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"I've never heard of a bride that doesn't know where her own wedding is! Or even what's planned, or who's there…" I panicked as Alice struggled with my hair. After days of pleading with Edward all I got was: I'll be in a tux, and you'll be in a white dress. No kidding? He refused to tell me anything and that was making me edgy. What if it's something far more expensive than the options I'd refused? The thought alone made my stomach twist. I breathed in deeply just as Renee had advised a few hours before .Yes, Renee. We weren't exactly back but we were ok. Things were on the mend.

"Hold still Bella or I'll burn your hair. You wouldn't want burnt hair on your wedding day now, would you?" She raised an eyebrow as she lifted the curler and I saw in the mirror how she threatened me with it. "Besides, if you just keep your mouth closed and tried to relax a little you won't be all that worried. And trust me, you'll love it." She gave me her smile, the one that said; 'I know because I saw' smile. I sighed and did as she advised. I took deep breaths and let my eyes fall closed. I discarded all thoughts of the whereabouts and fixed Edward's image.

In a few hours Edward and I would be each other's. He would be mine and I would be his. Forever. My heart gave a small squeeze at the thought of forever. I was to be a vampire in sometime during our honeymoon. He insisted that I decide on a time but I was just so happy that I couldn't think and decide. My happiness was so much that it stole my coherency of thought. So we just left it open. We would do it when it felt right.

I smoothed the skirt of my silk, white dress with my hands as Alice lowered my head to pin my hair up. I sighed as I felt some of my curls fall from their place but I didn't put them back in place, not knowing if this was intended or not.

My stomach did flips and flops as I glanced at the small digital watch in front of the mirror. I had an hour left. In an hour, I'd be with Edward. I smiled and put a hand on my cheek as Alice smoothed my side bang, backwards.

Knock, knock.

"Charlie! You're not supposed to see her before the wedding. No one is!" Alice whined as she left my hair to go see Charlie at the door. I looked up and saw him in the mirror. He had his tux on and his hair was smoothed back. He was looking at Alice as he smiled.

"Come on Alice. My baby girl's getting married, I think I deserve some time with her before she leaves me forever." When he said that, there was a slight tone of sadness but not depression. His smile was sincere.

"All right, fine. But not too long, I still have to double-check her make-up," she said and in a second she was outside the room. I stood up from the very tall and uncomfortable chair and turned to him. His eyes took me in, looking me from head to toe, his eyes watering and his smile shaking.

"You look very pretty Bells," he whispered as he opened his arms for me. I smiled and ran into his arms, hugging him as tightly as I possibly could. I felt him kiss my forehead as he tightened his arms around me.

My own eyes filled with tears but I held them back for his sake, seeing my tears would only encourage his own. We were silent for a few minutes. No one knew what to say because we both knew this was a goodbye. But not for forever. Forever is a really long time.

I spoke my thoughts. "I'm not leaving you forever, Dad," I whispered as I looked up to meet his tearful eyes.

He gave me a small sad smile, "That's how every father feels when the time comes for him to give his daughter away. A year is way too much for me, Bella, it really does seem like forever," he croaked as he patted my back. We'd explained for him that once I was changed it would be too dangerous for him to see me. Edward had said that I would take at least a year to be able to control my thirst around Charlie. And he was right, a year did seem like forever.

"I'll call," I said, looking at the bright side.

He chuckled, "It won't be the same, honey. But I appreciate the effort." He pulled away and sat down on Alice's bed and intertwined his fingers. I sat down next to him and put a hand on his shoulder but said nothing. He stared at the wall opposite us as he took a deep breath and said, "my house will always be open for you, Bells. No matter what happens. If you ever happen to have a fight of some sort or any reason to leave your house know that mine is always open for you. Vampire or human. I am your father and you'll always be my daughter, Isabella." Something about the way he said that made me feel like Charlie was accepting both my worlds. He was giving me something far more better than acceptance too. He was letting me keep both worlds. Edward's world, which will soon be mine too, and his world, the human world. I get to keep both. Charlie was offering me that.

I felt my throat tighten with emotion, I tried to swallow the big lump but I was too emotional right now.

He shifted his eyes to meet mine and the intensity in them overwhelmed me, "Isabella Masen Cullen. You have made me nothing but a proud father and I can ask nothing of you more than to keep me in your life. Will you give me that? Will you promise me that, even if you become the vampire you want to be and live with the man of your dreams, I'll always be your father? Will you keep me in your life?" His voice shook but the intensity in his eyes never faltered. I took his hand and swallowed.

