Just a Little Proof by AndromedaMarine

Author's Note: Tag to "Bloodshot," set as a 'what if the janitor never entered the bathroom?' story. Van Pelt/Rigsby all the way.

"You're alive..." Grace Van Pelt let out a breath of relief when she saw Wayne at least standing. She couldn't stop herself from practically running to him so he wouldn't topple over. "I'm so sorry," she whispered into his shoulder, her arms now wrapped around him. "I didn't know what he did to you..." she gripped his shirt even tighter. She felt Rigsby weakly place his arm over her shoulder, his palm open on her back. "This is my fault."

Rigsby tried to shake his head. "No, Grace, it's not," he mumbled quietly, wincing still at the pain in his neck. "I tried to tell him not to hurt you..."

Van Pelt lifted her head to search his eyes. She couldn't believe she'd fallen for Dan's pretext, but she became lost in Wayne's gaze and then she realized how close they really were – and for the first time since starting the job they admitted everything with a kiss.

Wayne weakly tightened his arm around her, drawing Grace close, and he became lost in the feeling of her lips on his. Suddenly she pulled away. Thinking she regretted her actions, Rigsby said, "No, Grace, don't go..."

"I'm not going anywhere," she whispered, the full realization of what had happened hitting her square in the back. "I almost lost you today, Wayne. I couldn't go on if I lost you..." She rested her head on his shoulder, keeping her arms around him.

Content just to feel her in his arms, they stood in the embrace for a matter of minutes before Cho burst into the room.

"I knew it," he commented almost dryly, observing the two lovebirds standing as one. "Rigsby, you gonna live?" Wayne just managed to nod before practically collapsing against Van Pelt. Cho rushed forward to help keep Rigsby on his feet. "He needs to go to the hospital," Cho stated blandly, but the look of concern in his usually emotionless eyes showed his softer side.

"No," Rigsby protested, "I need to sit."

With Grace on one side and Cho on the other they helped Rigsby to Jane's couch. "I've got him," Grace informed Cho, and sat with Wayne on the couch. "You gonna live?" She reiterated Cho's question. "Remember I can't go on without you," she added quietly after Cho left to go home.

"Yeah." He answered, closing his eyes and resting his head in his hands. "But I feel dead."

Grace grabbed one of his hands, causing him to look at her. "I need some reassurance that you're still alive. Your warm hands prove it," she explained, red rising to her cheeks. "Maybe you should go to a doctor...you could have a concussion."

Rigsby shook his head weakly. "The medic said I was fine – just have a...big...bump on the head and I should get some sleep." He relaxed into the couch. "But I can't drive and I'm not gonna stay here on Jane's couch."

"I'll drive you home. Actually, I'd prefer you sleep on my couch rather than at your apartment. That way I'll know you're okay." She smiled shyly. "Just a little proof you're living and I'm not dreaming."

Patrick Jane watched silently from behind the glass wall, a somber look on his face. Wayne Rigsby almost died because of him.

Wayne took a leap and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. "Sounds good."