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Chapter one

Boredom and homework

Yami sighed as he paced the floor of his soul room, trying to ignore the tension building up inside of him. Tonight he was bored and not enjoying any of it.

"Why is there never anything to do around here?" muttered the spirit, placing a hand upon the belt at his hips and frowning.

At first, Yami had amused himself by going through the deck of Duel Monsters cards he and Yugi shared, occasionally summoning some of the more tame monsters in hopes of a conversation.

That plan had soon ended in failure though, because, while all the creatures could speak, actually understanding their strange growls and squeaks was another matter; one that would take more time and energy then the spirit was currently willing to spend.

"Though I can't help but wonder where Kuriboh got off to."

Running a hand through his golden bangs, Yami vaguely pondered the thought of going after the missing Duel Monster.

"I suppose it will be fine." he muttered, violet eyes scanning the closed doors and staircases that surrounded him. "I know for a fact that Duel Monsters aren't able to trigger the traps I've set. Probably a good thing too, seeing as Kuriboh is one of Aibou's favorites."

At the mentioning of the name Yami often called his young twin, the spirit suddenly smiled.

To those that knew them, the nickname was simply proof of a bond between teammates, but for Yami, the word also held another meaning; one he preferred to keep to himself.

"Partner." mused the spirit, nodding in quiet appreciation at the friendship he and Yugi shared. "My partner."

"...If only he knew how I truly felt about him."

Yami still wasn't sure how it happened, but he remembered when it did.

One day, one fine, glorious day, the spirit glanced over at his smiling twin and discovered that, even if he never regained his memories, as long as he had Yugi, he was happy.

That was when Yami realized he loved him.

"And yet he'll never know."

Suddenly feeling depressed, Yami turned to make his way across the floor, only stopping when he was directly in front of an ordinary section of brick; one that was located a few feet away from the entrance.

To the unaware this wall looked just like all the others, but Yami had many secrets in his Soul Room; not all of them visible.

Waving his left hand, the spirit nodded in silent approval as a hidden door soon materialized.

Beyond it was his bedroom and his private sanctuary; the only place where Yami could truly be alone. Not even Yugi knew, and, in a way, the spirit preferred it like that.

"We all need our space." he whispered, a hand turning the door's curved handle and pushing inward.

It was an emotion of strange relief that washed over Yami as he stepped into a small, candle lit room and fell upon the bed at its center; body relaxing slightly as pale skin hit red silk.

Out there, he was the brave warrior; the one who always came out of battle victorious and proud, but within the inner workings of his mind, in the places where thoughts could safely take refuge, Yami was just...Yami.

"Sometimes I wonder if they forget I'm practically the same age as them." he mused, eyes drifting over to where a small group of photographs resided on a desk.

The images were only of trusted schoolmates that Yugi had introduced the spirit to, but still, Yami appreciated the fact his Aibou was making an effort to include the wayward ghost in his life.

Yami paused as the soft scent of lavender surrounded him; its soothing aroma reminding the spirit of the boy whose body he shared.


A gentle smile crossed the spirit's face as his gaze shifted to where a golden, heart shaped frame was resting in front of the others; its pictured inhabitant smiling cheerfully at the outside world.

Yami understood that the companions he had made were important, for one could not survive this world without a few good friends, but still...deep down, the spirit knew that none of them would ever be as precious to him as that grinning little figure.

"No, never."

Yami was secretly relived to find that, for being nearly identical, he and Yugi weren't actually related, though the reason why was something the spirit would never reveal.

"It would be too awkward for me to tell him, let alone having to hear Aibou's reaction, but still..."

Violet eyes flashed as a thought suddenly entered their owner's mind.

"Perhaps I'll go see what Aibou is doing?"

Nodding to himself, Yami slowly faded from the room; his transparent form soon reappearing in the shadowy corners of another.

This room was small; its empty walls painted a gentle blue, but still, the spirit liked it.

He suspected it had something to do with who owned the room.

A soft bed was in the room's center, with a large skylight directly above it.

"The perfect place for stargazing when you don't want to go outside." muttered Yami, repeating the words Yugi had told him one night when they had both stayed up late.

At the foot of the bed was a wooden dresser that contained all the clothes Yugi owned, not to mention a small collection of belts and neck chokers.

