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Ahsoka stood in the doorway looking down on her master, despite the sick aura he held around him she couldn't help at laugh at the unruly mess that used to be hair as it stuck up in several different directions. Having given away her presence by the small and almost unnoticeable laugh, Anakin looked up suddenly to give her a somewhat confused look.

"what are you laughing at?"

"oh nothinggg" she said, a wide smile spreading itself onto her face.

"who was at the door?" he asked finally choosing to sit up.

"Master Kenobi. Seems he's been searching for you for quite some time". If it was possible for Anakin to become any more paler than he already was, Ahsoka believed she just achieved the impossible with that one simple sentence.

"What did you tell him?!" he asked slightly panicked, sitting up a little straighter.

"relax relax " Ahsoka said quickly, "He just asked where you were and I told him you were somewhere talking with Rex."
Anakin visibly relaxed, letting out a deep sigh, now he wouldn't need to worry about Obi Wan forcing him to visit the healers wing. Just as he was starting to relax, another thought occurred to him- no doubt Ahsoka had managed to evade Obi Wan the first time, but as soon as he realized that what Ahsoka had told him was a lie he would be right back here trying to find him.

"He'll be back later as soon as he finds Rex you know." Anakin said glancing down at the covers already thinking of the consequences he would have to suffer when obi-wan discovered their secret.

"I'll worry about that later, it'll probably be a while before he even figures it out anyways, and when he does I'll just send him off on another goose chase." she said absentmindedly, waving off his concerns. "hopefully we wont' have to keep this up for long, here open" Ahsoka had somehow obtained the thermometer and was handing it out to Anakin.

"Come on Ahsoka, that's not necessary. In fact, I'm feeling better already." that was a lie, and he knew it. His throat was still sore and continued to hurt with every word he spoke, and even though his headache had lessened it still pounded at an annoyingly painful level. But he just couldn't stand laying here in his bed feeling sick and weak, and being cared for by Ahsoka made him feel as though he was the padawan instead of the other way around.

"oh yeah?" she questioned, crossing her arms in front of her. "well then surely you should have no worries of a task as simple as taking your temperature, or perhaps i could just go and retrieve master obi-wan... " she challenged, the tone in her voice told him there would be no arguing with her on this matter.

Anakin let out an exasperated sigh "ug! just give me that." reaching out to snatch the thermometer from her hand and shoving it underneath his tongue. Ahsoka just smiled in response. When it beeped he took the thermometer out from his mouth and handed it back to Ahsoka, trying to glance at the displayed number that Ahsoka was observing.

"Well you still have a fever, although it's low so nothing to worry about right now. Are you hungry at all? you should have something, keep up your strength and all."

"eh, no thanks, maybe a little later. I think I'll just sleep some more."

"Kay fine. Call if you need anything" she said as she walked out of the room, in truth she was exhausted after having to care for Anakin practically all night and now all she wanted to do was sleep. She strolled into the living room and plopped down on the couch, falling into blissful sleep not moments after her head hit the pillow.

A few hours later Ahsoka was woken by the sound of harsh coughs. She ran to her masters room to see him in the midst of a coughing fit, hunched over with a hand to his chest struggling to catch his breath between each severe cough. She slipped out of the room and was back seconds later with a glass of water, handing it out to her master, who shakily took it, still trying to breathe. Even after guzzling it down , the coughs, although now somewhat less harsh, still had not yet ceased. Running out of the room once more, Ahsoka appeared with a little red bottle and a small cap that seemed to be filled with the red syrup. Anakin frantically reached out and grabbed the offered cap, quickly drinking the liquid. The coughs instantly stopped, and were replaced with the sound of Anakin choking and sputtering.

"That stuff is disgusting!" he announced "How could you feed me something so bad that was obviously only made to torture!" he began to rub his tongue against his sleeve, trying to get rid of the terrible after taste that had settled in his mouth.

"Well it worked didn't it? you stopped coughing."

"and now i have an incurable after taste that rivals that of the Sand Gizzars Obi-wan made for us last month. What is that stuff?!"

"its called...NyQuil" she said as she checked the bottle "and come on, it can't be worse than suffocating to death out of lack of oxygen from coughing"

"i don't know, it hardly seems worth it." he mumbled with a frown.

"whatever" she laughed "come on, you need to eat something" she said as she grabbed on of his arms and started to pull him out of bed. Keeping hold of his hand she guided them both out of his room and into the kitchen where she sat him down at one of the chairs next to their table. "lets see.... soup is good for when your sick, right?" she asked, even though she wasn't really looking for an answer. Grabbing a few cans of chicken noodle from a shelf she poured them into a pot and after a few minutes she placed steaming bowls of soup in front of Anakin and herself. Only halfway through his bowl, Anakin placed his spoon down and pushed the soup away from him.

"Kay, I'm done." Ahsoka opened her mouth to protest but Anakin interrupted before she could say anything "you make me eat one more spoon full of this, and i promise you I'll spew all over this table." Ahsoka just raised an eyebrow and went back to eating her own soup as Anakin stood and put his bowl in the sink .
"I think I'm going to go lay back down."

"Alright" she replied absentmindedly not looking up from her own bowl. Walking back to his room he sprawled down on the bed on his stomach but then quickly turned to his back at the unwanted pressure that was added to his rolling stomach when he lay on his front. 'wasn't that stuff Ahsoka gave me earlier supposed to help?' he thought as his eyes closed, welcoming unconsciousness. Back in the other room Ahsoka had finished her meal and had settled herself onto a pillow in the living room, beginning to meditate.

