Chapter One: Beginning

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(This is when they are eight).

Alice's party was fun. She had a bounce house and games. It was much better than my birthday party. Alice was surrounded by people. I was lonely. She was my only real friend. Everyone else just says hi to me, but she actually talked to me and hanged out with me. I walked over to my mom who was talking to Alice's mom.


"Honey, go play with Alice."

I put a pout face on and walked away. I sat at one of the benches alone. I looked at the cloth on the table. Ew. I really didn't know why Alice likes Barbie. I looked around and saw Alice with the others playing duck duck goose. I never liked that game. I also saw Edward at a table sitting with three girls. Edward is Alice's brother. Alice has three brothers and once sister. They're all adopted. Esme can't have babies so she adopted them. Everyone says Edward is the cutest guy in school. That's probably why I don't like him. He gets everything he wants. While others have to work for it.

After, for what felt like an hour, Alice finally came up to me.

"Bella! We're going to sing happy birthday."

Yay, Cake my favorite part! After we sang happy birthday, Esme started to cut the cake. She had to cut it into small pieces because there were a lot of people. The girl that I was behind took two pieces. When it was my turn I saw there was no more cake. That was the only thing that would have made my day better! I watched the girl as she gave my piece of cake to Edward. She also brought him a drink. He smiled at her and said thank you. I wanted to barf. That was suppose to be mine!

I walked over to him. He looked at me and I smiled. I reached over, grabbed my cake and ate it. Then I took his drink and drank it all. Once I was done I put it back right were he had it. I wiped my mouth with my hand and smiled. His mouth was open in shock. I just turned and walked away smiling. I was so proud of what I did.

I waited 10 minutes, that way I won't barf when I go in to bounce house. I went in the bounce house and started jumping around. I pretended that I was a princess and my prince was coming for me. Of course he had to defeat the dragon and evil witch first. When I started to pretend my prince had finally came, the bounce house started to lose air. I screamed and got out before it collapsed in on me. I heard laughter coming from behind me. I turned and saw Edward laughing. He was also holding the plug to the bounce house. I was furious. My whole face was red. Edward smiled and walked away. I knew I was going to get him back. I would get him back. Just wait and see what I have in store for him!

Later that day, Alice was trying to hit the pinata. I was glaring at Edward and he was glaring back.

"Bella! I can't hit it. Its your turn," Alice said to me.

I took the bat out of her hand. "Okay." I glared at Edward who walks talking to Jessica. I pulled the bat back and swung it as hard as I could. The bat hit the pinata then went flying. Guess what, It hit Edwards head knocking him to the floor. I started laughing and the others went to help him. I grabbed the candy that was on the floor, went to a seat and ate it. I watched as Edward got up with his hand on the spot the bat hit him. He sent glares at me. I just laughed. "Thats what he gets," I whispered to myself.

I knew Edward was going to get revenge on me. I just never thought he would do this. I had asked my mom if there was any more cans of soda. She told me to go look and I did. There was one left. I grabbed and opened it. Next thing, the soda exploded on me. I looked at Edward knowing that he did this. He was laughing on the floor. Literally laughing on the floor clutching both of his sides. My mom took me home after that so I can get myself cleaned. The party was going to end in 10 minutes anyway so I didn't go back. There was one thing I knew though. That one thing is that I was going to get Edward back even if my life depended on it. I hated him.

Short chapter but that's because this is how it all started.

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