"I'll have to convince Aibou to go shopping for more of those. Belts and chokers are always in style, especially if they're leather with fancy buckles and studs."

Too busy pondering the prospect of an updated wardrobe, one that would be an impressive sight during duels, Yami failed to notice that he was not alone.

A teenage boy, roughly the age of sixteen, was sitting at his desk and working on tonight's homework.

"Now I know if you divide these two..." muttered the lavender eyed youth, pencil tapping the desk in concentration. "But wait, wouldn't that be...?"

Hands raised in frustration, Yugi suddenly groaned. "I hate math."

Sighing, the petite teen shoved his books away from him and quickly stood up.

"I can always finish it at school tomorrow. Right now I need to get ready for bed."

Still watching from the shadows, but not wanting to intrude on his twin's privacy, Yami simply smiled.

It was when Yugi was changing into his favorite star covered pajamas that the spirit found himself frowning.

"Sixteen and the only ones that fit him are made for children." he muttered. "Aibou may have a child's kind heart, but it doesn't mean he needs to dress like one."

Yami looked up as he heard the sound of sheets being moved.

"I wonder what the spirit is doing?" mused Yugi, a yawn escaping his mouth as the teen climbed into bed. "Yami usually comes to say goodnight about now."


Turning to where a clock hung on the wall, Yami blinked in soft realization as he noticed the time.

"Does Aibou really know me that well?"

Now lying underneath the sheets, Yugi smiled as he placed a hand over a golden, triangle shaped object that was resting besides him, his fingers softly caressing the thick chain connected to it.

Yugi had been given the object by his grandfather, who called it the Millennium Puzzle, because in order for a person to use the magical artifact, they had to first put it together, just like a puzzle. When completed, the golden item looked just like an upside down pyramid, with the all seeing eye of Amon Ra upon it.

It had also contained a spirit, but Yugi wasn't aware of Yami's presence until long after he had solved the Puzzle's challenge.

"But we get along just fine now." whispered the petite teen, smiling as memories of far-off days slowly floated into his consciousness.

At first, Yami didn't know how to react to the one that had rescued him from his lonely prison, often forcing Yugi to retreat into unconsciousness while he took the helm in duels and other various activities, but once the two learned to work together, they were nearly unstoppable. This fact was especially true when it came to a match of Duel Monsters.

"We really are good friends." mused Yugi. "But still...."

A curious frown crossed the teen's face as he glanced down at the Puzzle. "I can't help wondering if something's wrong."

Yugi knew the spirit preferred to find a quiet place to think then converse with the others, even more so when he was troubled by something.

Yugi also knew that he was the only one who could get Yami to open up. A fact the young boy was secretly proud of.

"It means Yami trusts me." he whispered to the supposedly empty room. "Me more then anyone else."

Still watching from his hiding place, Yami tilted his head and smiled.

"Aibou is going to sleep; I shouldn't bother him."

It was a kindhearted gesture that caused the departing spirit to turn around.

Curiosity in his eyes, Yami watched as his twin lifted the Millennium Puzzle from around his neck and held it in a warm embrace.

"Goodnight, Spirit." whispered Yugi, gently hugging the golden object before placing it on his desk. "I'll see you in the morning."

If Yami didn't have such a strong will, he would've surely melted into a puddle of heartfelt emotion.

"It's at times like these that I can't help wondering if Aibou has any idea of what he does to me."

Stepping out of the shadows to sit on the bed, Yami smiled down at the now sleeping form of his young twin.

"Probably not." he muttered, a transparent hand reaching over to touch the other's face.

The spirit did his best to hide his disappointment when it passed right through.

"What I'd give to be human; to feel the beating of his heart and know that he could feel mine as well. Perhaps then I wouldn't feel so..."

Sensing a strange force coming from beside him, Yami turned to see the Millennium Puzzle glowing.

"What the...?" he mouthed, eyes growing wide as a ray of golden light suddenly shot out, the beam headed straight for him. "Something tells me this is going to hurt."

Closing his eyes to shield them from the fast approaching light, Yami braced himself for the worst.

What he received instead was a slight tingling sensation.

"You can open your eyes now." said a voice with an amused chuckle. "I'm done casting the spell."

