this IS the last chapter of "a Reba No One Knew Existed" but IM thinking about doing a sequel called" after the storm"

Making Amends....

4 years later.....

Reba and Brock had remarried, Jake had finally come around, CHeyanne and Van brought Elizabeth and hunter for visits on a regular basis abd Barbra Jean was over all the time. Things were finally starting to get back to normal except for the fact that REba and Brock both haven't talked to Kyra in 5 years, REba was going to pop in on her this afternoon, she hadd finally gotten Barbra Jean to tell her where Kyra was living at.

Van, Cheyanne, hunter, jake, henry, elizabeth, and Barbra jean are all over here so I decided to cook a large breakfast, but not without balancing Roxy on my hip, I swear shes more attached to me than Jake was!

This afternoon I am going to see Kyra, she doesnt know Im coming, no one but Barbra jean knows im going.

(At Kyra's apartment)

Shortly after Reab knocked on the door she heard Kyra's voice

"hold on!" Kyra yelled and shortly after answered the door" hhow may I"

"hey Kyra,"

"who's this?" Kyra asked looking at Roxy

"oh this is Roxy,"

"hi Roxy," Kyra said and crouched down to the shy girls height

"Roxy this is your big sister Kyra,"

"ky- ra," Roxy said and and hugged Kyra

"so mom why are you here?"

"I was hopeing we could talk, I miss you,"

"I miss you too mom and I do think we should talk,"

As I walked in I knew from now on the Reba people had begun to know five years ago was finally gone she had finally disapeared only to be replaced by the loving mother and loyal friend she once was....

hope yall liked it !!!