Dark lay limply on the bloody mattress, thoughts circling around in treacherous spirals as he tried to take in all that had happened to him in the past night. Or was it day? Why did the Hunter have to do that, more importantly why did he enjoy being viciously taken by his captor? It had all happened in the heat of the moment, bodies locked and fiercely grinding to the rhythm of lustful hatred. He was the phantom thief, not some blonde's pleasure slave, especially not Krad's.

He winced as the cuffs tore the flesh of his wrists and caused more blood to trickle slowly down his muscular arms and pool in the already slippery mattress. He needed to get clean somehow, dried blood and semen crusted his filthy chest and the torn remnants of his vest and pants hung on his slender frame as he surveyed his body in disgust. There was a long scabbing wound on his chest and abdomen, a souvenir of his embarrassing plight.

Daisukeā€¦ his presence was still nowhere to be found within the confines of his thoughts. The Thief dearly hoped that it was only that he had metabolized the drug faster than the boy, but then he shook his head, knowing that was a lie. The Beast had broken him this time, body and soul, just as he had always said he would. But Daisuke? The boy was innocent, had never wronged anyone, not even that creepy tamer of Krad's . Where was he anyways, usually he would have regained control of that wretch by now, but he knew the answer to that too. Gone, just as his tamer was.

As he continued to lie in confused agony, he realized something. He was the phantom thief Dark, he could get out of any trap, pick any lock! He twisted around to survey his bonds with a look of hope in his cloudy eyes. Smooth black steel greeted him like an old friend as he felt the surface looking for a keyhole to help him escape this dreadful room. At last he felt it, the miniscule little dimple in the unforgiving landscape, now all he needed was something to pick it with. Eyes looked up, scanning the mattress and surrounding area for any small tool that could be his savior until at last, he found it. The Needle! He stared at it with a small smile on his face as he pictured what he would do with that little monster as soon as he got out of here. Flesh would tear, blood would pool, Krad'd never be seen again! No, he mustn't think like that. Violence was for animals, and an animal he surely wasn't. But oh, it would be satisfying. His foot dragged the mattress and pulled the syringe closer to his mouth. He took it in his mouth and passed it into his waiting hands, the taste of impending freedom on his tongue.

He fumbled with the syringe until at last the sharp end snapped off and a few drops of liquid spilt onto his lap as he inserted the now workable tip into the lock. Click, one, click, and two. All that was left was the third tumbler and he'd be free. A drunken vivacity took hold of him as he tried and tried again to push that last pin into place so he'd be free, but something stopped him. He grew frustrated and tried again, only to fail as his hands grew unsteady and he found it harder and harder to sit up. His posture sagged and mind raced, trying to find the cause of this loss of control.

Then it hit him, the syringe. He had been avoiding the point of the needle for this reason but apparently he got sloppy when it came to the liquid. It must have spilt onto one of his many small cuts and entered his bloodstream. He cried out behind his gag, a sound of pure frustration with an edge of hysteria creeping in as he became a limp ragdoll once again.

Krad upon hearing his cry, raced into the room a flurry of golden hair and surprise. He stopped, though, when he saw the flaccid Thief all twisted around.

"Cute," He smirked, "I should have known you'd try to escape. Perhaps I should kill you now, save you some more trouble in the future; never mind that though, I've too many plans for you my pet."

The Monster slid past toward Dark's slack wrists, fingers trailing up the Thief's chest towards their target. He lightly plucked the remains of the syringe from the Phantom's lax fingers. All hope shattered in the Thief's mind as he watched with dismay as Krad and his only hope for escape both exited the room again.

A few moments later though, he reappeared with a plate of toast and some half eaten eggs. He picked up a fork and began to eat his meal, eyes on his new trophy. "Want some? Oh yeah, I forgot. You can't speak due to your stupidity, I'll just have to feed you then."

Dark's gag was removed but soon replaced with a chunk of hot bread heaped with bright yellow scramble. A warm taste resembling Emiko's home cooking filled his mouth as he tried to swallow the surprisingly delicious meal. A finger stroked his throat coaxing him to swallow as Krad watched fascination at the helpless phantom, filling him with need and lust. He needed it badly again, the only human emotion he understood how to fulfill, lust.