"I promise, dad. You'll always stay in my life. Because I'll always be your little Bella. The one who falls down and hurts then waits for her daddy to pick her up again. I promise and…" I leaned my head on his shoulder and felt his hand squeeze mine as I whispered, "I love you so very much, dad. I never would have dreamed to be this close to you, but now that I am, I'm glad I did."

I could almost hear his smile as he said, "I never felt that I was a real father to you. And that bugged me. But in the last few months I felt that I am. Remind me to thank Edward for that… someday." He chuckled and so did I.

"Wrap it up or you'll have horrible make-up on your wedding!" Alice called from outside the door.

We both laughed as we pulled away, and without another word Charlie gave me one more hug and left the room with a smile. Charlie was keeping me forever as I him. Even if the word had a different meaning for each of us, still we are everlasting.


"Edward, keep still for a few seconds, you can't make molecules spread faster!" Damien said as he put his hands on both my shoulders to stop me. I was almost as perky as Alice, in a manly way. After I'd made sure my hair was tamed I almost ran to the door but Damien stopped me insisting to perfume.

"Really, Damien. Bella said before that she likes my scent. What's the point in perfume?" I swear Damien was a male version of Alice but I would never tell him that.

"I heard that." He warned with a glare, "and any other day I wouldn't have let you get away without a fight but since it's her wedding day, I'll let you live." He chuckled darkly as he sprayed me with some aurora that was neither stunning nor repulsive.

"Nor repulsive?" He picked up the word with surprise then shook his head and mumbled, "Hugo is not repulsive? That's it?"

"I'm not smart in these things."


I rolled my eyes. "Can I go now? Please?" I said impatiently.

He smiled in amusement, "don't you think that we should have a brother moment or something? I see that on TV. I should say 'Oh, my baby brother is going to get married' or…" He raised an eyebrow and his smile turned wicked, "we could always sit down and have the talk."

I jumped away from him and shook my head, "No, thank you for your services, my dear brother but I think I'm better off without this." I tried to act normal as he laughed and I heard Emmet, Jasper and Carlisle laugh from downstairs. If I could blush, I would have.

"Awh, Damie, don't embarrass him. Let him go to be with his love." I heard Rosalinda say. I think I'm going to very much like this woman.

"Damie?" I asked raising an eyebrow and holding back laughter.

Damien glared at me and crossed his arms, "What was that, Eddie?"

I understood the threat at once and stopped the chuckling. The rest of them on the other hand were having hysterics downstairs. "All right, I'll leave now," I said quickly, escaping.

"One more thing, Edward," Damien said, making me stop again.


"Be happy, my brother," he whispered, echoing my words to him a few days ago. He had heard.

I smiled and turned a little to see his watery eyes, "As long as I have a protecting older and wiser brother by my side forever."

His smile widened and he blinked as he croaked, "Always, little bro. Always"


Six-million, seven-thousand, eight- hundred and twelve.

Six-million, seven-thousand, eight-hundred and thirteen.

Six-million, seven-thousand, eight-hundred and fourteen.

Why oh why did I decide to come early? Now all I had to do was fantasize and count the seconds till she arrives.

I was in our meadow, alone, waiting for my Bella to come. I can only imagine how odd the might seem. Why should we be here when we had a wedding to attend? I smiled as I imagined Bella's confusion.

As I leaned against the tall tree I fantasized about our life together. How I would wake her up every day with a kiss and stare at her smile at the gesture. How I would work hard each and every day just to make her feel proud of her husband. How I would come back from work and run into her warm embrace, seeking the leisure that I lacked the throughout the day. How I would tell her I loved her and hear her tell me she loved me back. How I would do whatever she pleased just to have her tell me that I made her happy. How I would hold her tight all night even if the day comes that sleep would be needless to her. How I would show her every second of the day that I loved her and that I was so damn lucky to have her love me back.

The sound of a car stopping a few yards away from me interrupted my daydream. I smiled as I heard her heartbeat, I really was attuned to it.

"Why are we here?" I heard her soft voice ask in confusion.

"No, you're here. We're leaving," Alice emphasized and I heard a car door open then close. All yours Alice thought to me.

"Thank you," I breathed.

"But.." Bella started but it was too late. Alice had left. I heard her sigh and take a few steps right before she stopped all together.

I heard her gasp and grinned. She must've noticed the candles. I'd lit her pathway to me with small scented candles, though I doubt her human senses could smell them in the open air, but I did it just the same.

