Reba Hart had never bargained for this all she wanted was a long term relationship, to wake up in a man's arms, to make passionate love before slipping of to dreams, to have a shoulder to cry on , someone to say I love you to. And for awhile thats exactly what she had gotten, until things took a turn for the worse . She had come home a couple of hours early she wanted to surprise Alan, she even stopped by Victoria's secret on the way home. When she walked into her bedroom she heard the shower running, a smile spread across her face as she made her way to the bathroom, she quickly shred her clothes and hopped in the shower....

"What the hell!" Reba shouted, jumping out of the shower , she had expected to find Alan but instead she found a tall, leggy blonde that was all over Alan.

"It's not what it looks like babe," Alan said once him and the blonde chick were both properly covered by towels

"not what it looks like?" Reba asked " not what it looks like!" he knew she was mad- far beyond mad her eyes held fire, her nostrils flared and her knuckles were clenched.

"that's right she was just helping me.."

"flog your log" Reba quipped

(my bestes pervert in the whole wide world is in cali so I cant talk to her if you can help me think of something besides flog your log please do!! oh if ya dont get tha flog ur log thing tell me an ill explain it )))

"Reba, baby's... um...I didn't know she was in there!"

"do I have a say in this?" the blonde asked dumbly

"NO!!" both Reba and Alan exclaimed

"Alan I told you I have zero tolerance for cheating...what is so wrong with me that you had to go out and find you some little hussy,"

"I could take an offence to that!" the blonde cried.

"good," Reba said

"ok Sally I think it's time you left,"

"you know Alan your right I think she should leave and you should follow her,"


"no butts Alan,"

"I love you Reba,"

"well you have a funny way of showing it!" she exclaimed

suddenly Sally let out a girlish giggle

"what the hell are you laughing about?" Reba asked, slightly annoyed

"all three of us are standing here in towels I thought those days were over for me," she replied

After hearing this Reba lunged towards Sally, her towel lay forgotten on the floor.

I hope you guys like it ! it does get better I promise !! please r+r Im still working on night train, i feel horrible as well as my newest one a reba no one knew existed