

"'Forest of Death' huh? Doesn't look so tough to me!" he yelled, drawing everyone's attention to him. Anko took this opportunity to throw a kunai at his head, slicing the cheek open just enough to draw blood. Almost instantly she was behind him, and to freak everyone out she licked up the blood dripping down his cheek.

"Mmm. The lively ones always have the best blood. We'll probably find more of yours before this test is over." she cooed seductively. One of Anko's many talents was pulling off 'sexy' and 'creepy as hell' at the same time.

Before she could continue with her fun, she felt a presence behind her and moved to strike whoever was stupid enough to try and sneak up behind her. She came face to face with a kunoichi from Kusagakure. She was holding the kunai Anko threw with an extremely long tongue. Something about this girl seemed to remind the eccentric proctor of someone. The girl returned the kunai to Anko.

"Umm.. Thanks. Next time try not to sneak up behind me alright? It's a good way to get yourself killed." she scolded.

"I'm sorry. It's just blood gets me excited, and your kunai cut my precious hair." the creepy kunoichi replied. Yukiko and Naruto noticed the smell of snake coming off this kunoichi. They new that it was expected with Anko now, but this new kunoichi practically reeked of snake. If someone smelled of snake and wasn't Anko, it was probably trouble. Snakes don't tend to keep friendly company.

"Anyways... Let's get the explanation for the test underway. First of all, every team will get either a Scroll of Heaven or a Scroll of Earth. Your objective is to obtain the scroll your team does not have while keeping your own. You will have five days to get to the tower in the middle of the forest."

"Five days? What are we supposed to do about food?!" Chouji yelled. It was usually never a good idea to get between an Akimichi and their food.

"There is plenty of food in the forest! Just don't become food yourselves. Also, don't open the scrolls before you get to the tower." Anko warned.

"What happens if you do?" a random Genin asked.

"Not telling! But you won't like it" the snake kunoichi hinted with a creepy grin, "Now then. Before we start you will need to fill out these waiver's saying it isn't Konoha's fault if you get your ass killed in there. Killing is allowed in this portion of the test. Go with your teams to the table to trade in your waivers for a scroll, then move to the gate you are told."

Some of the Genin seemed nervous that killing was allowed in this portion of the test, but every team signed their waivers and picked up a scroll. Team 7 happened to get a Heaven Scroll, and moved to Gate 15 where they were assigned. Naruto quickly came up with a plan and turned to his team.

"Okay here is my plan guys. Yukiko and I will take point since we can smell anyone coming. I'll make a few Kage Bunshin to make a perimeter to help keep us from being ambushed. Sasuke will hold onto our scroll, and Sakura will bring up the rear. We will head to the tower and deal with any teams we encounter on the way. At the tower if we still don't have the other scroll we can set up traps for one of the other teams." the ice wielder explained.

"Hn. Whatever dead last. You two just better not get in my way." Sasuke told his two team mates. He didn't need these two losers. He snatched the scroll from Naruto's hands and put it in one of his pockets. Sakura just squealed at how cool Sasuke was and did not really notice that he found her incapable of helping him. After a few minutes the gates opened, and Team 7 sped off into the forest to begin the second portion of the Chuunin Exams.

Team 7 had been traveling in their formation for a few hours now and had yet to encounter any other teams. Naruto was slightly on edge. He and Yukiko felt that something bad was going to happen, but they couldn't sense anyone nearby. Suddenly he felt some of his Kage Bunshin rapidly be killed.

"Oh shit..." Naruto whispered. Then a surge of chakra and a powerful wind blew him and his fox companion away from their teammates.

Sasuke and Sakura recovered from their shock of seeing Naruto and his fox tossed away like nothing and then the creepy Grass nin from earlier appeared in front of them. Sasuke tensed before throwing a kunai towards the neck of the kunoichi, who caught it like it was nothing.

"Kukukuku. Good Sasuke-kun. Let's see how you handle this." the kunoichi told the two remaining members of Team 7 before unleashing a massive amount of killing intent. To Sakura and Sasuke it felt like they were watching their own deaths at the hands of this girl. Both were currently paralyzed in fear, but Sasuke began struggling to move. He reached for a kunai, and with a trembling hand managed to stab himself in the leg. Immediately he was brought out from the effects of the killing intent and with a quick flash of hand seals launched his trademark Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu. The sizable fireball sped toward the Grass nin and it appeared that the kunoichi was toasted, before she turned to mud and melted into the ground.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Yukiko crashed into a tree, temporarily stunning the two companions. Before the two could fully recover a massive snake came out from the trees near them and quickly swallowed them whole. The demon container and companion shook off the disgust of being inside a giant snake.

