In the dark of night, the Beast lay in wait, his golden eyes revealing a pure and utter hatred for his prey. This man was not one to be reckoned with; he was a monster, a hunter, a demon. The Beast sat quietly, silently watching, always fighting for the complete control he had always desired.

A flash of violet, his prey had at last come on silent wings, taunting and teasing the blundering police force below, wantonly displaying his arrival and challenging anyone to dare try and catch him in his dark thieving game. A Mona Lisa smile played about the moon pale lips of the beast as he stretched his wings into graceful flight, prowling towards his charge. A soft trail of golden locks trailed behind him like the tail of a heavenly comet, making him look like an ethereal angel, pure and kind. The intensity of his eyes, so full of malice and hate, those liquid pools of golden fury banished any resemblance to an angel as they stayed steadily locked on his target, poised to kill.

He slipped silently into place in a secret alcove embedded into the ancient museum corridor and readied himself to strike and snatch the thief from the hall like a mouse into a trap, only then he could get his revenge, only then could he finally receive the payment long due, the never ending game of cat and mouse would end tonight. Blood would be spilt, and tonight, that blood would not be his.

The monstrous seraph held his breath in anticipation, ears cocked to listen for the silent footsteps signaling his target's approach and, sure enough, as if on cue he heard the muffled steps of the unsuspecting prey, the Phantom Thief Dark. His violet haired enemy was slinking through the halls just close enough for a pair of hands, pale as death, to pluck him from the corridor and yank him into the hidden alcove.

A sick smile spread across the Hunter's face as he looked into the wide purple eyes of his captured rival. He reveled at the pure unbridled shock displayed on his face and the stuttering mewling cry of "K-Krad?"

Something sharp stung the Thief's neck and as the world went blurry the last thing those violet eyes saw was the triumphant laugh of the Beast until consciousness gave way to the floating, spiraling dreamland of poisoned sleep. Krad had triumphed.