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Maternal Sonata

Prologue: Good Morning, Moonless Day

by hmfan24

Crescendo: a steady increase in intensity.

Sonata: a song that is played rather than sung using two instruments with different forms and keys.

Maternal: related to motherhood.

One morning, I felt like I awoke into a oasis if that's possible. Nothing was mine – not my long, blue hair, nor my fully grown body. I couldn't find my true appearance. Not in my own reflection or the description others told to me. I still had my identity that clutched onto despite the spiraling circumstance. My name, I knew, was still Hinata Hyuuga of Konoha.

It was only yesterday.

I wasn't in my room. The Hyuuga clan wouldn't dare furnish any quarter of the room with western styled furniture. There were still tatami mats on the floors and shoji lining the walls and their bed was still a futon.

Wait...their? Suddenly, it became apparent that a pair of strong arms were wrapped around me, restricting any sort of movement. I was someone's hostage. I had been abducted and didn't even realize it until that very moment.

"Mmm, Hina," the person's low voice indicated he was definitely a man, "I rather die before I let go. Care to try?" How did he know my name? I took the taunt as a real threat.

His hands caressed my breasts in such an intimate and loving manner that the only uncanny fact was that I enjoyed it. I squeaked and squirmed more, feeling a foreign sort of fury from being fondled by the stranger. The only rational explanation for this was that he was indeed my abductor and had drugged me into going to bed with him. "Stop it!" I spat out, attempting to push his hands from beneath my shirt if only long enough to clear my head to think.

The abductor jerked back and pulled his hands from beneath my shirt. "Yeah, I was trying to be cool this morning," he scoffed like I was the one with the problem. I felt him get off the bed. He sighed, "You sure you don't want to take a shower with me?" he almost whined. His voice was still low and almost a bit dejected sounding. He paused, waiting for my reply until the silence won over the room, "Well, I'll just take a piss and then if you decide to change your mind..." he paused then scoffed.

As soon as I heard the door shut, I shot up. It was a lot like my room, but someone else had picked out the curtains perhaps. The floors were wooden with a large area rug. Blue and red colors seemed to be the bases of the design. Looking out the window, I could see the Hokage tower less than four or five miles away. So I'm still in Konoha. I looked to the right and I spotted the door that man went into. My circumspect eyes instantly flared into Byakugan. The premises: warm, airy, and free of any major obstructions, but beyond this room I was surrounded by...children some seemed to be not much younger than I. Or maybe not.

The reflection I saw in the clouded mirror nearby didn't seem to be 16. In the corner of the room there was a proper-sized full-length mirror. I crawled from the futon to stand in front of it. I'd aged. Only ten years or so. I was definitely no longer 16. Otherwise, I remained unharmed. Not a scratch on me but darkened pouches hanging below my eyes. Should I get up? I asked myself, before feeling my feet touch the ground to get a better look at myself. I raised left arm and my reflection mirrored it. Then I tried the right arm.

That woman was definitely me.

This had to be some sort of genjutsu twilight realm where I was trapped by someone's spell. I gulped down my panic, however and walked to the door opposite the man's exit. If I look around... I thought but did not finish. Most of my mind was in the present. My senses were blazing as fear tends to cause. The panic was causing my mind to believe rather than observe, however. My senses had betrayed me and suddenly I came to a hypothesis that what lied beyond the door I held might as well have been a portal that led to a deep, dark void.

I opened it despite my better judgement. Even if my judgement was irrational, it was still wiser than my inclination to investigate. I felt like I was instigating danger upon myself. Slowly, I played the daunting notes of the creaking door that were changing in pitch. Would it cause more attention to open it slowly like this? Already I was reprimanding myself for such a simple task. Mostly, my home's surveillance depended on sight and not sound. As a ninja, however, she had to be aware that any sense could be someone's keenest.

This hall was just a hall with many doors, each one to a new room I knew nothing about. I searched for an exit that was probably near the end - pacing, running, nearly sprinting until I tripped into the living room.

Two children were playing cards at the coffee table. There was one boy – who must have been a pre-teen. His smile was so innocent and warm, but not carefree. By the way he held his arm, he seemed to have insecurities. About his surroundings or about himself? He seemed like a shy guy who often faded in the background, but for some reason he caught my eye first. Perhaps I saw him because he reminded me of myself. He wore a blue shirt that was identical to Uchiha Sasuke's as a child. And even his hair was like his only shorter. And his black eyes and black hair. Maybe he idolized the ninja.

I finally caught sight of myself - a younger, pre-teen version with black eyes...and black hair. No, that wasn't me. But out of the corner of my eye, I had felt like I finally saw my reflection. She was the same height I was, and though her hair was longer it was fashioned in the same, long-cut I had last night. Her face was shaped just as mine and so were her eyes! She wore a black shirt similar the shirt I used to wear beneath my jacket. She was powerful - not just in the amount of chakra she had, but by the way she intimidated the boy with her coal, stone eyes. The way she glared at anything and everything around her reminded me of the way Sasuke looked at Naruto - with such determination, but at the same time...burden?

"Hayato-baka, that was a stupid move. Stop trying to press your luck," the girl laid her cards down onto the table and smirked, "Seems like I've got a Royal Flush."

Hayato smiled, "Well, it's not about winning, Jin…" he said, but I could tell he was lying. He wanted to win,. "It's not like we're playing for money." He just didn't want to spoil the moment by reacting as sensitive as he felt. Somehow, I knew that possibly because I knew the situation. He gathered all the cards from the table and began to shuffle. His eyes lowered in a sullen manor to the cards. Did he ever win?

