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Book 1: The First Time Begins

Chapter 1: School Girl

"Phoenix Carmine Call! Time to get up!" called my mother, the fair and beautiful Tanya Denali. I stumbled out of bed, a big smile on my face. I jumped out of my pj's and into my school clothes. I had on a blue tunic shirt over a red lacy camisole and dark denim skinny jeans. I slipped on my awesome Grunge Ox Charcoal/Gray Converse, and felt ready for the day. I turned on my iPhone and started playing, and singing to, my favorite song, Le Disko by the Shiny Toy Guns, from their album We Are Pilots. The song makes no sense, but has a really catchy beat.


Hello little boys, little toys

We're the dreams you're believing

Crawling up the walls

Running down your face

Razor sharp, razor clean

Feel the weapon's sensation

On your back...

With loaded guns


Now hold onto me pretty baby

If you want to fly

I'm gonna melt the fever sugar

Rolling back your eyes


We're gonna ride the race cars

We're gonna dance on fire

Where the girls Le Disko

Supersonic overdrive


So what's it gonna take?

Silver shadow believer....

Spock rocker with your dirty eyes

It's a chance gonna move

Gonna fuck up your ego

Silly boy gonna make you cry


Chorus [x2]


If what they say is true...

You're a boy - and I'm a girl

I will never fall in love with you

Chorus [x3]

I walked downstairs, and sat at the informal dining table, which is pretty formal by most standards.

"Morning Mom!" I said cheerily. Why wouldn't I be happy? I would get to see Nessie, and Jake (Jacob) and all of my other friends, such as Alice Cullen, Nessie's aunt. All of the Cullens, and the Hales for that matter, had been in Alaska for the past month, visiting my Aunts: Kate Denali and Carmen Denali, and my uncles: Eleazer Denali, who is married to Aunt Carmen, and Garret Denali, who is married to Aunt Kate.

It was so unfair that Nessie got to see Aunt Kate, and I didn't. Grrrrr! Then again, Nessie's basically my cousin, so Aunt Kate is pretty much related to Nessie. Aunt Kate was supposed to be helping Aunt Bella practice projecting, as they practiced every summer, and she was supposed to be teaching Nessie to project. I wish I had an awesome vampire power! But then again, it wouldn't be fair. I can already shape-shift into a werewolf, and have all the awesome vampire and werewolf abilities, so it just wouldn't be fair, I suppose.

I'm a junior at Aberdeen High School in the town of Aberdeen. By the way, Aberdeen is in Washington State. I'm only 5 years old technically, but psychically I am 17 years old. Nessie is 6 years old, and is also physically 17 years old.

Even in my world, I'm a freak. Humans have 23 chromosomal pairs, and vampires have 25 chromosomal pairs. Werewolves and human-vampire half-breeds have 24 chromosomal pairs.

Since I'm a werewolf-vampire half-breed, somehow I have 24.5 chromosomal pairs. It seems impossible, I know, but it's true. (A/N: Not trying to be rude by interrupting the story, but I know basically nothing about chromosomal pairs, so don't harp about it, 'kay?) Thank God for me and all my truly one-of-a-king glorific magical sparkles, though I highly doubt there's a God, because really, who would let a vampire marry a werewolf? But enough about religion.

So there I was, eating breakfast and watching T.V. I looked at the clock, and almost fell out of my chair! It was 8:00! Sugar Honey Iced Tea! I was late! I quickly dumped my bowl of cereal and my cup of animal blood (part of my me-being-a-vampire heritage) out into the sink. I hefted my backpack over my shoulder, and started to rush out of the front door as only one with both the speed of a werewolf, plus the speed and the grace of a vampire, can do. Someone called to me before I reached the end of the front yard.

"Phoenix! Ever heard of something called a two-hour late start?" yelled my younger, full-werewolf brother, Kaleb. Him and his stupid, perfect, partially-normal 24 chromosomal pairs. Grrrrrr! He's a sophomore at La Forks High, and thinks he's so great just because the brainless cheerleaders fall all over him. Whatever. I have pretty much the whole new pack of La Push werewolves at my beck and call. He doesn't even have the female werewolves at his beck and call. So eat that, fish-face!

I walked back into the house, excited that I had approximately 2 hours until school started. I went upstairs to my room, and began revising my back-to-school outfit. All I did was add a big black belt around my stomach to make my waist look smaller. I don't need make-up, the combination of my female-werewolf and vampire genes make me one of the most gorgeous people at La Forks High. I have a long, shiny mane of black hair. My eyes are grayish-green; but they turn sea-foam green when I'm happy, or gray when I'm sad.

I picked up my favorite book, Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith, and began to read. I laughed every time the book mentioned some vampire trait of Stefan's or Damon's.

