"Eager are you." Kerry sucked on Kyle earlobe and ran her hands thought his hair. "Now say uncle when you me to stop." She tangled his hair in her hands and roughly pulled his head to the other side. And dove into his neck. Kerry could feel his pulse against her lips. Her hand moved to the buttons of his shirt. Kerry unbuttoned a few and moved her and to touch any available skin. His skin burned dyeing to have some attention. Kerry unbuttoned the rest and stared do at the man before her, reaching out she touched every muscle tracing it all under her fingers. Kerry pushed of the shirt of completely, and kissed his collarbone, biting it even. Moans spilled out of Kyle, Kerry's touch creating more to swell and build in his chest. Kerry trails her hand over his heart brushing her hand against one of his nipples. Kyle hisses through clenched teeth. " That felt good? I thought nipples were a girl's thing." Kerry teased

"Then why do I have them," Kyle rebutted quite little testily.

" Calm down, mister macho." Kerry laughed kissing him on the jaw.

" I have called me mister smooth, mister macho… sarcastically. What am I to you."

"Mine" Kerry leaned in and planted her lips on hallow of his throat and teased him with her tongue. The taste of his skin was a lot saltier then she thought it would be. She loved salt. "You know, Kerry you're wearing far too much clothing for my liking," Kyle shifted so he could position himself so he is over top of her. " Can I take care of that?" Kerry just held her breath and nodded, this would be the first time he would see her less then decent. He slipped his hand to the hem of her shirt but both realized that this wasn't the best position to undress Kerry. So Kerry got off the bed and stood awkwardly looking down at Kyle. She took ad deep breath, bite her lip crossed her arms around her mid drift and pulled her shirt over her head her red hair falling on to her shoulders. Kerry stood before Kyle with her breast held by nothing but her black lace bra. Kerry breast moved with her breathing. Kyle just stared at awe at the mounds of flesh. His erection strengthened and strained against his jeans. Kyle grabbed Kerry's hand and pulled her back in to bed. Kyle starts to kiss Kerry with so much lust that it made both of them light headed.

Kyle grabbed Kerry's ass and pulled her into his lap as he stared down hungrily at her breast.

Kerry yelped but her smile grew. She enjoyed his rough, strong hands touching grasping her round firm ass. His fingertip digging into Kerry's skin giving her a thrill. One of Kyle's hands trailed along Kerry's spine ginger tracing the bra's hooks, scared to try to unclasp the offending clothing. He fumbled for only a second but was able to unclasp it. Kyle slipped her finger under the shoulder strap and pushed it down and did the same to the other side. Kyle reluctantly torn his gaze away from Kerry's breast to look in her eyes, as if to ask if she permission. Kerry smile grew and her eyes shone bright as Kyle caressed her cheek. Trailing his has down to her neck, along her collarbone and through the valley between Kerry's breast. Hooked his thumb in the front of the lacy bra and pulled it away from her body.

Kerry's nipples hard arching to be touched. Kyle sly fully palmed Kerry's breast and took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and turn it like he was tuning a radio.

"What the fuck are u doing Kyle," Kerry laughed in annoyances.