Addicting Chaos

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She knew something was wrong; Bella never followed them out from the movies.
Maybe I came on too strong with the guys and Bella felt unwanted? She thought to herself.
Well, fucking duh. Her inner voice responded.

She was beginning to worry now, and she had no more interest in the guy who seemed to have a heightened interest in her.
"So, I'll see you later, I really should find my friend. Thanks for the movie,", she said, kissing his cheek quickly, leaving before he could object.
As she was walking toward the lit streets, she saw a familiar car and caught the whiff of a familiar scent. She tilted her head to the side, shielding her eyes from the high beams. Once she recognized the car; she jumped in front of it, hoping not to get hit.

Bella was there with her. Lily could feel her blood boiling, her rage gathering as her fingers curled in to her hands, fisting them until her knuckles were pale.
"You!" she spat, glaring at Alice. "What the hell do you think you're doing with her?! Not enough pale faced lesbians you can fuck about with!?"
"Shut up, dog. While you were busy on your 'date', I was looking after Bella."
"Bella is fine, I can look after he-"
she stopped speaking, catching sight of Bella and gasped, rushing to her side as Bella hobbled her way out.
"Bells.. What happened?!" she asked before snapping her sights to Alice, her words spitting venom, "What did you do to her, if you laid one of your disgusting fingers on her, I'll fu—",
"Lily, shut up! Alice came and saved me from two men while you were busy in the movies with your own! I'd be DEAD if she didn't come to my rescue, so don't you dare – don't you DARE take that tone with her!"
Bella shrieked, her voice jumping octaves as she did so.
"I.. Bella, I didn't know.. it, I thought you were sitting with us in the movies! I never knew, I'm sorry, Bells, please. Please."
"Whatever, Lily. You wanted to go to see the movie with that guy, what happened to me while you were busy having a fun old time obviously didn't matter to you. I hope you did have fun, by the way. The guy seemed to be your type. A total jerk, just like you."
Bella responded in a low, cold voice.
"Thanks, pa—Alice, I'll take her home now,", Lilly sad, putting her hand around Bella.
"You will not, I'll take her home. You've clearly done enough tonight, dog."
"You take that back, you fanged freak!",
Lily spat, flying forward so that her face was a mere few inches from Alice.
As Alice was about to respond, a sound of a whimper caught her attention, Bella was upset again.
Shoving Lily out of the way, she picked Bella up, cradling the dark haired beauty as if she were a child who had taken a fall in the playground, "You can go home with Lily, if you like, Bella. It's up to you. I just wanted to make sure you were okay."
Smirking, Lily stepped forward, holding her tanned hand out for Bella, her smile only grew wider as she saw Bella's hand outstretching, "I win,", she mouthed, winking toward Alice.
She watched Bella fall from Alice's grip, walking toward her. Suddenly; she wasn't in the mood for smiling. Lily felt Bella's hand on her chest, shoving her away, a look of something didn't recognize or like seemed to be burning inside Bella's eyes.
"I'm going home with Alice, Lily. You thought it was okay to fuck me last night and ignore me today for some random guy? In what kind of world is that okay!? Stay away from me. I mean it."
She watched as Bella turned away, looking at Alice a little sheepishly, "I'm sorry, I should probably have asked you for a ride before I said all of that. If you have plans, it's okay, I can ask Charlie to come out and pick me up."
"Don't be silly, my plan was to make sure you got home okay. Shall we?"
the pixie girl asked as she opened Bella's door, closing it once she was in.
"You better not hurt her, blood sucker." Lily whispered, knowing Alice would easily hear it.
"I have no interest in hurting her; I was the one looking out for her while you were busy with your new male friend, if I remember correctly?"
And with that, Alice slid in to the driver's seat, closed the door and drove off. Neither of them glanced to Lily as they passed.

Lily stepped back; she eventually stopped once she felt her back collide with a brick wall. Putting her hands to cover her face, she slumped down, her hair spilling to shade her eyes as a stream of tears began to trickle from her ducts.
"Ohmigosh! Was Bella with the LESBIAN!?" Jessica shrilled, appearing from nowhere.
"Yeah.. Yeah, it was,", came a rather choked response.
"Hey, are you all right, Lil?"
"I'm fine, I just hate Cullen. Can we go home?"
"Well, those guys.. there's a frat party and I kind of said we'd be attending. Free booze, maybe something to smoke and lots of hot guys! It should take your mind off things."
"Let's go, I could do with a wet drink and a stiff man."

Picking herself up, she wiped her eyes, ignoring her friend's concerned look and linked her arm.
"Please, Jess, let's just go."
"All right, I like the dirt. Makes you look like you'll put out,"
, she giggled, elbowing Lily's side as they made their way down the street to their awaiting company.
"I'll deal with Bella's drama some other time."

