A/N #1: Is my face red. I know I promised you guys that I would update my winged!Dean fic, Unaware: In The Eye of The Beholder last week. And I didn't. When I saw this week's drabble word (light) I decided to write some drabbles in that 'verse. Unaware will be updated this week. Every time I set a particular date, something happens. Damn RL.

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Word Count: 100 in each chapter.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. This is for entertainment, not profit.

Summary: E/O Challenge. Seven drabbles (some funny, some angsty) using this week's challenge word: light. Winged!Dean, Bemused!Sam, from the AU Unaware 'verse.

1. knockin' on heaven's door

After all they did for Heaven, Dean's supposed to sleep the sleep of the just and righteous. But he's Nephilim, so he doesn't.

Sam sees that haunted look in those wide green eyes when Dean first wakes up every damn morning.

"Mornin', sunshine." Sam tries to drag it out of him, tries to keep the conversation light.

"Nothin' to talk about, Sammy," Dean drawls, stretching, blinking, the voices of Azazel's demon horde --- Lead us, child, lead us -- still ringing in his ears.

Dean goes for his morning flight.

When he comes back, he still won't talk about Hell.

Six more to go, folks.