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Curse of the Plushie 2-Free Girl

Maybe a week later, Wolfie was in the adjoining building to the town daycare. Officially, it was a club. To the knowledge of everyone in the village older than twelve, it was a brothel, for all species, all ages, all persuasions. It was run by Jess' mother, Naomi.

Jess herself was currently dancing. Pole dancing.
She was down to a skirt and panties, her breasts bouncing as she whirled around the pole, upside down and around, spiralling and spinning.

She was upright for a second, and the skirt fell off, to riotous applause.

Wolfie, a plushie, was currently in the corner, with a very good view.
As he watched, Jess kicked her legs apart while hanging, her panties falling to the floor, giving everyone a perfect view of her entire body.

She went through her routine once more completely naked, and then stopped, dropping onto her feet perfectly.

There were whistles, catcalls, and offers of money.

She pointed at one of them, taking it up, going with the twenty tear old into a room, picking Wolfie up on the way.

"What's that?" asked the man.
"Lucky charm." she lied, before lying back on a large, luxury bed.

The man shrugged, and shut the door, before stripping, his erection already large from watching her.

He sat on her stomach, his cock between her breasts, and then he put his hands on them, pushing the tits together and pushing through.
She gave a moan of surprise, before stretching out her tongue, just managing to lick at the end of it.
He groaned, thrusting harder and faster, until he came. His liquid spurted all over her face, and she licked her lips.

He grinned, standing, and stepping backwards, before sheathing himself in her.
She gave a low scream of pleasure.
Within minutes, he came. And only then, she came.

He rolled off of her, tired. He fell asleep, quickly enough.

Jessica waited for a minute, before gathering her belongings, which had been placed by the door, then picking up Wolfie and leaving through a different door.

There was a short group of other doors, and then she came out in a long corridor. Walking down it, she found a row of doors with keypads. Going to one, she keyed in a quick code, and entered.

A light flickered on above the door.

She set down Wolfie, and waited. The room was like a clearing in a forest, full of grass. Over at one end of the room was a metal bar, with a collar attached. In front of that was a black wall, and around the 'clearing' where three other walls, the opposite, of course, had a door.

Jessica walked over to it, before dropping to all fours, and then fastening the collar around her neck. It clicked, and as it did, the black wall brightened, becoming see-through, all except for a small, mechanical section.

In front of her was a bustling area.

In fact, she was in one of the pokemon breeding cubicles, and in front of her was the viewing area. People could look at all of the cubicles with occupants, and choose which one they wished to use for their pokemon.

Jessica bowed lower, allowing her body to fall behind her, her legs wide open, her expression meek.

So she didn't see who chose her. But, after maybe five minutes passed, something was pressed against the mechanical part of the glass.
A pokeball.
The red light was transferred through. Automatically, the glass darkened.

In the cubicle with her was a Typhlosion. He immediately saw her, and her meek posture, and his cock came out.
He pushed roughly into her ass, and she screamed with dual emotion.

The Typhlosion set up a fast rhythm, pushing in roughly and quickly, and Jessica gasped, slowly, repeatedly, nonsensical from feeling, until she came.
Her cum squirted all over the grass, and the Typhlosion only moved faster, until he came as well, squirting his load into her.

The Typhlosion promptly withdrew from her, and lay down upon the grass to sleep.
Jessica too found herself drifting out of consciousness on the cool grass, the cold metal of the collar around her neck.

As that happened, Wolfie too fell asleep.

* * *

"Jessica? Wow, you never stop, do you…" came a voice.

Wolfie and Jessica both woke up, noticing that the Typhlosion was gone.

The speaker was a woman, wearing a neat black uniform, a shirt and a skirt. The skirt was short, the shirt low-cut. It made her look like a particularly professional slut.

Her name was Caroline. She was the second in charge of the breeding area.

"Hey Caroline." said Jessica. "Do you think you can let me out? I'm tired…"

Though Jessica had the code to enter, it needed someone from outside to open the door, and a card key was necessary to remove one of the collars.

"Actually, your mother went home." said Caroline. "And I left my keycard at home… looks like your going to have to sleep here, like a wild pokemon…"
Jessica gave a shocked noise.
"Sorry." said Caroline, with a grin that said just the opposite.

"You just like seeing me naked and with a collar and leash." said Jessica, annoyed.
"Well, yes." said Caroline.

Jessica was still stuck in the position she had slept in. Her head stuck in a collar on a very short leash to a bar, she was unable to move much more than her head.

Caroline slipped her fingers into Jessica's cunt.
The young girl could do nothing but squirm and moan.
Caroline started pushing her fingers in and out, and within seconds she had slipped her other hand down her own skirt, and was pushing them inside of herself as well.
She did this for maybe a minute, and stopped, slightly out of breath and flushed.

She licked her fingers.
"Ok…" panted Jessica. "You had your fun. Can you let me go now?"
"Well, I would." said Caroline. "But I really don't have my keycard. Night."

She fiddled with the leash, forcing it to give her a little more leeway, and then left.
Jessica groaned.
She lay down in a more comfortable position, and tried to sleep.

Wolfie of course was still in the corner, his metaphorical eyes wide open.
This had been a GOOD day for him.

* * *

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