Ok guys I'm not going to torture you any longer; Mateja Seal is definitely going to get heavily edited and revised before I write any new chapters. I know in the reviews you guys say that Jenny is hilarious and stuff like that, but she's too unreal. I got to make her feelings towards Raven less random, as an example. Plus when I first wrote this there was a prologue, right? Well, since I deleted it, the story became sort of whack and random and I really need to fix that. You guys don't need to worry about Jenny becoming serious, that's never going to happen (smiley face) but since I took this Mary Sue test about her (OMG 75 points NOOO!) I'm going to have to do a proper character sketch and stick to it.

I think the first real update on this story might be next month near Christmas… or early January… Yea, I know this stinks, so, my awesome and incredibly patient readers, you could flame me or praise me, and I don't care which because I deserve it! (Begins ranting)