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Tracy Turnblad, now twenty-three, sat staring out her bedroom window wondering what had gone wrong. All she had wanted was her boyfriend of six years to move back to Baltimore. Was that really too much to ask? She missed him. For after High School he had moved to New York City, having accepted a record deal at the Miss Hairspray Pageant of '62'. She only got to spend one weekend a month with him and she wanted more. She just had not expected a fight to insue between them. Nor had she expected him to say something so hurtful and then break up with her. And to dispite everything she still loved him and wanted to be with him.

'You should have known that it was too good to last' she sighed and then broke down sobbing uncontrolably.

Edna, stood outside her daughters closed bedroom door and sighed. She had easily guessed what had happened between her daughter and her boyfriend, yet she couldn't believe it was true. They had had fights before and had always forgiven each other but this time it was different. this time however Tracy had returned nearly in tears and Edna knew something had happened between the couple, and she wanted to know what. So she did the only thing she could she called the Larkin house to confront the young man responsible for her daughters tears.

A mile away at the Larkin house, Link was sitting by the phone willing it to ring. He need to talk to her, he needed to hear her voice but most of all he needed to apologize for hurting her so carelessly. He hadn't meant to hurt her it had just happened. They had been talking and she had asked him to move back home and he had tried to explain that it wasn't possible yet. He understood why she had asked this of him, for he too missed her every day that he was away, but because he was under contract he had to stay where he was until the contract was fulfilled. He hated being away from her almost as much as she did, but there was nothing he could do about it. Then their arguement had heated up and he said one wrong thing and somehow in the mist of all that he had told her that they were finished and he had turned his back on her. Afterward he cursed himself for being so heartless. How could he have hurt the one person that he loved above all others? How could he say that he was sorry for hurting her? He knew that she wasn't likely to forgive him any time soon. Yet here he sat willing her to call so that they could talk this out. So when the phone finally did ring he nearly jumped in surprise before picking it up on the third ring.

"Hello?" he answered unsteadily. Though he wanted it to be her he was not all that surprised when a another voice came screaming at him from the other end of the line.

"LINK LARKIN. WHAT DID YOU DO TO TRACY?" came the irate voice of Tracy's mother.

He wasn't sure how to answer at first. He knew Edna Turnblad enough to know, that when it came to her daughter she was a bit overprotective. It was like watching a lioness defend her cub. The similarity would have made him grin had the situation been different.

"I... That is we had a fight and I accidentally broke up with her. I didn't mean too, it just happened. You know I would never intentionally hurt her." he stated hurriedly.

"Well, can't you just apologize and make up?"

"I tried, she wouldn't listen."

"Link, you and I both know how stubborn she is sometimes but you need to try harder. I know that you both love each other very much and I know you would never hurt her intentionally, but you need to try as hard as you possibily can to get back into her good graces. Just don't give up okay"

'I wasn't planning on giving up' he thought before saying, "I'll see what I can do." Though those words were easier said than done.

Edna satisfied with his answer hung up and glanced towards her daughter's room. Moments later there was a knock on the door. Getting up she went to answer it and found Penny and Seaweed on the other side.

"Hi, Mrs. Turnblad. Is Tracy home?" Penny asked.

Edna nodded and said, "She's in her room crying her heart out. I suppose you heard about the fight between the two of them?"

At their nod she ushered the couple in and Penny turned and asked her boyfriend quietly, "Can I have some time alone with her?"

Seaweed knew that Penny needed time to try and talk some sense into her friend and truth be told he really needed to talk some since into Link. So he kissed her and said softly, "Yeah, go ahead baby. I need to go and have a talk with old Cracker boy anyway. I'll pick you up later okay."

Penny nodded and headed towards her friends room and Seaweed left.

He walked the mile to the Larkin house and knocked on the door. When the door opened he saw a miserable Link Larkin standing before him.

"Man, you look horrible. I have never seen you look this bad."

"Yeah." Link sighed as he allowed his frien entrance. 'He knew he was going to get it now' he thought as he closed the door.

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