The book was totally funny! First of all, very few vamps (as I like to call them) can actually read minds. And neither I nor any of my vamp relatives know of a vampire that can change into an animal. Who would be stupid enough to turn into an animal, besides me and the pack? There might be a vegetarian vamp that might attack you, without knowing that you're a vampire. I mean, come on people! Let's show a little thought here, perhaps, shall we?

At 9:30, I again hefted my backpack over my shoulder and headed back downstairs. Kaleb was waiting for me at the front door. Even though we sometimes wanted to rip each other's throats out, we could still be decent and civil to each other.

"Ready to go, early wolf?" Kaleb smirked.

"Yep, Senor Steroidal-Cheater!" I replied, grinning.

"I'm not on steroids!" Kaleb whined, like a wolf-pup, "You know it's just my werewolfness!"

"I know," I smirked in return, "I just wanted to see you have a mental breakdown!"

"I'll get you!" Kaleb growled, and he rushed at me.

Using my aforementioned (previously mentioned) vampire-werewolf speed and grace, I dodged him, and raced towards the school. He chased after me, but we both stopped running when we reached the school parking lot. We didn't want anyone to see us running like that, or else they might figure out our secret.

We strolled up to the school's front courtyard, and as Kaleb raced over to his group of brainless jocks, I eagerly scanned for my group of awesome vampires, werewolves, and vampire/human half-breeds. And imprinted humans.

They were over by the front gates of the school. The school now had gates, to keep unwanted visitors out, and keep the students in. (A/N: Thanks to Jacob 'springing' Bella in Eclipse.) I jogged over, barely hindered by my 20-lb backpack.

"Hey guys!" I chirped happily.

"Phoenix!" screamed Nessie as she sprang at me.

If I wasn't who I was, I would have collapsed under the force of Nessie's jump. But because I am who I am, I easily caught her. She hugged me happily, before I let her go and she jumped away in the same instant.

I looked at her outfit, and felt overdressed. Nessie wore a strapless black dress that perfectly curved around her boobs. It had a small blood-red belt around the middle, and the black silk material cut away at the bottom to reveal more blood-red material. Under the cutaway section was alternating black and red fringe-beading. It clung to her curves, and I envied her. She definitely pulled off that outfit. I totally wouldn't have been able to.

"Where the h*** did you get that dress?" I inquired.

"Alice." she replied matter-of-factly.

"Of course." I murmured.

I then realized that the only people here were me, Renesmee, Jacob, Quil, Paul, Rachel, Jared, Leah, Seth, Collin, Brady, Kim and Claire.

"Where are the vamps?" I asked. Even though I was half-vampire, I referred to my extended vampire family as the vamps. And even though I was half-werewolf, I referred to my extended werewolf family as the wolves.

"Home." replied Nessie.

"Shouldn't you be with them?" I asked, my curiosity aroused.

"Well…um… you see… Phoenix…" mumbled Nessie. I immediately understood her meaning. It was easy, because we had known each other for so long and because we're both halfies, although different species.

"Oh!!!!" I exclaimed, slightly surprised.

"Yeah," Nessie said, slightly blushing.

"Tell me later!" I vigorously whispered to her, so fast and low that not even the wolves could hear me. Nessie nodded quickly and discreetly.

A silver Volvo pulled up next to us, in the parking spot closest to the gate. Out came Aunts Bella, Angela and Alice, and Uncles Ben and Edward. An M3 parked next to the Volvo, and out came Aunt Rosalie, and Uncles Emmett and Jasper.

"Mo… oh. Sorry. Bella! Edward!" chirped Nessie as she flung herself at them. They hugged her tightly, not in a parental way but in a siblingly way, if siblingly is even a word, which it's not. But it is now! They released her, and then Aunt Bella saw me and gracefully glided over.

"Phoenix! How are you?" Bella falsely gushed. She already knew how I was.

"Good, Aunt... I mean, Cousin Bella!" I replied, with fake anxiety.

I suddenly realized something, and turned towards Jake, who was snoggingNessie.

"Jake!" I hissed.

"Huh?" he moaned, his mouth still interlocked with Nessie's. I sighed angrily, and then grabbed his shoulder. I pulled him off, and flung him against the wall.

"Where's Embry?" I snarled.

"Phoenix! You know you're not supposed to do that!" my suddenly-appearing dad scolded me.

"Sorry Embry!" I gulped.

"S'okay kid!" my dad jokingly sneered.

"Hey!" I hissed at him angrily, "Psychically, we're the same age!"

"But really, we aren't," he smirked, "And I'm your father. So respect my author-ta!"

I giggled. My dad was constantly watching his South Park DVDs with Jake, when Jake wasn't snogging Nessie. It got kinda of annoying and immature after a while.

Thank God that Nessie agreed with me. She was the best friend a girl, even a vampire/werewolf half-breed girl, could have. The school bell rang, and Nessie and I, as the only ones of our group in our first class, ran off to find our first class.

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