I, Reba Hart, was a loving mother and a loyal friend, until sometime last year something in me changed,

I still dont know exactly what it was , after Brock left me 7 years ago I was depressed I didn't let him or my children know that but I was .

My rebellion started with borrowing Van's car then Brock went through his depression thing we hugged then one thing led to another , afterwords he told me it was a mistake,

then I met Jack we had a wonderful relationship and after a while things between them got physical, I was happy because it was the best I had felt since Brock, then he got a job offer , he was gone for a little over 6 months.

When he returned I was extremely angry with him but soon that anger melted andthings got heated up and we headed upstairs , two days later I found out his divorce wasnt as final as I had assumed, after I found out I was mad as hell, I could've spit dust I was so angry!

he humiluated me and turned me into Barbra Jean, and she was the last person I wanted to be compaired to, But I guess thats what I deserve.

I went and talked to Brock and like normal I wanted to pounce on him but fought the urge.

Shortly after I got back home Jack arrived one thing led to another and I found out I was pregnant a month later.

ha ha cliff hanger!!!