It was a stormy day in Forks, WA, which meant it was game time in the small field where several figures were getting ready to play baseball. It looked like a typical family just getting ready to enjoy a nice game of baseball. Except, this wasn't a typical family. Not with each of them being so pale white and all having the same golden eyes. All except for one girl, who sat on a rock bundled up against the cold with a large beach umbrella set up to keep her dry. Bella Swan sat surrounded by what she called her other family; the Cullens. Parents, Carlisle and Esme, didn't look old enough to have five teenage children, but they did. Of course according to the outside world Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper were their adopted children. Only they knew that three of the children were really Carlisle's in a way. Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett were his; he was the one who gave them the bite that turned them into immortal vampires. Jasper and Alice joined their little family a while later. Even Esme was his child of sorts and she never minded it, as it meant she was with her soul-mate.

Carlisle finished marking the bases as the 'kids' picked their teams. Well, not really, as they always divided the same way. Edward, Alice, and Emmett versus Rosalie, Jasper and Carlisle. Esme played the catcher, as always. She use to play catcher and umpire, until they got another person for that. She went to sit down next to Bella.

"I am amazed that you are not sick of our constant ball games by now. I do believe this is our third one this week." Esme smiled at the girl who was all bundled up against the cold, at Edwards demand.

"I enjoy watching it, even though everyone's to fast for me to see. Still kind of fun watching, Emmett and Edward especially, since they seem to always be fighting these days." Bella giggled, as she watched Emmett and Edward start into a heated debate.

"Yes, well, it has been interesting watching those two. I figure this is an outlet for that anger that will not put my house in danger. I have had to patch up several holes from those two this week." Esme shook her head slowly as Edward's team took to the field. She smiled at Bella as she stood up and took her spot as catcher. Bella played umpire from her perch. The wind blew, making her shiver.

All eyes were on Alice as the first rumble of thunder rang out. "IT'S TIME!" Her musical voice sang out, and the game started.

As always, the game was dramatic. Every time Bella thought someone was going to get a home run, Edward would throw the ball back easily and swiftly, making them out. The game moved swiftly. Bella tried to root for everyone to seem fair. But it never worked, they didn't need rooting anyway.

Edward's team was out on the field again with Alice getting ready to pitch. She was in mid throw when suddenly her eyes and face went blank, a vision. Everyone ran towards her instantly, even Bella, escaping from under the warm blanket and umbrella. Jasper held her tightly against him. "What do you see, darlin'?"

"An SUV, with 4 people in it. Coming here, moving in next to Bella, in the old Warner house." Alice's soft musical voice spoke in broken thoughts.

"What are they Alice, can you see that?" Edward was instantly worried, knowing if she was having a vision of them, it wasn't good.

"Yes, I can. There is one man and three women, well one kind of looks like a girl. She is dressed funny, like a doll almost. The two other women need some clothing lessons, they look like a pair of red-headed prostitutes. But, so does the girl in a way. I don't think she chooses those clothes." Alice got out before she suddenly came back into herself. "I can't see anything else."

"Could you see their eyes Alice, are they vampires?" Carlisle asked, worry edging his voice.

Alice sighed softly. "They were colored but it was strange, though. Their eye colors didn't match them at all. The doll girl, she was sleeping it seemed, so I don't know about her." She looked around everyone. "Their eyes looked fake almost."

Edward wrapped his arms around Bella tightly. He just found her, he wasn't ready to give her up. "How long do we have?"

"I don't know. I think they are arriving tonight. It's raining in my vision, too." Alice informed them.

Carlisle didn't like this. Didn't like this at all. "We had better wrap this up. Edward, take Bella home. We will watch over you Bella, we won't allow anyone to harm you, your now part of our family." He smiled down at the girl, who melted Edward's long cold heart.

"Thank you." Bella got out, before she felt herself being swung up on Edward's back. The wind whipped past them as he ran. It took only a few minutes to make it back to Emmett's jeep, Edwards preferred method of getting her to where they played baseball.

Edward instantly cranked up the heat as he looked over at Bella. "Don't worry, we won't let anything happen to you." He smiled at her, Bella returned the smile as Edward took off in reverse, before getting enough room to turn around.


Meanwhile, an SUV entered Forks, carrying four, equally pale, beautiful people. The man driving-his long hair black with red lowlights streaked through it, dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt- looked like a 21 year old man. His brown eyes drifted to the rear-view mirror to find twin women in the back seat giggling and going on, both of them softly touching one another, nothing too sexual, just a brush of a hand upon skin. Their red hair pulled up into odd hair styles as they played. The two girls definitely didn't look old enough to be wearing the outfits they were in, both having the looks 19 year old females. They looked like they were ready to stand on street corners in their ultra-short skirts and corset tops, both in red.