She was laying down reading the latest copy of Vogue when it happened.
Her eyes clouded over and she saw Bella walking alone before being taunted at and grabbed by two men. As the image unfolded, she felt her panic and anger rise.
Moving like a blur, she darted to her car, making her way to Port Angeles to rescue Bella, she drove as fast as the car would allow, after all; she didn't know exactly how long she had before the image became a reality.
She sped down the alleyway where she saw Bella in her vision.
Maybe she was early, maybe it wasn't going to happen?
Better to be safe than sorry.
She drove forward; to the parking lot she had seen. The closer she got, the sharper the images became. She could see Bella being held, she sped up, pulling the car to a sharp halt.
The man, the one holding a.. belt?, was shielding his eyes from the glare of the cars lights. As Alice came in to view, he smirked and said, "Wait your turn, princess."
she thought to herself.
"Let her go." Alice growled.
"A girl with attitude! Not like this blubbering mess here," he sneered, indicating toward Bella before he pulled his fist back.
The short, pale pixie like girl had dashed forward, slamming the predator against his truck hard, before spitting, "I said; let her go. Now,", toward the man holding Bella.
The man seemed to be taken by surprise, seeing his tall, muscled friend rendered unconscious by such a harmless girl. Nevertheless, he kept his footing and refused to give Bella up, "Listen bitch, I'm gonna put this ho in the truck and you're gonna go home and forget this ever happ – what happened to your eyes!? Freak! Take her!"
With that, he shoved Bella away, scurrying to throw his friend in to the vehicle and drove off.
Within the blink of an eye, if not faster, Alice was bundling Bella up in her strong arms, whispering that she was safe, she was okay.
When Bella had asked how Alice knew where she was, Alice hesitated in answering, she couldn't exactly blurt out, "Oh, you know, I was just reading when I got a vision of you in danger, so I came to your rescue,", so she said that she'd explain later. Sure she had accidentally slipped up by calling Bella 'love', but that seemed to be okay.
She had Bella sat in her car and buckled up safely and began to drive off when she had asked Bella what the hell had happened. She desperately wanted Lily to be the source of Bella's anguish, but she hadn't seen her when she arrived. As the brunette girl explained that Lily had ditched her to go to the movies with some random guy, she could feel the venom coursing through her body, similar to the feeling, she assumed, that humans experienced when they were at the peak of their anger and blood raced through their veins.
The pixie had let her peeping slip when she responded, ""Bella! It's dangerous out here for a young lady! You could have been killed because she didn't care enough to make sure you were OK! She had her fun with you and moved along to deny her sexuality!"
Kicking herself internally, she was relieved when Bella had left it at, "I knew I saw you! ! I'm sorry, Alice, I didn't know any of this was going to happen, I just, I really didn't-", she had to stop; the tears were taking over again.
Alice could feel her undead heart breaking as she watched the salty drops spill from her friend's eyes, she reached out to comfort her; pulling the girl in to her lap, brushing her slender fingers through Bella's silky hair while she whispered, "Bella, please don't cry. They're not going to hurt you, no one will ever hurt you as long as I am around. I will keep you safe."
She could feel Bella's heartbeat steady, she relished in the soft dadunk, dadunk, dadunk sound that the girl's heart made.
As Bella settled herself of the raven haired girl's chest, she began asking questions.
Really should have seen that one coming, Alice thought to herself as Bella asked her questions.
"Alice.. How did you take them on? And.. why can't I feel your heartbeat?"
"I work out a lot."
"And you have no heart beat."
"Pay attention to some of the local legends in Forks. I should get you home now. You need to rest."
She wanted to confide in Bella, she desperately wanted to connect with her, but she didn't want to scare her off. And well, what kind of sane person would feel safe and assured after hearing someone say, "Oh, I'm impossibly strong, fast, I get visions. No heartbeat. You see, Bella, I'm dead, technically. I'm a vampire." – Hah, right.
But maybe, just maybe, if Bella found out on her own.. maybe after tonight and seeing Alice meant her no harm, maybe, just maybe, Bella wouldn't judge her. It's not like she fed off humans, after all.

As Alice pondered this, watching Bella beside her, she had to jam on the breaks.
"Dog!", she spat as she saw her.

After the heated argument, Alice feeling like nothing would make her happier than snapping Lily's skinny little neck, only stopping when Bella intervened, telling Lily that she wanted nothing to do with her, Bella wanted Alice to take her home.
She still couldn't quite wrap her head around Bella, after telling Lily off, stating that Alice would indeed be taking her home, she still asked Alice, rather sheepishly, if she could get a ride from her.
"I'm sorry; I should probably have asked you for a ride before I said all of that. If you have plans, it's okay, I can ask Charlie to come out and pick me up."

The small sparkle of blush creeping across Bella's cheeks as she said this made Alice's insides feel as though they were melting, after she reassured her that she had intended on getting her home safely in the first place, she opened the door for Bella, walking to her own door once Bella was safe inside.
She knew there was more to come.
"You better not hurt her, blood sucker." Lily whispered, knowing Alice would easily hear it.
"I have no interest in hurting her; I was the one looking out for her while you were busy with your new male friend, if I remember correctly?"
And it was true; Alice did come to her rescue.
As she looked over at Bella, a fierce feeling of protection flooded over the pale girl as she thought, and I will always come to her rescue. No one will hurt Bella again. Ever.

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