.A/N: Ok so I've had it with "forever and never" I really really really don't want to write it, but I won't ditch it. I'll keep it on haitus for a while, I'll update it whenever I can. But Now, I really need to write this story. Ok so this is a really new kind of prologue, that I never wrote. I wrote the prologue in a form of a song or a poem or whatever you might call it. I hope you like this new way, if you don't then I'll get back to my old way again. So if you like it I'll continue. PLease tell me. Enjoy!


She used to know

Happiness and love

But now all she knows

Is heartache and pain

She wants to run

Runaway from there

But running would make his memory

Disappear into thin air


Her heart keeps bleeding

Though it's not beating

Her knees fail her

As memories of him contain her

She cries over her loss

She tried to stop

But her strength fails her


She doesn't know

That he stands alone

Watching her pain

Adding on his own

He wants to go

Hold her again

But he knows

That would only pain

As he whispers "I'm sorry"

A very sincere apology

For the wind to carry to her


His heart keeps bleeding

Though it's not beating

His knees fail him

As memories of her contain him

He cries over his loss

He tries to stop

But his strength fail him


They both don't know

That their love is returned

And their pain is combined

As their souls


Their hearts keep bleeding

Though they're not beating

Their knees fail them

As memories of the other contain them

They cry over their loss

They try to stop

But their strength fail them