The Better Pirate Song


*** Where did this Drabble come from? Don't ask. No Copyright infringement intended. Posted on The Nook.***

"Is too."

"Is not!" Other pirates in the tavern were watching the argument, hoping for a fight.

"Is too!" Captain Jack Sparrow slammed his sword through the other pirate's meal.

Larry looked at him askance. "That was rude."

Jack Sparrow swayed slightly, excess rum unbalancing his normal swagger. "'Yo-ho' is the best pirate song ever sung."

"Nope." The cucumber remained unconvinced. "Nothing's better than 'The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.'"

Jack growled. They would have to resolve this like civilized pirates. Too bad his compatriot did not drink rum, though his obsession with cheesy curls was something to be admired.