"im so sorry," Parker apologized walking back out

"see waht you got me into!" Reba exclaimed, popping him on the back of the head

"ow!"Brock whined

"If you...if I..ugh!"

"don't worry honey, it may have done the man some good to see a good kisser at work,"he smirked folding his fingers

"Brock," Reba warned"im going to go talk to him,"


"hey Parker," reba quietly greeted him"sorry you had to see that," she laughed

"oh it's alright you two have been technically separted for months; it happens all the time," he smiled

"it's still a little embarrasing,so what did you need when you walked in?" Reba asked

"oh I was coming to say visitation hours are over,"

"would it be alright if I stayed the night?" Reba asked

"I dont know about that,"

"don't worry after you walked in on us I don't think we'll be trying anything tonight,"

"ok but you gotta pikey swear," he laughed holding his pinkey finger out

"pinkey swear," she smiled, linking fingers with parker"i better be gettin back Brock will be thinkin I'm mad at him,"

"ok we don't wont him to worry that pretty little head of his," he laughed

"i'll see you tomorrow," she smiled and they went their separate ways

"hey hon," Reba smiled

" talkin to me?" Brock asked

"of course Im not, why would I?"

"because i embarrased you or something like that," he muttered

"no I had a say in the matter and I said yes so I embarrased myself,"Reba smiled, sitting in his lap"i talked parker into letting me stay the night,"

"I like that idea," he smirked, kissing her passionately

"i don't thinkso mister," reba told him"we got caught last time what makes you think im willing to take that chance again?"

"because you love me," he said trying to persuade her

"honey love aint got nothin to do with it," she smiled

"come on," brock smiled seductively

"nope you can wait a couple of hours,"

"what if I cant?" he asked

"you know I think I might go home until tomorrow morning," reba told him,starting to get up

"no babe I'll quit," he wrapped his arms securely around her waist

"thats what I thought," she laughed

"I'm tired,' Reba yawned"let's get some sleep,"

"ok honey," he flipped the light switch

"that better be your knee," Reba muttered

Brock laughed but didn't reply and soon they were both asleep.

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