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A/N: I love this series alot...so I really should write more for it!!!

This is AU, too. And it has Tsuna X Chrome, and maybe some good 'ol Yamamoto X Bianchi and Gokudera X Haru or something, but the main pairing here is Tsuna X Chrome...and Tsuna's personality in this is the one of Rebuke Bullet personality...so that means he isn't the little dinky clumsy kid all the fangirls love...he's a serious and intelligent young man who falls in love at first sight...some one-sided Ken X Chrome, too.

Takes place in a sort of 'Romeo-and-Juliet'-style kind of time...

I mainly wrote this because I could totally picture Tsuna wearing a puffy pirate-like shirt for some reason...:P

At first, the young Tsunayoshi Sawada, the 10th heir to the Vongola Family legacy, had originally been rather reluctant to accept the invitation to a large gala being held at the manor of the Rokudo Family. It was common knowledge to the townspeople that these two families had been at odds for over hundreds of years, their grand estates facing directly towards each other from across the expanse of the town. Not only that, but Tsuna personally found Mukuro, the man who possessed the entirety of the Rokudo fortune, to be nothing more than a giant prick. Nonetheless, Tsuna decided to accept the invitation, if only not to appear as unsophisticated and rude as he considered Mukuro himself to be. Besides, there wasn't alot to do on a Saturday night when you're living in a giant house with two other men as your only companions...right?

"...Are you sure that this is really a good idea, Sawada-dono?" Tsuna's loyal bodyguard, Gokudera Hayato, questioned sceptically as he watched his youthful employer make a futile attempt to brush back his messy, bushy hair. Seeing that it was of no use, Tsuna let out a exasperated sigh. Giving up on his hair, he made his way towards his massive closet, which the doors themselves took up an entire wall.

"I don't see what the problem is," Tsuna replied nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders, "We'll go there, chat with some guests, eat a bit, drink a bit, and then we'll go home. It's as simple as that..."

"How can you be so calm?!!" Gokudera shouted, as brash as ever it seemed, "This could very well be a plot conceived by that dastardly villain Mukuro to finally eliminate you once and for all!!"

Tsuna shook his head. "Gokudera-san...do you really think that Mukuro would dare attempt to kill me while surrounded by thousands of people? He despises me, but not enough to do something as rash as that..." Reaching into the depths of the closet, Tsuna took out a simple white ruffled shirt, a pair of black linen pants and a leather belt buckle.

Gokudera pondered on this for a moment. "Yes...but-"

"Enough! We shall speak of it no more." Tsuna's words were final, so Gokudera had no choice but to concede to his master's wishes. Bowing his head discreetly, Gokudera made his leave as Tsuna began to change clothes. Walking down the darkened hallway, Gokudera was soon confronted by Takeshi Yamamoto, another of Tsuna's personal bodyguards and close friends.

"Were you able to talk him out of it?" Yamamoto asked gravely.

Gokudera sighed, and shook his head. "No. He's determined to go no matter what, it seems..."

"...Huh...oh well, then...I'm sure we'll have a good time..." Yamamoto shrugged. A big goofy grin formed on his lips.

Rolling his eyes, Gokudera muttered, "God, you are SUCH a upbeat go-getter sometimes..."

"Hey, it's who I am, and I'm stickin' to it!!" Yamamoto chuckled.


"Alright, I'm all dressed!!" Tsuna announced as he stepped out into the hallway. Upon seeing him, Yamamoto snickered.

"Heh...nice puffy shirt you got there...you look like a pirate..." the black-haired swordsman remarked, resulting in Gokudera smacking him in the back of the head. However, Tsuna didn't seem bothered by the comment.

"Just hurry up and change...I don't want to be late..." Tsuna stated in a monotone voice. He only spoke like this whenever he was too serious to the point of turning violent. Shivers crawled up both Gokudera's and Yamamoto's spines.

"Y-Yes, sir!!!" Without a moment to lose, Gokudera and Yamamoto rushed into their respective rooms to change. Shoving his hands in his pockets, Tsuna walked down the hallway, and stopped in front of a large yellow door. A small wooden sign with the word 'REBORN' had been hammered into the middle section of the door. Tsuna pressed his palm against the door; it was caked with dust.