"Well shit. We need to get out this snake fast Yukiko-chan before he starts digesting us. I doubt he'd just let us walk out of his mouth, so we'll just have to make a new exit. Hyoton: Tsurara Tsume!" he yelled, the sound echoing down the snake's massive esophagus. Long claws of ice formed on Naruto's fingers, and he began tearing his way out. It did not take long to make a hole large enough to escape with Yukiko's help. Before the snake could hit the ground dead it went up with a puff of smoke.

"A summon? The only people who can summon snakes are Anko and... Oh fuck. Yukiko-chan we need to get back to Sasuke and Sakura NOW! I don't know why he is here but this is bad." Naruto told his companion quickly before trying to lock onto his teammates scent. He hoped they were still alive.

Naruto and Yukiko arrived to see the Grass nin's neck stretch to impossible lengths and bite down hard on Sasuke's neck. Sasuke screamed out in pain before dropping unconscious. Sakura screamed, hoping her Sasuke-kun was still alive. Naruto reentered her thoughts when she heard him call out to the girl who bit Sasuke-kun.

"What are you doing here Orochimaru? And what did you do to Sasuke?" he growled out. Yukiko had her fangs barred, ready to pounce at a moments notice.

"Kukuku... I just left Sasuke-kun a present. Now I just need to deal with you Naruto-kun." Orochimaru chuckled, still behind the face of the Grass kunoichi.

"I won't let you hurt anyone else Orochimaru! Hyoton: Tsurara Tsume!" the ice wielder called out, ice claws growing from his fingertips. Once they had finished forming Naruto and Yukiko vanished, reappearing on Orochimaru's sides. Naruto slashed high while Yukiko attempted to bite the snake summoner's thigh. Neither attack landed as the man seemed to contort out of the way of both attacks, as if he had no bones. With a quick retaliatory kick and slap Yukiko and Naruto were sent flying into trees. Yukiko's head was the first thing to hit the tree, knocking the poor fox unconscious. Naruto was only slightly luckier having remained awake after his impact.

"So you can use ice Naruto-kun... Interesting. It is such a shame that I can't leave you the same present as Sasuke-kun. I believe your fox friend is now unconscious, so I can play with you uninterrupted."

"You... bastard..." Naruto barked out while attempting to recover from being smashed into the tree. At the same time the jinchuuriki was desperately trying to keep his emotions in check to prevent the fox from coming out again. In the back of his mind he could feel the bastard fox slamming against the cage. Naruto knew that he didn't stand a chance against the Snake Sannin but he hoped he could delay until help arrived. Back on two feet, he began hand seals for one of his more powerful attacks.

"Take this snake-bastard! Hyoton: Sensatsu Suishou!" he called out, as a thousand needles of ice formed around his body. With a wave of his arm they flew toward his target. Not waiting to see if any hit their mark Naruto moved in ducking low to swipe at Orochimaru's legs with his claws. Upon landing his hit, the snake summoner dissolved into mud.

"Shit! Where is he? Behind me!" he yelled in frustration while turning around to see Orochimaru going through several hand seals.

"Katon: Housenka no Jutsu" Orochimaru announced before breathing out multiple balls of fire.

Not having time to dodge, Naruto began his defensive technique, "Suiton: Suijinheki!" he called out as a wall of water rose up to block the spheres of fire. The immediate threat stopped Naruto searched for the smell of snakes once more, before his eyes widened at receiving a harsh chop to the back of the neck, knocking the demon container out cold. Orochimaru turned to a terrified Sakura.

"Kukuku. I must take my leave before anyone finds me here. Make sure Sasuke-kun seeks me out and Naruto-kun stays out of the way if he knows what is good for him." the Snake Sannin hissed before dissolving into mud one last time.

Sakura spent the next half hour moving the unconscious bodies of Sasuke, Naruto, and Yukiko to a hallowed out tree she found nearby. Sasuke had a very high fever and was sweating profusely, but there was nothing she could do. This was the first time that her team really depended on her, and she didn't know what to do. The pink-haired kunoichi prayed that no other teams would find them until at least her Sasuke-kun woke up so he could protect them. Kami would not answer her prayers this day, however.

Hearing something in the bushes nearby, Sakura threw a kunai, only to see that it was a squirrel. She let out a breath of relief. Now she noticed the presence of three ninjas. The three quickly landed in the clearing outside the hollowed out tree, staring directly at Sakura. She shivered under their gaze. It was the three Sound nin from the first exam. One had a strange metal gauntlet on one arm, and had his face wrapped in bandages. The middle one wore a tan tunic and had black hair in a similar style to her sensei Kakashi. The final nin was a kunoichi wearing a sleeveless green vest and her long black hair was tied at the end with a purple bow. The first one stepped up to speak for his group.