"Edward," She whispered but she wasn't calling for me. It was a whisper in….awe? I couldn't be sure.

I heard her footsteps as she walked inside the forest, and I also heard her struggle with the dress and heels. I straightened myself and ran my fingers through my hair, making sure I looked acceptable, because I was sure she was going to be beyond beautiful.

After a few more steps Bella's figure started to appear, and after a few more I was able to identify everything about her. And I was the one who gasped in awe. I felt my heart squeeze and my breath quicken at the sight of her. She looked… no words. Absolutely no words could describe the magnificence of her.

She wore a simple white, one-shoulder dress. The strap that covered one of her shoulders was filled with small but beautiful flowers. The dress wrapped around her body tightly till her hips, after that the dress grew wider and bigger till it reached the ground. Her hair was curled and smoothed. Most of her lovely curls were gathered and tied up in an elegant knot above her head, leaving just a small few tied on the side, falling on her shoulder strap, and some others falling freely around her face. Framing it in the most ladylike way. Her side bang was just above her eyebrow in a perfect way, leaving her eyes free for me to stare into, taking whatever I had left of breath away.

Her eyes met mine and she froze. I stared at her as she took me in, not caring if I looked like a staring fool. She was my wife-to-be and I had the right to stare as much as I wanted. I ordered my frozen muscles to move and they eventually consented. I went to her with a half-dazed mind, not really seeing anything but the beautiful woman who stood in front of me. I did not stop when I was close enough to touch her. And she kept her eyes locked with mine, never moving an inch. I stopped when I could feel her breath brush my face softly, I was so close that I had to look down and she up to see her face. I intertwined my fingers with hers and leaned down to slowly brush my lips against her cheek. I felt more than heard her sigh and lean into my touch as her eyes fluttered closed.

"Beautiful," I murmured against her cheek. I could feel her blush and her cheeks push a little as a small smile drew itself on her lips.

"And you look…" She breathed, opening her eyes and meeting mine, "…dashing." She said it with an accent that belonged to my time. The thought of Bella speaking to me with my old accent was… overwhelming. I loved it. I loved her.

I grinned, "Thank you, milady. I am pleased to see that you accept the likes of myself."

She smiled back and her eyes softened as she whispered, "I accept only you and no one but you." And she lifted our intertwined hands and kissed the back of my mine, never breaking my gaze.

Warmth spread through my dead veins, awakening them. I felt as if my head was swaying and I couldn't stand up straight. It was strange that the forest hadn't set on fire from all the warmth I felt.

I walked backwards and pulled her forwards with me as I took her to the center of the meadow. She trusted me with herself so she did not question, she just obeyed with a smile. When I stopped she was confused but then I leaned down and swept her off her feet, carrying her easily. She laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Isn't this supposed to be at the threshold?" She questioned.

"I'm breaking a few rules today," I said as I listened to her laugh.

"Aren't you always?" she chuckled.

I just grinned.

I walked up the path easily, having it memorized by heart. Dodging trees and branches without even glancing at them, I was too busy ogling my wife to be.

I stopped when I reached my destination and gave her a not very chaste kiss on the forehead as I set her back on her feet. She broke our gaze to look around in confusion.

"Edward!" She gasped and her hands flew to her mouth.

I smiled and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind her, so that her back was against my chest. We were in front of a clear, blue lake that's beauty had paled beside Bella. I'd spent a few hours here preparing for this. You see, this lake wasn't empty. It was full of hundreds and hundreds of floating candles. I had put each and every candle on a floating plate and placed it gently on the water, unil I filled the whole lake.

"You did this?" Her shaky, thick voice asked as she kept staring at the lake.

I kissed her hair and whispered, "For you." I pulled away and took her hand away from her mouth. "Will you join me?" I breathed as I cocked my head towards the small boat on the edge. It was clear that she couldn't talk so she just nodded as she quickly wiped a tear before it could ruin her make-up.

I climbed inside first to help her in and when she was safely and securely sitting, I started rowing slowly, making sure not to hit any of the candles.

Bella's eyes kept wandering from one candle to the other in awe, when I slowed to a stop she noticed the unlit candle, it was right beside her. It was intended, not a mistake. She looked at me and I just nodded towards the candle. She looked back at it again and noticed what I wanted her to notice: the small blue paper. Her shaky hand slowly reached for the paper and when she opened it. I could remember exactly what I wrote, so I said out loud what was written while she was reading

"My love, you once asked me what I saw in you. And I see that you constantly do not understand why I love you, so tonight I intend on telling you exactly why I love you. Please forgive me if I can't tell you all of the reasons, because they are too much to be written. But I will show you quite a few tonight. We have forever to tell you the rest though I doubt forever is enough." I trailed off. That was the end of the first letter. Bella's tearful eyes met mine and disbelief and love filled them. Her eyes noticed the small lighter that I had used to light up the candles. She shakily took it and…click… lit the candle.