A frown formed on Tsuna's lips. 'Reborn-sempai...I wish you were still here, to guide me...'


Tsuna and his bodyguards were quite surprised to see such an immense gathering outside the front gates of the Rokudo mansion. Everyone in the crowd was wearing fancy suits and dresses, all of them trying to look their best for when they would have to present themselves before Mukuro Rokudo and his 'family', that is to say, his younger sister Chrome and his two bodyguards, Ken and Chikusa. Counting the number of guests quietly to himself, Tsuna figured that Mukuro had gone and invited the entire village to this part of his.

"Goddammit...that bastard Mukuro thinks he's so suave, inviting everyone in town to this damn party of his..." Gokudera grumbled, pulling tightly on the pink bow-tie wrung around his neck. He and Yamamoto were both outfitted in fashionable tuxedos; Gokudera wore a white suit, while Yamamoto was in black. Tsuna glanced upwards; the night sky was full of glittering stars, and the crescent moon shone beautifully down upon them. If anything, this was a perfect night for love to be found.

'Although...I doubt that will ever happen to someone like me...' Tsuna thought with a wry smile, 'I've seen all the women in this village...not a single one of them interests me...I suppose that I will eventually be forced to have to find a mate from a neighboring village, just like all of my fathers and mothers before me...sigh...'

As the three men made their way through the crowd towards the front double doors of the illustrious mansion, they were immediately confronted by Ken and Chikusa, who were blocking the entrance with their own bodies. They were both rather scrawny compared to Gokudera and Yamamoto, but neither party wanted to go about causing any conflicts in front of the public at this time.

A wide, toothy sneer broke out on Ken's lips upon seeing Tsuna. "Ah...well, if it isn't Tsunayoshi Sawada, and his pussy-ass little friends? Keh heh heh..."

"Hey, Kenny-boy! How's it hangin'?! We came to party!!!" Yamamoto replied cheerfully with a wave of his hand, still as daft as ever. Ken snarled viciously in response.

"I highly doubt that YOU cunt-faces are permitted here...so fuck off, bitches!!!" countered the blond man coldly.

Yamamoto chuckled. "Ha ha ha! Cunt-faces! That's a good one!! Ha ha ha!!! A little obscene for my tastes, but damn funny!! Ha ha ha hah...!!"

"Ugh...why can't he just take a damn insult like a normal person...?"

At the same time, Gokudera was busy glaring daggers at Chikusa, who promptly glared right back. Tsuna was growing tired of this idiocy. Sighing, he took out the invitation letter he had received several days ago in the mail. Chkusa took it into his hands, and looked it over a few times to ensure its authenticity.

"Hmm...it seems you guys have been invited by Rokudo-dono himself...we got no choice but to let them in..." Chikusa stated with slight surprise in his tone. Ken cursed under his breath; the last thing he wanted was to show these annoying bastards even the slightest trace of humility. Crossing his arms, Ken let out an annoyed huff as he stepped aside. Chikusa handed the letter back to Tsuna rather hastily before shifting a few inches to the right.

Feeling a bit victorious right then, Tsuna smirked as he and his two loyal men strode in past the wide-opened ivory wood doors. As they watched the Sawada group disappear within the manor's foyer, Ken turned to Chikusa.

"You don't think they're planning anything, do you?" He grunted.

Chikusa shook his head. "I doubt it...why are you so worried, though? What do you care? Wouldn't you be happier if Rokudo-dono died? Then you and I would finally be free of his control, and we could escape this hellhole..."

Ken sighed, and he lowered his eyes. He seemed to be thinking deeply about something. "Well, yeah...but...I just don't want his sister to get involved with any of this...she's too young and fragile to suffer any deep hurt..." He stated quietly.

Chikusa grinned. "You're always worried about Chrome-chan, huh? Why don't you just tell her how much you care about her? She's a nice girl, I'm sure she'd accept your feelings..." He insisted.

"NO WAY, YOU IDIOT!!!" Ken retorted in a loud whisper, "...I don't want to burden her with my affections..."

"For a tough badass, you're a big wimp..." Chikusa sighed, and rolled his eyes.

"Oh, just shut up, Chikusa!!!" Ken snapped, his cheeks flushed bright red.