This story takes place around the last months before graduation.

This is my first fanfiction, It's just a try – out. Sorry for the mistakes, I'm not a native speaker and it has been a while since I've written in English.

I do not own everything you'll recognize as Stephenie Myers, she owns everything … but Edward owns me …

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Part 1


I woke up when I felt the sunshine on my face. There used to be a time when that caused instant happiness for me, but now I could only think an internal swear and I kept my eyes closed for a while. I knew he wasn't there. I didn't feel his cold, safe arms wrapped around me. I knew that, when I opened my eyes, there wouldn't be two topaz eyes looking back.

I sighed, why today? Today is our anniversary and Edward had a big surprise planned (much to my dislike off course). I sighed and swore again, out loud this time. Charlie was already gone, and he would not return before tomorrow afternoon (something with fishing at La Push I presume …) and I had been looking forward to a day in Edwards arms, without Charlies glaring looks. He still hasn't forgotten my recent zombie status and following three days disappearance to Italy (he still didn't know I went to Italy though, and I wasn't planning on telling him that). Even now he had asked the neighbours to keep an eye on the house, especially for shiny Volvo owners. Little did he now that Edward could return his car home and be back at my place in less then 10 minutes, I smiled.

Charlie had also given Edward and me an hour long preach about not sleeping together while he was gone, or he would personally kill us with his police gun. That's another thing Charlie doesn't know about (dating a vampire sure causes lot's of secrets), since Italy, Edward has spent almost every night in my room, I think Charlie wouldn't survive if he knew that (not that we were doing things he wouldn't approve, but he would sure presume that)

I rolled my eyes, I was looking forward to this day all week (the me-and-Edward-being-alone-part, not the surprise part), too bad he couldn't stay when the sun was out … but what if the neighbours had seen him? "well, this is my boyfriend, you've seen him around, you might have noticed that he glitters. It's just something he does in the sun. Don't worry about it …" I sighed, it was better this way, but it would be a long day ….


I left Bella's room very early this morning, to hide in the nearby woods. Alice had warned me for the sunny day that today would be, but I wasn't disappointed, the weather was perfect for the plan that I had in mind.

It keeps surprising me that today is our anniversary, and that she's still alive. I had been on my best control ever and her clumsiness hadn't been fatal (yet), I chuckled.

I didn't expect myself to have so much self – control, I love her so much, I love her heartbeat, her blush, her smell … I let my mind wander for a while … she truly is my Tua Cantante … if it was up to me she would remain human for a long time, but I knew about the deal she had made with Carlisle. After graduation, it's going to happen … I'm not going to agree with it, but I know I will love her forever, vampire or human.

I sighed, would she be awake now? Why can't I read her mind just for this moment … I would give anything to see her face when she goes downstairs …