"We're going to be late, Kyle!"

I groaned and continued to desperately search my room for my jacket. I glanced under my bed and sighed in relief. I reached under the cool metal and weaved through textbooks and papers, and pulled my orange-and-green jacket from under it. Part of me wondered how the hell it got there, and the rest of me didn't have the time to care.

I hurried downstairs to where Stan stood impatiently, tapping his foot.

"C'mon, dude," he said, taking my hand and dragging me out the door to his truck. "Let's go."

I sighed. "Where are we going, anyways?" I asked for what had to have been the hundredth time that week. Stan had been hiding this from me all month, and despite wanting to know what he had planned, I also was eager for the surprise.

As I figured, Stan didn't reply and just got in the truck and started it up. I gave him a forced look of irritation and got in beside him.

"Close your eyes, Ky," he requested.


"It builds tension," he said. I raised an eyebrow at him. "Just do it."

I did. Stan started down the street, and turned right. I jumped when I felt a hand on my thigh, but didn't open my eyes. I smiled peacefully as Stan continued to drive to God knows where.

Ten minutes later, the truck stopped abruptly. I started to open my eyes, but Stan put a hand over them and leaned up to my ear.

"Not yet," he whispered. I nodded. Stan removed his hand and got out of the truck, me right behind him. He took my hand again and we began walking on concrete.

Suddenly, Stan stopped. There was a sound I figured was knocking on a door, and the door opening. We went inside, and were suddenly hit with the sound of roaring loud music and hundreds of people talking excitedly.

"Open your eyes, Kyle," Stan said. I slowly opened them, and glanced around the room. I jumped. We were in Cartman's living room, which was currently packed with kids I recognized from their former grade. Most of them simply stood around with friends, talking and laughing, but a few were dancing like they belonged in an institute, Kenny included.

I turned to Stan with a questioning look. "Have fun, Kyle," he told me. "Since school got out, all you've done is study for college, and I think you need a break. I'll catch you in a bit?"

I smiled and nodded. Stan went off to talk to Clyde, and I went over to Kenny, narrowly avoiding being hit by his obnoxiously swinging arms. When he saw me, he smiled and stopped, breathing heavily.

"Dude, take it down a notch," I remarked. Kenny chuckled.

"What's up, Kyle?" he asked, slightly hazily. "What's goin' on?"

I rolled my eyes. "I thought you were going to stop drinking, you know, for Bebe?" I said. Ever since things went terribly between Kenny and Wendy at the prom, (which I tried to avoid thinking about at all costs) he'd gone back to wooing Bebe instead.

And, when Bebe announced at our graduation party that she was pregnant, Kenny hadn't slept for a month.

Kenny shrugged. "I know, I know. But tonight's all about having fun, right? Before I have to turn off the whore and turn on the 'responsible father'. I sniggered. "Take my advice, Kyle," he said, leaning one elbow on my shoulder. "Stick with Stan. A' least you can't get him pregnant…"

I laughed and nodded. Kenny wandered off absently, and I walked through the crowd. I gave Butters a friendly smile, which he returned awkwardly. He was doing that hand-wringing thing again, and looked kind of distracted.

"Hey, Butters," I said cautiously. "What's up?"

Butters looked at me for a moment. "Oh, not much, Kyle," he said, obviously untruthfully. I gave him a questioning look, and he sighed. "It's nothing, it's just that my parents are going to ground me if they find out I was at a party instead of studying for my entrance exams,"

I almost laughed, but held back and tried to look comforting as I said goodbye and continued sifting through the rowdy group of former students.

"Hello, Kyle," a familiar voice said from behind me. I groaned, turning around to face Cartman. He gave me one of his 'innocent' smiles.

"What do you want, fatass?" I said monotonously.

He snickered. "Nothing, Kyle. Say, I was just wondering – what score did you get on your Denver entrance exam?"

I scowled. He would never let this go, I could tell. I looked away from him and muttered, "Ninety-six."

Eric beamed. "That's very cool, Kyle. I could never match you with my humble ninety-seven," he said in his asshole way. I rolled my eyes, trying not to let it bother me. The only thing I could figure was that he must've cheated.

"Whatever," I said lamely. "Go fuck yourself." Cartman laughed again.

"Go fuck – or, I suppose I should say, get fucked by – Stan," he retorted calmly. I snorted.

"Go fuck Butters," I said. I watched in satisfaction as Cartman's face went red, and he simply turned on his heel and walked away. I smirked.

I walked on through the overwhelming crowd. When I suddenly became face-to-face with the all-familiar Queen of the Bitches, I frowned.

"Hi, Kyle," Wendy said firmly.


She looked at me oddly for a moment. "Well, maybe I'll see you around," she said. I don't think it was intended to sound threatening, but to me, it did. I nodded awkwardly. Wendy stepped to the left to walk away. She stopped suddenly and turned to me. She looked like she wanted to say something. Her eyes were defenseless and her face looked grave – but she said nothing, and walked away.

I ignored the guilt sinking into my heart, and continued to weed through the masses of teens. Bebe smiled at me from a few yards away, and I returned it. She supported her growing stomach with her hand and waved with the other.

After a few more casual hellos between the people I'd know since kindergarten, I met up with Stan, who was slightly intoxicated. He smiled at me.

He took my hand and said, "Close your eyes again, Kyle," as clearly as he could manage. Without another word, I closed my eyes and allowed Stan to lead me away from the loud music and the loud people and the loud party.

When I heard Stan close a door behind us, I was leaned against a wall, and felt lips on my own. I kissed Stan back, until he suddenly pulled away. I finally opened my eyes, and gazed into his deep, capturing blue ones.

He smiled. "Here's to a long, happy life together in college," he said softly. "Forever." I nodded, grinning at my best-friend-slash-boyfriend.

Stan kissed me again, and I could tell that he really meant it.

A/N: I know, I know, Stan doesn't deserve Kyle. But in the real world, this is how it probably would've turned out. Anyways, R&RPLZ 3