I smiled widely, I had left those unlit ones for her to light. We would both light our love.

I rowed a little again before stopping at the next unlit candle. This time Bella did not hesitate to pick up the blue paper.

"Your eyes." I whispered to her what was written in the paper. She picked up the lighter and clicked again, lighting the candle as she wiped a tear again.

I rowed again then stopped.

"Your laugh."

I noticed in Bella's thoughts that when she lit the candle she was sending something to me. She was telling me the same thing. By lighting the candle she was giving me the same reason I was giving her. We were both showing our love now, not just me.

"Your smile."


"Your spirit."


"Your uniqueness."


"Your kindness."


"Your mind."


When we reached the last one, Bella was sobbing, and I stopped in front of the last candle and left the rowers. Bella picked up the last paper and stared at it. Only one word was written in that paper. One word but meant the whole world.

"You," I breathed. Bella's eyes met mine and then her arms were around me. Hugging me tightly and crying on my chest. Probably messing all her make-up and my shirt. I couldn't have cared less. I hugged her to me kissing her hair softly and stroking her cheek. This time, when she pulled away we both lit the last candle together. I lifted her palm to my lips and kissed it softly.

"I love you Isabella." I whispered.

"I love you too, Edward. So much," she croaked thickly as I wiped her tears from her wet face.

When she could breathe again and control her sobbing she asked. "When's the wedding?"

I ignored the question for the time being and asked "May I ask you something? Out of curiosity?"

"Of course," she whispered as she pulled me to sit beside her. We had almost reached the shore but I had stopped rowing so we still had time.

"If you could say your own vows, what would they be like?" I asked as I wrap my arms around her waist and pulling her against me.

She thought for a moment before she answered, "I would say: Edward Masen, you have made me the happiest woman alive. You loved me in ways that no one else could and made me feel things that I thought I never could. From this moment forward, I give myself to you. To love you and honor and cherish you forever. I love you."

I smiled and hugged her tighter, anticipating her next question.

"What would yours be like?" She wondered.

I had to control my grin as I answered, "Isabella Swan, soon to be Isabella Masen, I could live my whole eternity trying to please you and never get bored. I am a slave to your love and I would give my whole life away just to see your smile. From the first moment I saw you, I knew that my life's path was well defined. I'd live with you and for you forever if you'd take me. I love you thou my love for you is everlasting, I believe it is not enough for you. You deserve more and more I shall give you. Forever, I shall do whatever I can just so I could keep your love for me. Forever." I trailed off feeling a thrill.

Now! I thought at once.

"Isabella Swan, do you take this man as your lawfully wedded husband?" The priest's voice echoed throughout the place.

Bella froze and pulled away. She met my eyes and I grinned widely at her. I cocked my head to the side and she looked behind her. There standing on the shore was both her family and mine along with her friends. The priest stood in the middle with a mic in hand with a smile on his face as he saw Bella's shocked face.

When Bella's eyes met mine again they were full of joy that surely reflected my own. The smile that broke through her face almost broke my heart at it's magnificence.

"I do," she said excitedly.

"We can't hear you, Bella," Damien said in the microphone with a chuckle.

We laughed and Bella took a deep breath and shouted, "I DO!" laughing in the middle of it. And taking both my hands.

The priest laughed and asked, "And do you Edward Masen, take Isabella Swan as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I DO!" I shouted as I squeezed her hands. Her excited eyes locked with mine as the priest said the words that we've been all but dying to hear.

"And now I pronounce you husband and wife."

Cheers came from our family but neither of us heard them. I kept staring into Bella's eyes, both of us wearing a goofy grin.

She whispered, "Mrs. Bella Masen."

That was it for my control. I locked my lips with hers. With my wife!

"You may… oh well." Their laughs were almost inaudible as I pulled away and hugged my wife to me.

"Do you like our wedding, Mrs. Masen?" I whispered in her ear.

She laughed excitedly, "I love our wedding Mr. Masen. It's the best ever!"

Minutes passed and we were still laughing and hugging each other. "Do you think they expect you to row us back?" Bella chuckled.

I laughed as I kissed her one more time, "If they do then they'd have to wait a very long time."


The end



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