"We're here to kill Uchiha Sasuke, by orders of Orochimaru-sama. Get out of the way." he ordered.

Sakura was afraid, but they were going to kill her love. "I-I w-won't let you k-kill him!" she yelled as she stood up, kunai in hand. The pink-haired kunoichi doubted that she could defeat these three, but she had to try. With a small battle cry she charged ahead in an attempt to stab the one who had threatened Sasuke. With no effort at all he stopped her by grabbing her by the neck.

"Pathetic bitch. You consider yourself a ninja? Maybe Zaku and I could have a little fun with you before we take out Sasuke. A bitch like you needs to learn her place!" the Sound nin said, with his lecherous grin hidden behind his facial bandages. Zaku chuckled evilly as Sakura's eyes went wide in horror.

'They wouldn't... no!" she shrieked in her mind.

"Dosu! Zaku! Stop this! Let's just complete our mission for Orochimaru-sama and get out of here. You can't do th-" the Sound kunoichi yelled at her teammates before being knocked out by Zaku. After knocking her out he spat at her, "Shut up you stupid bitch. We'll deal with you later. But for now this pink whore has our... interest."

Sakura was squirming, trying her best to get out of the grip of Dosu. It was no use though, his grip on her was tight and he held her out of reach of the rest of his body. Now with their kunoichi teammate out of the way to prevent interruptions, Dosu slammed Sakura to the ground before flipping her over. Zaku held her down while Dosu took out a kunai. With one quick swipe Sakura's battle dress and bra were cut through from her stomach up.

'N-no! This can't be happening! Oh Kami! Someone please help me! Sasuke-kun. Naruto. Yukiko. Anyone!' Sakura yelled in her mind. She couldn't speak after Dosu's harsh grip around her throat. Sakura shut her eyes and screamed silently as Dosu and Zaku descended upon her.

Back in the hallowed out tree, Yukiko's eyes gradually opened. Quickly taking in her surroundings, she saw that Sasuke and Naruto were out cold. Where was Sakura? Moving out a bit more she saw Sakura on the ground with two ninja standing over her, one holding her down while the other groped her breasts. Shit! She needed Naruto up NOW. The snow fox quickly pounced onto Naruto before giving him a harsh bite on his arm. Thankfully it was enough to wake him up.

"OW! What was that for Yukiko-chan? Where is... SAKURA!" Naruto yelled out, finally seeing the danger Sakura was in. The jinchuuriki charged forward while releasing Kubikiri Houchou from its seal.

"Get off of Sakura you bastards!" the demon container growled before piercing Dosu through the heart. Meanwhile Yukiko had charged at Zaku and managed to bite his shin. Naruto pushed off Dosu's body with a kick and used the momentum of the kick to enter a spin while twisting the blade into a horizontal slash.. Before Zaku could react, his head had been separated from his shoulders. A quick moment later and blood burst from the body, covering both Naruto and Sakura while the body slumped onto the ground. Naruto turned look for the third person, who appeared to be knocked unconscious. Based on the facts she was not awake and she was female, she probably disapproved of her team's actions. For this she would live.

"How DARE they!" the jinchuuriki growled, before flicking the blade to remove the blood. After sealing Kubikiri Houchou back into his wrist. He looked down to see a blood covered Sakura, completely terrified. The jinchuuriki didn't really have time to think about what he had just done. He needed to help Sakura get through this.

"Are you okay.... Sakura?" the blue-haired boy asked cautiously, hoping she wouldn't be afraid of him after what he'd done and what those Sound nin did. The events finally caught up to her and she jumped into his arms, bawling. Naruto tensed at the sudden contact before slowly stroking her back in a calming motion.

"It's okay now Sakura. Those bastards can't do anything to you now. Yukiko and I made sure of it. Let's get back into the tree and we'll fix your clothes up okay?" Naruto cooed, trying to calm the hysteric girl down, although it was going to be difficult after what she had just gone through. Naruto was glad that he stopped them before they could get further. Sakura managed to give him a small nod and was led back into the tree. Before following, Yukiko searched the two bodies for the scroll, and found a Scroll of Earth on Dosu. She was unsettled by the two bodies, and quickly moved to her companion's side holding the scroll in her mouth.

After helping Sakura sit down, Naruto took a scroll from one of his vest pockets and unsealed a small sewing kit.