"You two having fun back there?" He laughed softly, as he watched them and the road.

"Always, Alexander. Although, this will be the most fun we'll have in this hick-town your letting Anna Belle drag us to." One of the twins moaned.

Alexander looked at the girl sitting next to him, asleep. Her hair looked just like his, pulled up into twin pigtails. She was dressed in a long sleeve blouse with a dark green jumper over it. She looked like a sleeping china doll, which made him smile. She didn't look anywhere near the age of 17, she looks so childlike, but her curves gave away that she wasn't a true child.

"Loreen, I gave Anna Belle the choice of where to move to because I wanted to. This is where she wanted to go, so we are doing it. We have dragged her to where we wanted to go, and she never complained. So, I am trying to be fair." He stated, and got a 'hmph' from Loreen. "Any complaints from you, Morgan?"

"No Alexander, whatever you want to do, is fine by me." Morgan smiled at him as he turned into a driveway of a lovely little house. It was two stories and was a cream color, which was more noticeable in the daylight. The trim was a dark green. Truly, a very quaint little house that Anna Belle picked out.

"Here we are." Alexander announced as he looked over at Anna Belle. His hand crept down to her thigh, rubbing it, moving higher. He got to the bottom of the jumper before she woke instantly, staring at him with her golden, green eyes. "We are home." He purred softly.

"Please take your hand off of me, Alexander." Anna Belle's voice was soft and musical as she spoke, watching him laugh and back away from her. She looked out at the house. "The picture didn't do it justice. There are two spots perfect for rose bushes."

Alexander laughed again. "Always Suzy homemaker," he commented, as he slipped out of the SUV. He opened the back door for the twins, who jumped out and came around to help Anna Belle out. Both twins stood 5'7", so the step out of the SUV wasn't bad. Alexander, at his 6'0" height, had no problems. Unfortunately at 5'4", the drop was just a little too far for Anna Belle to not give away their secret. He came over, opened her door, and picked her up out of the seat, holding her tightly. "Mmm, such a sexy little girl I got." He laughed, as she looked mortified. He put her down gently and she moved away, instantly.

Morgan and Loreen both laughed at her, as they looked around the neighborhood. "Hey Anna Belle, nice choice moving right next door to the chief of police."

"It's a nice house, I like it." Anna Belle simply replied, as she waited to go inside; wanting to explore the inside of their new home.

Alexander laughed,walking up to Morgan and Loreen. "Just think of it this way, getting away with certain things-with the cops right next door-sounds fun to me." He turned them to start towards the house. "The movers already brought our stuff and set it up in the designated rooms, at least, they were suppose to. Go check it out. I will put the SUV in the garage with your car, Anna Belle." He opened the door to the house and let the girls inside, before opening the garage to pull the SUV in next to the small, black car inside. He looked over Anna Belle's simple car with a snort. So practical, that girl is.


Once inside, Anna Belle made a bee-line straight for the back and into the bedroom that was there. It was right off of the kitchen, which she barely looked at as she entered the room. The room was pale pink, old pale pink paint, but it looked good for its age. The one wall was a wall of windows, which made her smile. Even though they had to be covered with lace sheer's, she loved them. The dresser and vanity were wood, painted white with pink roses painted on them. The bed was a massive canopy with a sheer netting curtain that surrounded it. Both were white, while the bedding was pink. The room looked like it was for a princess, like it belonged in a doll house, which made her frown. Always a doll, always a little girl in Alexanders eyes, she would be. She walked over to the closet opening the white door, looking at the baby doll dresses and school girl uniforms. In his eyes she didn't know what he saw in her; a woman, or a child.

She sighed softly as she walked to the wall of windows. She found the handle for the French door and opened it. Another reason she liked this room. It had a door so she could slip in and out of the house at times. She walked outside and into the woods behind the houses.


Edward pulled in to the driveway of the house and was around to help Bella out within seconds. He was smelling the air. The strangers, they were already here. He sighed heavily, as he rushed Bella to the house.

"Stay inside, I will be back soon, once I drop the Jeep off at home." He kissed her forehead softly, before rushing off to the Jeep to leave.

Bella frowned, as she turned towards the house with a sigh. This would be interesting, that was for sure. She went to open the door, when she heard a strange cry from the woods behind the house. A shiver ran down her spine as she debated ignoring it and going in the house, or going to see what it was. She choose the second option, heading off the porch and into the woods behind the house.