Bridge May Be Icy

By PaBurke

Pairing # 734 Faith/ Dick Grayson (Robin)

Disclaimer: Not mine, No Copyright infringement intended.

Word Count: 500

Dick Grayson, AKA Robin, sped after the reckless motorcyclist. He cut corners and cut in front of other vehicles on the snowy Gotham roads. Dick was driving the BatCycle. It was the most developed technology on the planet. While the other man had a nice bike, it had nowhere near the capabilities as something bought by Wayne money. Dick should have caught the other motorcyclist in the first few minutes but he was still chasing.

Bruce would not be pleased.

What had started out as a way to get a dangerous driver off the road had become a game of one-up-manship, Chicken and Dare rolled into one. Gotham was their playground. They jumped, swerved and slid around its buildings. They had even had a short foray onto the roofs of some buildings. Now they were back on the ground. So far they hadn't caused any accidents but that was sheer luck. Dick was having fun.

Bruce would know and would react accordingly.

Robin should have just taken out the other motorcyclist's bike and gotten it over with. Dick did have a good excuse not to, though. At the speeds they were going, destroying the other's bike would most certainly have killed its rider.

The black-leather clad biker turned on to the bridge heading out of town. Dick chased. The biker swerved in front of car. Dick followed.

But there was ice on the bridge.

Dick managed to clear the car before his motorcycle fishtailed out of his control. Before Dick could prevent it, his wheels had gone out from under him. The bike collided with the cement rail bucking Dick off and into the air over the frozen river.

The bike exploded and Dick was still sailing through the air. He had a momentary flashback of being in the circus but quickly came to terms with the present.

Dick untangled the grappling hook from his utility belt and fired.

It hit the side of the bridge. Dick shifted his body so that the sudden stop in mid-air wouldn't tear his arms out of their sockets. He swung a moment, letting his adrenaline recede to normal levels.

"Hey, dude. You five-by-five?"

Dick looked up in great surprise.

There was the other motorcyclist and 'he' was really a 'she.' She had taken off her helmet and boy, was she pretty. Her dark hair and eyes were downright arresting.

"Dude, you okay?" she yelled.

"Yes," Dick answered, "How about a date?" Dick blinked. He hadn't meant to say that out loud.

The girl laughed. "I thought it was a great date."

Dick pressed a button and the grappling equipment started raising him up to the bridge. When Dick had finally pulled himself back onto the bridge, the girl was long gone.

"What, no kiss goodnight?" Dick mumbled to himself.

All that was left was his demolished -and smoking- BatCycle.

Bruce was going to kill him.

But Dick wondered if he could upgrade his green, red and yellow uniform for something in black leather.