"After the Wave mission I thought it'd be a good idea to bring this so I could mend any damaged clothes. Is it okay if I sew your dress back together for you? If you don't want me to touch you near there I understand." the boy said softly. Sakura gave another tiny nod along with a sob to say it was fine. Before Naruto could start he felt a surge of evil chakra come from behind him. Looking behind him, he saw Sasuke standing up, black marks covering part of his face and arm.

"This power... Yes! I can use this power to kill him!" Sasuke said, an evil chuckle following. Sasuke then noticed Naruto, "Fight me."

"Sasuke. This really isn't the time, Sakura needs help right now. And what the hell happened to you?" the demon container barked out. He wasn't sure but Sasuke definitely didn't seem very sane at the moment, and Sakura didn't anything else to happen today.

"I don't care. Whatever happened to that slut she deserved. Fight me." Sasuke said with a smirk. The Uchiha quickly found out that was the wrong thing to say, as he was slammed into the wall by a furious Naruto.

"What was that bastard? You are no better than those two Sound nin. I should kill you right now. This isn't the time though, so go back to sleep you sick fuck." Naruto growled, doing his very best to not let the fox take control, although it was very tempting. He reached into his left weapon pouch and pulled out some senbon, and stabbed the proper pressure points to knock the Uchiha out for a good while. That dealt with, Naruto returned his attention to Sakura. She had gone back into shock after what Sasuke had said. She was pulled back to reality by a comforting nuzzle from Yukiko. She looked up at Naruto, tears streaming from her eyes. He was all she had right now to keep sane.

"Don't worry about that bastard. We'll deal with him later. For now let's get you cleaned up." Naruto said with a calming smile. Her shirt was sewn back together after a few minutes. Making a quick cross seal two Kage Bunshin popped into existence.

"Sakura? We need to get you to a medic, and Sasuke will be out for a while, so we should head to the tower now that we have both scrolls. I'll carry both of you with my Kage Bunshin okay. I won't let anything happen to you." he promised before one Kage Bunshin tossed Sasuke quite violently over his shoulder while the other gently picked up Sakura and carried her bridal style. After making sure the area was clear, Yukiko and Naruto carrying the rest of Team 7 rushed to the tower.

Team 7 managed to avoid encountering any other teams and made it to the tower safely. Naruto's clones set Sakura and Sasuke down and assumed he needed to open both scrolls now. The two scrolls unfurled across each other and with a puff of smoke Iruka appeared.

"Iruka-sensei?" Naruto called out.

"Naruto! It's you. Oh Kami-sama! What happened? SOMEONE GET MEDICS HERE NOW!" Iruka yelled out, panicking at seeing the condition two of his students were in.

"Way too much Iruka-sensei. Sakura had a very traumatizing experience in the forest and should probably have someone treat her psychologically as well as physically. The bastard over here I knocked out myself after he woke up from getting a weird hickey from Orochimaru." the boy said, motioning with his thumb to the still out cold Uchiha.

"Oro-orochimaru?! I'll go tell the Hokage! Wait here for the medics!" Iruka stammered out before leaving to go find the Hokage. As he left the medics arrived to take care of Sakura and Sasuke. Naruto and Yukiko wandered around the tower before finding a room he could claim. Collapsing on the bed he relaxed for the first time since he awoke from Orochimaru's attack.

'Well that could not have been fucked up any further.' the jinchuuriki thought to himself before finally falling asleep, Yukiko curled up at his side.

Jutsu List

Hyoton: Makyou Hyou Shou (Ice Release: Demonic Ice Mirrors) - Creates mirror constructs made of ice the user can step into. The mirrors allow travel at a much faster rate than normal, and are difficult to destroy.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) – Creates a number of solid clones that can act independently and have their own chakra. Things learned by the clone are sent to the user upon dispersal.

Hyoton: Tsurara Tsume (Ice Release: Icicle Claws) - Creates sharp claws formed of chakra enhanced ice around the fingers of the user. The claws are razor sharp and are cold enough to damage on contact.

Hyoton: Sensatsu Suishou (Ice Release: One Thousand Needles of Death) - Creates one thousand needles made of ice that fly toward the target.

Katon: Goukyakuu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique) - User breathes out a large fireball to burn an enemy.

Katon: Housenka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique) - User breathes out multiple small fireballs to hit a wide area.

Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Release: Water Encampment Wall) - Wall made of water defends user from attacks

Author's Note: That was one hell of a chapter to write. Hopefully it turned out okay. I've gone over this chapter quite a few times, but I never know if it good enough to release. Taking a gamble with this current form. I have a feeling at a later date I'll be revising these last two chapters. I hope the Sakura fans don't hate me. Anyways, next chapter will be the preliminary matches of the Chuunin exam! Hopefully it will be up in less than a week.