I remember the first day I saw him, the pain in his eyes yet at the same time they were relieved like he had just found a hoard of treasure that he had been searching for, for hundreds of years. You couldn't forget a face like that, twisted so much in emotion that it was impossible to look away. He had been lying on the soft earthy ground, behind a large tree hoping not to be seen by passing hikers, until I came along.

'Excuse me, are you alright?' I asked the boy who was cowering behind a large oak. He looked kinda ill and his eyes were full of shock. I knew there was no point in asking my question, it was obvious that he wasn't alright.

'I'm fine' he murmured in a beautiful voice not once taking his eyes off me. I kept my distance not wanting to scare him off.

'Are you sure? I can go get someone if you want' I said taking a hesitant step forward. I took a closer look at him and found that the boy wasn't wearing a shirt. It was quite cold outside as well, cold enough to wear a coat.

'You'll freeze' I commented when he failed to answer my last question. The boy shook his head nervously. At least he wasn't shaking; I should get him some help none the less.

'Do you have a name?' I asked him, he wasn't very talkative, at least not so far.

'Caleb' he said looking down at his hands 'what's yours?' I smiled at the fact he was beginning to make convocation.

'Bella' I said 'Bella Swan'. I took another step towards him and his head shot up to stare back into my eyes. His eyes were emerald green which suited his unusual white hair. I noticed that he was about the same age as me, maybe a little older.

'Nice to meet you' he said smiling in return. His smile was breath taking but I quickly remembered why I was talking to him.

'Are you hurt?' I asked eyeing his rigid position against the tree. He was sat on the muddy ground and he looked exhausted like he had just run a marathon.

'No, no. Just a little tired' he murmured. I walked further towards him and he watched me warily. The earth around him was a darker shade than everywhere else and I noticed that it was his blood.

'Oh my god' I gasped 'what have you done?' He looked back down at his hands not answering. I walked up to him until I was only a meter away. It was definitely blood and I could faintly smell it from where I was stood. I crouched down until I got to his eye level and began to speak.
'Can I have a look?' I asked trying not to sound too reproachful. He looked at me for a minute before nodding his head. He shifted his weight a little from the tree and I shifted closer. He took a deep breath before slowly turning around, wincing a little. I gasped again and took an involuntary step back. On his back two great wings were laying limp, stained in blood. One of them was bent in a way that did not look healthy. I extended an arm and looked at his face. He nodded and I brushed my hand gently down one of the injured wings. It felt so soft but a little sticky from some of the dried blood. I saw him wince and pulled my hand back.

'Who did this to you?' I asked in horror. He turned around to look at me.

'No one did' he said sadly. I took the rucksack off of my back and rummaged around until I found the first aid kit. Caleb looked at me curiously for a moment while I pulled out some bandages and pain killers.

'Here, take this' I told him holding out the bottle 'trust me. It'll help the pain'. He looked at me and his eyes filled with trust. He stretched out one hand and took the bottle from my hand. I then fiddled with the role of bandages trying to unravel them. He gritted his teeth while I wound the bandage around his back but made no complaint.

'Thank you' he said sighing a little, probably noticing the pain killers working.

'No problem' I said smiling 'come on. Let's get you somewhere warm before you die of the cold'. I helped him up onto his feet and struggled to walk as we made our way down the winding path.

Meeting Caleb was probably the best thing that had ever happened in my life. He wasn't human, that was obvious. He had explained all this to me on the night I brought him back to my house. I had to make sure my mother didn't find out or he would have been shipped off to some science lab to be experimented on. He had explained all about how he had come to be in the forest to why he had a pair of wings on his back.

'So why were you in the woods?' I asked Caleb nervously trying to stay as calm as I possibly could. I asked what I hoped was the easiest question so I had more chance of getting an answer out of him. He seemed to be a little uncomfortable as he spoke.

'I got in a fight with another one of . . . my kind. I accidentally endangered the one he was protecting so he thought I was a threat. He was much stronger and more experienced than me so I didn't stand a chance' he said looking down at his hands for the thousandth time.

'Another one of your kind?' I asked curiously. Well he wasn't human so I guess they had a name for what he was.

'Yes. In Latin they call us curator angelus but you'll know us best as guardian angels' he said watching me carefully. I was speechless for about a minute, my mind trying to process what he had just said. Was this true? Or was it just a dream my thoughts had come up with? I douted that seen as I had felt his wings with my own hands.

'The guy you fought, he was protecting someone?' I asked catching on quickly.

'Yeah' he answered simply.

'But if you're a guardian angel then where's the person you protect?'

'I've been searching for almost a hundred years trying to find them and after all that time I think I finally have' he said smiling at me. This confused me. Why didn't he just tell me the answer straight away? What he had said gave me no new information what so ever. My emotion must have been plain on my face because he sighed.

'I think it's you' he finally said. About a million thoughts raced through my mind in a millisecond. He watched me a little worriedly at my mixed change of emotions. I laughed out loud uncontrollably and unable to stop.

'What? What's so funny?' he asked probably thinking I was going insane. I clasped my hand over my mouth and tried to calm down.

'Out of the billions of people that live on earth I'm one of the very few that get a guardian angel' I managed to say without laughing 'that says a lot about me'. He smiled widely also trying to suppress a chuckle.

'So your seriously not scared about being in a room with someone who isn't human, you bearly know them and could be a potential stalker?' he asked amazed.

'Should I be?'

'No, I guess not' he said, the smile growing even larger.

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