They must not have been able to see me sprawled on the floor like a deranged inmate. The two went on to play another round of poker and I laid there in silence until a furry body ambushed me from behind, jumping on me. "Ah!" I shrieked. How did I not see him? My Byakugan was still activated and I must have thrown myself into a sort of void.

The body barked. It was a small, brown puppy that was followed by a young boy whom also landed on my back.

"Boo! Surprise! Hahaha." After laughing for a quick second, he replied to the silence by touching my forehead with his. He was a mischievous one. In a way, he reminded me of Naruto or Kiba, only he had a more slim build. Those red, fang tattoos on his cheeks gave away that he was an Inuzuka. What was a Inuzuka doing here? Maybe I was still in Konoha.

Tanned skin and black eyes, he stood somewhat short but spoke even younger than he looked. He wore orange sunglasses and plain purple t-shirt, that complimented his long, uniquely spikey brown hair. "Aw, sorry. Are you okay, Aunt Hinata?" he got off my back.


"Mom!" said Hayato, he rushed to my side. "What happened, Bakura?"

Mom? My face began to overheat and I glowed red. This was a natural reaction to such a slip in words, right? But to be addressed in such a way was so empowering and familiar.

"What the hell did you do to Mom?" Jin crossed her arms and glared at Bakura.

Maybe I was going insane.

Doors opened behind me. The entire hall behind me seemed to erupt with voices. I looked back and three more children opened the doors from their rooms.

"Mom?" said the girl in a monotone voice. She wore a blindfold and had hair just like mine at one point. Her face showed little to no emotion.

Maybe I was the crazy one.

"Stupid." said one of the twins with long, black hair.

"Fool." Said the other in an identical tone and voice.

Maybe I was insane.

"Stop scaring Mom!" they both commanded simultaneously.

I was losing it.

Were all of the kids behind me really mine, too? Bakura helped me up, with one hand scratching his neck. I was hesitant to grab his hand at that point, but took it with a smile. Should I introduce myself? I stood without saying anything, and made a full turn around to face the kids. They all had a combination of black hair, black eyes, mauve eyes, and bluish hair. They all had pale skin, and slim build. And according to their concerns, all of them were mine.

The door to the bedroom, I exited earlier slowly opened to a tall, slightly muscular, man with a towel around his waist. Heat rose to my cheeks and my heartbeat sped up immediately, for I had never seen a stranger this...naked before. I looked into his ebony eyes, and almost cracked a smile as his eyes held me tightly. Slowly, I recognized his features then I gasped gasped and looked away. Uchiha Sasuke! I-Is he...?

"Hina. Good Morning," he gave me a warm smile, but then looked all around at the faces staring back at him. He let out a deep sigh, "I was feeling grungy so I a shower anyway." He stopped and glanced behind him then back to me, "I see you've already awaken our children."

He didn't say it bold; I only heard it in bold.

Our children? Is this the future? Are we...married? Their features, their dispositions, their clothes, it made so much sense, but no sense at all. I was no idiot and there was confounding evidence. And who was going to explain all this to me? Would I have to just live life normally...married to him? I hated Sasuke for all that he did to the village and to Naruto. As long as I've known him, he's been the most selfish, con-artist in all of Konoha. He deliberately breached everyone's trust and he was just a bad person if ever there as a definition of the word!

If this is the future, then I forgive him and all his transgressions.

"Dad." The blind girl nodded at Sasuke.

Well, she confirmed it. Their children.

"Good morning, Mikoto."

Mikoto went back to her room and shut the door.

"Daaaad," whined the twin dressed in red. "Bakura totally just glomped Mom, and she fell down."

"Shisui!" Bakura tried to shush his cousin, but it was too late. "She was already on the floor," he protested, defending himself. "I thought she was just playing around."

"What does 'glomped' mean?" Sasuke crouched down, and whispered at me, puzzled. He was playful and coy and he didn't sound like Sasuke at all. I got chills down my spine when I felt his breath against my ear but I didn't shudder.

The other twin, dressed in blue spoke, "It means 'ambushed'."

Sasuke put his palm to his forehead and sighed, "Thanks, Fugaku…Bakura, please, don't do that. I don't think your mother's feeling okay today. So that means you'll have to take everyone to school, Hayato."

"Yes, but it's the weekend, Father." Hayato stood at attention, "We have no class. And I do that every day..." his words trailed off.

I spoke, "I'm fine, everyone. U-Uchiha-san?" I faced Sasuke. He pointed to himself, confused.

"Why're you talking to Dad like that?" asked Jin, suspicion in her voice. She narrowed her scrupulous eyes and switched from me to Sasuke.

Bakura and the younger children giggled at me.

He rose an eyebrow, "It's been a long time since you've spoken to me like that." It was almost flirtatious the way he smirked.

I blushed and looked away, "Can I talk to you in the bedroom?"

Sasuke's smirk grew into a grin and he kind of marched to the bedroom door in the oddest way I've ever seen anyone march. "Come in the bedroom. Kids, go about your day." He opened the door for me and the children stared at me as I walked down the hallway. Sasuke was different, but how? He had changed just as much as my appearance.

If this is the future, and he loves me, am I happy?

hmfan24: I revised it a little bit, but hopefully this will set the story up a bit better. I appreciate if you read, thank you.