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Fire that embraces the Ice


Hitsugaya sighed, staring out the window of his office. It was a beautiful day with clear blue sky and the sun shining down. Matsumoto, seated on the couch, looked up at her taicho. It wasn't like him to daydream, but she could understand. After all, today was a special day.

'How long has it been...since...', he thought, before shaking his head. 'No. I won't think about...her...'.

'Master, the past is the past, but it's alright to remember'

'No, Hyorinmaru, I told myself I wouldn't grieve anymore, I can't be an emotional mess, there are people depending on me.'

'Master, I am part of you, you cannot lie to me. You aren't grieving, you're hoping.'

"Taicho?" Hitsugaya lifted his head to face Matsumoto. "You have a captains meeting in 20 minutes.", she said softly, before returning to her paperwork. She had seen the expression on his face and knew he had been having a conversation with Hyorinmaru. She could only hope the ice dragon could help her taicho.

"Hai. Arigato, Matsumoto. Why don't you take a break. I'll be back later.", he responded quietly, before standing up from his desk and walking out of his office.

'You know something is wrong when Matsumoto is doing paperwork.'


Somewhere in Rukongai

A person dressed in a black cloak stood on the top branches of a tall tree, staring at the cluster of buildings surrounded by a large wall in the distance.

'Will he remember me? He better...I wonder if he remembers what today is....does it even matter to him anymore? After what I did?'

The cloaked person sighed deeply, before jumping down from the tree and running off.

'No point wondering. Don't want to keep everyone waiting.'

Back in Sereitei

"...due to the actions of Aizen, we have enlisted the help of several outsiders. Of course, substitute shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo and his friends..."

Hitsugaya stared at the floor, barely paying attention to the soutaicho. He was too wrapped up in his own thoughts.

'Does she remember? Heck, does she even remember me? Does she even care?'

'Master, I think you'll want to hear this.'

'...Will I ever see her again? Why do I care?! She left! Not my problem anymore'

"....Shiba Kukkaku, Urahara Kisuke, Shihoin Yoruichi...."


'Every year, you'd think I'd be over this by now'


Hitsugaya's head snapped up just as the soutaicho said, "...technically not a shinigami, but we have enlisted her help anyway. This is a very serious situation we are in and I want to take full precautions. You may come in now.", he finished, as the huge double doors opened, letting in a stream of light silhouetting the person standing in the doorway. Hitsugaya's eyes opened wide as a familiar, warm reiatsu washed over him. "It can't be...", he muttered.

A gloved hand reached up and pushed away the hood of the cloak to reveal a long mane of dark auburn hair and deep mahogany eyes. The woman strode into the room, the only sound being the click-clack of her boots on the floor. All eye's followed her, wide and disbelieving. She came to a halt in front of the soutaicho, bowed, and turned around to face the captains.

" I believe you all remember our old comrade..."

At this she looked away, trying to avoid the stares, especially that of a certain white-haired taicho.

"...Hanako Akane..."


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For those who are wondering, Hanako means "Flower child" and Akane means "Brilliant red". This will be very important later on!!!!

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