"Spell?" repeated Yami, tentatively looking around his Aibou's bedroom for the person that had spoken.

"Yes. To be honest, helping you was Kuriboh's idea. It seems the creature is quite fond of you."

"I've noticed. So, uh, tell me, who are you?"

"You mean you don't know?"

It was with a look of pure shock that Yami watched a familiar, but very unexpected figure appear next to him. The Dark Magician.

"This isn't possible." he whispered, too stunned to speak any louder. "No Duel Monster can exist outside of the Puzzle. The magic isn't strong enough."

"Oh, on the contrary." replied the Dark Magician, a hand casually tapping the staff he often used in combat. "When combined with my own magical abilities, the Puzzle has more then enough power to allow us monsters to take a physical form. It even allows us to communicate in your language."

"Which is how I'm able to understand you."


"Well, it seems to make sense, and I can see and comprehend your words, but..."

Face still showing disbelief, Yami reached up to scratch his head in confusion.

The teen only stopped when he realized something. Both his hands were solid, as was the rest of him.

"Wait, why am I...? I...I'm human?"

"You're welcome." replied the Dark Magician, a smile on his face as he joined Yami on the bed. "That spell I cast allows you to switch freely between a solid state and your usual supernatural self. It's the most I can do for a person who has done so much already."

Not knowing what else to do, Yami simply stared with an open mouth.

"You did this?"

"Of course. You should have told me sooner that you had feelings for the young master."

"Oh. Well, I, uh..."

Yami knew he was blushing. The way the Dark Magician was looking at him was more then enough to prove it.

"You really should come out more often when you're not dueling. It's very refreshing to know you're not as battle crazed as you first appear."

"T-thank you."

Nodding, the Dark Magician slowly stood and walked over to where the Puzzle lay on the desk.

"I'll leave you two alone now." he whispered, form already returning to the golden object.

Yami didn't bother with a reply. He merely turned and placed a hand upon the sleeping Yugi's chest.

"Gentle and kind, yet his beating heart shows great courage and the potential to be a terrific leader."

Leaning closer, Yami smiled as he pressed his lips against the other's forehead.

"Goodnight, Aibou. I'll see you in the-."

"Spirit...what are you doing?" muttered Yugi, eyes slowly opening to look up at his startled twin.

"Aibou, you're awake?"

"Only because I couldn't sleep."

"I can see that." replied Yami, his form now turning away. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you."

"But you're not. Yami, please, don't go."

"You want me to stay? Why? I'd only keep you from sleeping and you have school tomorrow."

"I know, but..."

Yami blinked as he found a pair of lavender eyes staring intently into his own.

"Spirit, if something was wrong, you'd tell me, right?"

"Of course."

"Then please, tell me. I know you're worried about something."

It was with a faltering gaze that Yami looked into the eyes of his waiting twin.

"I'm sorry, Aibou, I...I can't."

"You...can't? Why not?"

"Because the answer will keep you up all night."

"It will? "

Yugi frowned. "This isn't something serious, is it?"

"Well, it's certainly serious enough to keep me up at night." replied Yami, doing his best to put on a brave face. "Though you shouldn't worry."

"Yeah, right. Me worry about the guy who's always worrying about-."

The lavender eyed teen paused as he noticed a hurt expression cross his twin's features.

It was almost as if Yami had been backhanded and was trying to hide it.

"He's really upset about this."

"Okay, Spirit, I...I understand."

"You do?"

"Yeah. When you're ready to talk, I'll be ready to listen."

"Thank you."

Yugi just smiled.

The next few minutes passed in silence, the only sound the ticking of the wall clock.

"You should go to sleep, Aibou. It's getting late."

"I'll try, but I doubt I'll be able to."

"Do you want me to stay?" asked Yami. "I wouldn't mind."

"No, Spirit, I'd only be keeping you up."

"Well, if you're sure..."

Slowly getting to his feet, Yami gave his twin a gentle smile before fading into the shadows.

"Goodnight, Yugi."


It was with a saddened heart that Yugi realized he was now completely alone.

"Completely and totally alone." whispered the teen, a tear falling down his face as he rolled over to face the nearest wall.

"Yami, why? Why won't you tell me what's wrong?"

Author's Note: And so ends the first chapter. So, how was it?