Anakin rested his buzzing head against the cool metal wall of the inside of his ship. He had developed an increasing headache ever since this morning. The two painkillers he had taken seemed to have worn off hours ago as his head pounded in a painfully steady rhythm. He didn't dare sneak off to his quarters to grab more painkillers, worried he would be caught, as he did not want anyone to be aware of his condition. Not to mention Ahsoka had been following him all day. He was only able to sneak away for a few minutes before she found him.

Anakin hated being sick, or admitting weakness. Even as a padawan he would deny or hide any symptoms until he got better or worse enough that Obi-Wan would force him to visit the healers wing. The fact was, admitting to weakness, just wasn't in his nature. Which is why he didn't want Ahsoka, or anyone for that matter, to know that he felt as though he had just fought Count Dooku, Ventress, and General Grievous all at the same time.

Somehow he had managed to slip away from Ahsoka and escape to his ship on the hanger deck. Fifteen minutes had passed already. The last two times he had tried to hide, Ahsoka had found him within ten minutes, badgering him about missions or paperwork. After another five minutes passed, it occurred to him that perhaps he had really lost Ahsoka this time and could finally rest in peace. Or so he thought until...

"MASTER!" Shouted Ahsoka, as she entered the ship "I've been looking everywhere for you! Master Windu wishes to go over some battle strategies with you for an upcoming invasion...and..why are you sitting on the floor?" She asked as she realized Anakin was slouched on the floor leaning against the wall.
"Oh, I was tripped." He finished lamely,a little embarrassed that he couldn't think up a better excuse. Ahsoka raised an eyebrow, obviously not believing him but she didn't question further. Anakin quickly got up from the floor, but deeply regretted it as the room started to spin and his vision doubled. He started to sway and Ahsoka immediately rushed forward grabbing his arm to steady him.

"Are you alright Master?" she asked when he recovered, hesitantly letting go of his arm.

"I'm fine Snips. Just got a little light headed, that's all. Come on, Master Windu must be waiting for us." he said as he started to head out of the ship.

"umm..alright." Ahsoka muttered as she followed beside him. 'I wonder if he really is okay, he does look quite paler than normal' she thought as she glanced up at him. 'but he did say he was fine, and he would surely go to the healers wing if he wasn't feeling well...wouldn't he?' Ahsoka sighed and decided just to let it go, not sure whether Anakin was lying to her or not.