Ginger Snacks

A Private Practice fic by Gigi.

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Chapter 1: The Healing Touch

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Addison laughed inwardly as she listened to Violet and Naomi rant about Ginger. They claimed they were just worried about their friends, but Violet was the only one who actually could use that as an excuse. Naomi was jealous, but, like always, she didn't want to ad--

Ginger was hugging Pete, now, and she was following him to his office. Addison couldn't stop the next thing out of her mouth.

"Or maybe she's here to see the real doctor," she declared. "He's all, 'Look at me. I'm a doctor. My touch heals.' " She tried not to notice the look Violet and Naomi shared. "What is he doing?" she muttered to herself before stomping down to Pete's office to demand the same of him. "Was it Bring a Stripper to Work Day today? Or did you just decide to play while you worked?" Even Addison was surprised at the evident jealousy in her voice. It wasn't as if he was cheating on her.

Pete's eyebrows shot up. "She's an entertainer, and why do you think I am going to sleep with her?"

Addison looked embarrassed. "I never said that," she snapped defensively.

"Then why are you so upset?" Pete smirked, knowing he'd won; she had to either deny her feelings straight out or finally admit she was attracted to him.

Addison opened her mouth--and snapped it shut. "Ugh," she finally said, taking hold of him hand and ignoring the sudden heat that rushed through her. "Come to my office to talk. Everyone is watching us."

Pete looked in the kitchen, and, sure enough, Sam, Naomi, Violet, and Cooper were standing there, straining to hear what they were saying.

Addison started walking, stopping short when she felt Pete's hand leave hers. For a moment Addison's heart stopped. Had she misread his flirting? His kiss? He had said it was just to make her feel better.

Her heart started back up when he poked his head in to tell Ginger he'd be there in ten minutes. "Apply lotion to that rash until I come back. It will make it easier to treat," Pete assured before coming back and returning his hand to hers.

"Will that actually help?" Addison asked as they made their way down the hall. "The lotion?"

"No, but I shouldn't make her think I mean to keep her waiting until we're done...doing whatever we're doing," Pete answered, a note of eagerness entering his voice at that last part. Addison wanted to slap that cocky expression off his face, but she was afraid that would make her want to kiss him even more than she did then.

The pair walked into Addison's office, and as Addison turned back from closing the door, she found herself not two inches from Pete. He had a look in his eyes—lust, hunger, need—that thrilled her.

"So," Pete started huskily, "what did you want to talk to me about that you couldn't in front of everyone else?"

"I just," Addison couldn't finish her sentence. Pete's smell made her thoughts go all hazy, made even more so when he put his hand on her lower back. "I don't remember," she admitted guiltily. "I guess you can go back to your stripper now."

Pete smiled at the tinge of sulkiness that colored her voice. He made a big show of checking his watch. "I still have nine minutes before I have to get back." He examined Addison's face. "You look like you need me to kiss you again, don't you?"

Addison looked at him incredulously. "No!" she exclaimed. She knew she was lying. He knew he was lying. But she made no move to escape his hands, which were slowly bringing her closer to him.

Addison's eyes slid shut as Pete's lips touched hers. The kiss started out soft, just one pair of lips on another, and then both pairs of lips parted and tongues met. The door suddenly pressed against Addison's back, while she grabbed fistfuls of Pete's shirt as if that was the only thing keeping her grounded. A soft moan escaped her lips as Pete ground his hips into hers, and suddenly her legs were off the floor and--

"Pete?" Violet's voice came from the other side. "Ginger just poked her head out of your office wondering what was taking so long."

Pete kept Addison, whose legs were wrapped around his waist, against the door with his body while his lips left hers just long enough to say, "I'll be there in a few minutes. Addison and I are just talking about a possible need for a pelvic exam, given her profession." Addison let out a sigh of relief. She hadn't thought of an explanation.

"I thought you said she was an 'entertainer,'" Violet said snidely.

"Well entertainers can get STDs just as easily as the rest of us," Pete snapped. He wanted to stay pressed up against Addison all day. She felt so damn good with her legs around his waist! If only she was wearing a skirt, then...Pete's cheeks colored slightly when Addison gasped and looked down at his lower area, obviously feeling something against her thigh. "Will you just tell her I'll be there in a minute?"

"Whatever," came the reply, and both doctors could hear Violet's retreating footsteps.

"Well, that effectively killed the mood," Pete said, letting Addison go enough only to put her feet back on the ground. He stood looking into her still quite dark eyes. "What do you say," he started, pecking her on the lips, "that we pick this up after I see Ginger?"

Addison had never been one to have sex at work—except for that one time with Alex Karev in the on-call room—but she had gotten so worked up from that make out session that she wouldn't object to having sex with Pete against the glass door she was pressed up on right then. She smiled. "Sure," she whispered, a little hoarse. "Lunch break? Come find me."

"Can't wait," Pete answered, already excited.

"But, Pete, this isn't going to just be a fling is it?" Addison asked. "You're not going to pull the whole have sex with me and then blow me off bit are you?" Karev had pulled that on her, and she couldn't help thinking that if he hadn't, she might not have gotten up the nerve to leave Seattle.

"God, no," Pete responded. "I wouldn't do that to you. Besides, if sex with you is anything near kissing you, I don't think I'll ever blow you off."

Addison smiled, her eyes twinkling. "As crude as that is, that's really sweet," she laughed.

"I'll see you for lunch," he declared, kissing her one last time before going off to face the rash on Ginger's butt.

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