'He's gainning on me!' I thought as I ran through the evergreen forest. Colby was only minutes behind me and I knew if I could get a few more miles ahead of him, then I'd be able to hide myself. Knowing that gave me the will to pump my legs faster, desperately trying to get away from the terrifying vampire who changed me.

Finally making it to the point where he was far enough away, I focused all my energy for several seconds before I became invisable to the eyes of every creature. This was my gift, you could say when I was turned into this monster. It happened so long ago, the year 1857 to be exact. It was the day of my sixteenth birthday, the day I was running away from home.

"I am leaving Mother, Poppa!" I yelled as I threw a bunch of my clothes in my traveling bag.

"You will do no such thing!" Poppa's frightening voice boomed back at me. Luckly I had locked my door so he couldn't get in.

It used to not be like this. We all used to get along great. My older brother and hero, Jasper, had ran off to join the army before his seventeeth birthday, ten years ago. He didn't tell anyone his decision. We were all left to read about it in a three paragraph letter he wrote before he descended to fight in that blasted war. After he left, Momma and Poppa fell apart. All Mother ever did was stare out the kitchen window and wash already clean dishes while Poppa busied himself with work. I can't say much for myself either. I cried a lot and finally tried to forget he existed. It was a hopeless cause though. Jasper was always on my mind.

"I can't take it any longer, Father! I must be gone but please worry not, I shall write y'all everyday and visit. I promise Poppa." I opened my door to see my father standing there, looking as broken as the day Jasper left.

He pulled me close to his chest and I could feel the sobs breaking but never heard a word. "Write me baby, please write me."

"Everyday." I swore as I pulled away. Momma was locked in her room and refused to come out so I could tell her a proper goodbye. "Tell Momma I love her and I'll miss her." I told Poppa before I headed out the door.

I didn't know where I was going but I knew it was far away. It would take me days, weeks, possibly months, but I would reach it. Maybe I would find my brother along the way. I said a silent prayer at that thought. Lord, please let that happen.

"What a beautiful lady you are." I turned to my left at the sound of the musical voice. His voice sounded like heaven but the way he said the statement made me fear for my life. I never had to worry about men hurting me while Jasper was around. He was the kind of guy that could make you see anything his way, including talking men out of going after me. It annoyed me to know end how he would make the sweetest young men go after some other girl because he was against guys courting me. Poppa sure didn't mind what Jasper was doing and Momma would just laugh when I tried to ask her for help. I had never wanted Jasper to be next to me more then I did right then.

I kept walking, ignoring the man's presence. He looked to be around the age of twenty and I couldn't remember ever seeing him before. Before I could even blink though, he was right infront of me.

My eyes widened in fear as I looked around. It was now dark out and everyone in town was inside for the night. I was all alone with this...creature!

"What beautiful hair you have, my lady." An evil smirk was spread across his face as he reached one of his pale white hands out, grasping a lock of my long wavy hair.

"Don't touch me." I whispered as my whole body shook with fear. I had never been so scared in all my sixteen years.

"Don't worry, Darlin'. It won't hurt for long." Before I could ask what he ment, he reached his face down and bit my neck. I screaming out in pain but his cold, hard hand clapped my mouth shut as he pulled away. It felt like my whole body was on fire, burning to a crisp. I briefly wondered if this was hell but only for a split second. It hurt too much to think.

That was many years ago. I've been trying to escape from Colby ever since he turned me into a monster like him. This was the first time I had actually escaped but who knew when he would find me.

I picked up where I left off, running through the forest except going Northwest this time. It's time for a change of scenery. I had stayed in the south for all these years, never having the option of going anywhere else. I was forced to follow him along with all the other chain of vampires he had captured as well. Colby would continue to try and find me but I knew after awhile, he would give up. I was posive of that. He wouldn't leave his work behind for one little vampire. At least I was counting on that.

My gift so to speak was pretty unique. Colby never could find a vampire with a gift similar to mine. I was able to turn invisable, hiding my scent and everything. It was the only thing I liked about myself. I was a monster. I may not look like one, being the ever gorgeous vampire that was in my nature to be, but I was. I've killed so many humans, so many innocent people. I hated myself more and more for it. I've tried to switch to animals but I just couldn't do it. Their blood had nothing on a human's and I couldn't last more than two days with just animal blood in my system.

It was an hour later before I finally stopped running. Colby's scent no longer lingered anywhere from two thousand miles away so I figured myself safe for now. I had no idea where I was but it was very green and cold. I've never seen mountains this big before or snow.

I turned back into being visiable and grinned at the snow. In all my years of existing, I had never once seen snow. I started laughing and plopped down in it, making a snow angel like I used to dream of doing when I was a little girl. I had never felt as happy as I did right then.

Alice's POV:

"You're so silly Uncle Emmett!" Renesmee giggled as she climbed down from Emmett's shoulders. Renesmee was still growing quite a lot but not nearly as much as she did a year ago. She was only one years old but she looked four.

We were all sitting in the living room, just relaxing and having some good laughs. Esme and Bella were in the kitchen talking about what they should do about school for Nessie, Edward and Carlisle were talking about politics or something, Emmett and Rosalie were playing with Nessie, and Jasper and I were just relaxing on the couch in each others arms. It was the perfect picture if you ask me.

"It's nice isn't it?" Jasper asked, as if he read my mind.

I smiled up at him and leaned closer into him. No one made me near as happy as Jasper did. "I'll say."

A girl with long, golden blond hair wearing a white dress was infront of us. We were in the woods somewhere and she seemed to be startled. She had eyes that matched all of ours except she had a scar to the side of each eye that did a spiral twist. Even with those scars, she was still beautiful. Shoot, she might even give Rosalie a run for her money.

She was looking at Jasper with wide eyes filled with shock and happiness. Jasper though, didn't even seem to recognize her.

I snapped out of my vision. Who was that? How does she know my Jasper?

"Alice, are you okay?" I looked up to meet everyone's worried gaze.

"Yeah, just a vision." I answered, still in wonder.

"What was it about?" Emmett asked with a curious grin.

I looked over at Edward, who read my mind to see the image himself. After a few minutes he looked back at me, sharing the same questioning look I was giving him.

"What do you think?" I asked him.

He just shook his head and shrugged. "I guess we'll see soon enough."

"See what?" Rosalie asked, getting annoyed at being left out the loop.

"Nothing." Edward and I both said.

Esme gave us a look but shook her head. They all knew if it was something major I would tell them.