Brotherly conversations.

What happens when Kagome leaves two "loving" brothers to speak of their "differences." Well, let's just say, we will entertain you.

Kagome shook her head. How did she get stuck with the 'friendly' family reunion. She sighed. That is right. She sent Sango and Miroku out to, oh protect the family shrine from the "brotherly" love fits.

Upon almost opening the door to the appropriate atmosphere of brotherly love, she eased-dropped on the strangest conversation.

"So, what do you think?" she heard InuYasha start up, as the shadow of him dance across the rice paper screen.

"About what, little pest?" Sesshomaru replied.

"About Kagome, of course." She let out a soft gasp.

"The human you so obviously want to mate. And speaking from experience brother, you better do it fast, that wolf is a lot better than you ever could hope to be." Kagome almost shirked.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN!?" She could hear the blush in his voice.

"Why brother, what do you think that is suppose to mean. Are you telling me that you did not get the brains from our father's side? Pity."

"Maybe I didn't get the brains but I got the sword. Ha!.... in both sense of the word….. Yo mama."

"Idiot, at least I can please my women. Oh, and keep mine, and not let some mangy wolf defeat me in my quest for the perfect….. vessel. Oh and the 'yo mama' joke, I was wonder why you would insult your own mother, after all you are the half-breed."


"Idiot, can't think of a good come back without straining your head, oh pardon me, I do mean your tiny insignificant sword."

"JACKASS! I'LL KILL YOU!" There was a sudden swish, a yelp, and then InuYasha came flying out of the room nearly hitting the poor bystander, Kagome, (courtesy of his big brother) and landed ungracefully in the kio pond. Sesshomaru walked to the InuYasha shaped hole in the door. Turning on his heels, he faced Kagome. "I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with my brother. We should do it again."

"Okay… I'll arrange you guys some more….talking time."

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