Kyle deeply inhaled Kerry's smell as the two of them snuggled on her couch. The fruity and summer rains combination just drove him crazy. He loved it. He loved the feeling this girl gave him. Getting all worked up the frustrated tension that is always in his gut when holding her so close. He tightened his hold around her waist and pulled her even closer; her back flesh to his chest. He nuzzled his nose against her neck.

Giggling she jumped a bit and pushed her hair to the other side to give him more access, but ironically, " Stop that."

" You don't really mean that." He pulled back and paused for a second not quite sure, " Do you?"

" No I guess not" Kerry sighed as she enjoy the attention. Kyle started place some light kisses on the base of her neck. Kerry turned on the TV and flipped though the channel not really watching. Kyle stopped and rested chin on her head. Kerry scrunched up her face and wiggled in annoy of the lack kisses her was getting.

"Do you know why I love you?" Kyle said suddenly. Taking Kerry up surprise the question hung it air, leaving them in a bit of awkward silence. Kyle gaze a little chuckle that sound like he didn't find it all that funny. But it served it' purpose by breaking the silence. "Well do you?" he asked.

" You never said that before." Kerry replied still taken back, her voice quiet and airy.

" Said what?" Kyle didn't really understand what she was talking about.

" You never said I love you before." She said with more volume and spirit. A smile spread her crossed freckled face.

Kyle thinks back realizing that, in truth he never told Kerry this. He smiled into Kerry's red curly hair and kissed her head. " I guess I haven't, have I. Huh. Well I guess I just feel like I say it all the time." He nibbled on Kerry's earlobe earning him, chocked off whimper from Kerry. Kyle inhaled deeply just hungered for her scent. He trailed his kisses down her neck and sucked softly in some sensitive area he had discovered along time ago. " I guess ever time I do this." His licked the outside shell of her ear. Kerry felt her face go deep scarlet with brush, and her skin burning itself into a fever. " Or this" he tangled his fingers into her fiery hair and moved to the other side and started to do the same treatment to the other ignored side of her neck. " It always feels that I'm say it." He kissed her right above her ear and whispered, " I love you."

" And I always feel it." Kerry moaned. Realizing how erotic She sounded her tired to control herself. " I love you too, Kyle." Kerry basked in the warm glow-y feeling when it dawned on her. She broke out laughing. A really hurt Kyle pushed her off of him slowly and drew back, and his face showed the hurt, embarrassed emotions that were tearing him apart. See that she had upset her boyfriend she tried to gain her composure but just couldn't get in her grasp, " Since when have you been mister smooth." Kerry twisted to face him.

His hurt gloom expiration was instantly shattered by a goofy lump sided grin "I thought a lot about what I would say today." He laughed at himself.

The idea entertained Kerry as she poked funny at him, " You plan our conversions?"

" I have to or else I never be able to get out my thoughts out. You just get me all nervous sometimes," Kyle out down at his chest as her mumbled his confession. Kerry looked in his eyes and thought up a deliciously evil idea.