This story takes place around the last months before graduation.

This is my first fanfiction, It's just a try – out. Sorry for the mistakes, I'm not a native speaker and it has been a while since I've written in English.

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Part 4


Bella was glad when she heard she didn't have to hike all the way to the meadow. She blushed deeply when I told her Edward really loves her so much, she told me that she couldn't wait to see him. She hopped smoothly on my back and we took off. Edwards scent was easy to follow and after 5 minutes we reached the place I would leave Bella on her own. I wished her good luck and took off ... I was almost home when I got a new vision, I gasped, OMG! It will be hard not to tell anyone. I grinned widely and went to look for my Jasper who was all alone in the house ...


I was a bit confused when Alice dropped me off in the forest instead of the meadow. But when I saw another letter from Edward I was reassured.


You're very close to me ...

Follow the roses ...



P.S. I love you

P.P.S. don't worry, the thorns have been removed from the roses ... no accidents

I smiled, I really couldn't wait any longer to see him. I picked up the first roses and smelled them, there was a little card attached at the third rose, it said: "three roses - I love you". I walked further and gathered all the roses on my way, the ninth rose also had a card "9 roses – we'll be together forever" I walked further when I saw a whole bouquetof roses lyingon the ground. Again, there was a little card attached "99 roses – I will love you all the days of my life". I walked further, the closer I got to the meadow, the more excited I became. When I finally arrived at the meadow, Edward was nowhere to be seen. I did saw a picnic blanket on the ground and a little barbeque. I smiled, barbeque food was my favourite. When I walked further I saw a rose on the picnic basket, "108 roses - meaning: for me to know, for you to find out, see you very soon, love!". I wondered what that meant and walked still was no sign of Edward, being alone in the meadow brought back bad memories and my thoughts drifted off to Laurent. I shivered and jumped when I felt cold arms wrapped around me ...