About 40 minutes later she was pulled out of her meditation by the sound of loud knocking at the door. 'uh oh' she thought, only being able to think of one person who could possible be visiting Anakin and her. Scrambling up from her cross legged position she ran to answer the door and found herself face to face with a not so happy looking Obi-wan.

"Uh, hello master. Is there anything I can help you with" she said smiling nervously.

"Yes i think there is" he said narrowing his eyes "you see, i went and found Rex, but it seemed he hasn't talked to Anakin at all today, and has no idea where he is. You wouldn't know where he may be, would you?" he asked, inclining his head down towards her.

"You know you just missed him! He just left to go to...the..um..bridge!" she said, hoping he would buy her lie. Seeing how his frown deepened and he crossed his arms in front of his chest at this statement, she guessed he hadn't.

"You can't lie to me Ahsoka, i know he's in there. I can sense him from our link." damn, she hadn't expected that, they were doomed! Speechless, she just watched as Obi-wan passed by her, entering their rooms. Obi-wan, seeing that Anakin was not in the main room headed to the next probable place he would find Anakin, his room.
"Anakin?" he asked as he opened the door standing in the archway with Ahsoka behind him. Even throught he darkness they saw Anakin sit straight up in his bed.

"well HeellloooOOooo master!" Anakin said in a high pitch voice. Jumping from the bed he ran up to his master and before Obi-wan could even blink Anakin had tackled him to the ground with his arms wrapped around his waist.

"What in the name of the force are you doing?" cried Obi-wan slightly in horror as Anakin began to snuggle into his side, even as a child Anakin had never been this touchy feely with his master.

"its a hug master, but ssshhhhh" he said bringing a finger to his mouth in mock secrecy , "don't tell R2D2, he may get jealous. Oh NO, i nearly forgot!" he yelled, jumping up from the ground, releasing Obi-Wan. Running back into his room leaving a very confused pair in the hallway, he reappeared quickly holding a...banana? Looking both ways as if searching for an enemy, Anakin then shoved the banana into the, now standing, hands of Obi-wan. "R2D2 gave this to me a couple days ago, he said it was the secret to defeating Dooku! if we can just tap into the power of this weapon then..." Anakin continued to mumble incoherently to himself .

"What the heck is wrong with him?" Obi-wan hissed to Ahsoka, keeping his eyes focused on the still mumbling Anakin.

"I have no idea, he was fine an hour ago"

"well something must have happened! He's acting like he's on drugs for force sake!"

"I...uh..might've given him some NyQuil earlier, but would that have really made him act like this? Hold on" she said as she ran to grab the bottle. "lets see...side affects: dizziness; drowsiness; excitability; headache; loss of appetite; nausea; nervousness or anxiety; trouble sleeping; upset stomach; vomiting; weakness. Seek medical attention right away if any of these SEVERE side affects occur: hallucinations; seizures; severe dizziness, light headedness, or headache; stomach pain; tremor; trouble sleeping; vision changes; yellowing of skin or eyes."

"well I'm sure he's hallucinating, but that seems to be the only thing wrong with him ". As soon as Obi-wan finished his sentence Anakin took that moment to double over and vomit all over Obi-wans shoes. "you have got to be kidding me!"

"I guess now we can add vomiting to the list." Ahsoka said trying not to smile. Obi-wan just glared at her and then refocused his attention back onto Anakin.

"Come on Anakin, i think we need to go visit the healers wing." he said quietly holding out an arm, beckoning him forward. Anakins eyes got big as he stopped his mumbling suddenly looking very panicked.

"NO!" Anakin shouted as he stepped back, using the force he pushed the pair several feet back making them fall to the ground.

"Anakin be reasonable!" Obi-wan said as he sat up, this was getting very frustrating. 'wait, where did he go?', looking around there was no Anakin in sight. Looking back into Anakins room he found his answer to the missing Jedi, he was hiding under the covers. "Anakin get out from under their." pulling away the blanket he grabbed hold of one of his legs, intending to drag him out of bed. Anakin just held onto the bed and accomplished kicking Obi-wan in the gut with his free leg. Obi-wan looked positively angry. Unhooking his lightsaber from his belt he abruptly swung his arm and hit Anakin over the head with the metal handle as hard as he could. The effect was instant as Anakin slumped down, unconscious.

"I thought it was un-Jedi like to resort to violence." Ahsoka said from the doorway, a small smile playing on her lips.

"Only when necessary, Ahsoka, only when necessary." he laughed, picking up Anakin and slinging him over his shoulder. Anakin moaned in response and his eyes began to flutter open. 'perhaps i didn't hit him hard enough' Obi-wan thought to himself. Tightening his grip on Anakin in case he tried to escape, he just continued to walk.

"Ma..master?" Anakin croaked, only lifting his head slightly from where it it had been bouncing against Obi-wans back. "what happened? Where are we going?"

"Well you went a little... crazy, from the NyQuilAhsoka gave you and now were going to the healers wing." Anakin just sighed and continued to let himself be carried, arguing would do him no good. "I don't see why you continue to do this every time you get sick. If you had just admitted it from the start I'm sure you could have been healed by now." Obi-wan lectured.

"Ahsoka and I had it all under control, I would have been just fine, we didn't need the healers help." Anakin argued

"Oh? was that before or after you decided that a banana would help the republic defeat Count Dooku?"

"I...wait what?"

"You were hallucinating and thought that a banana was some special super weapon."

"I....well....it would have worked itself out!" Anakin pouted.

"Anakin your not a padawan anymore, you shouldn't be scared to visit the healers wing every time you get sick."

"I'm not scared! Anyways I'm sorry, it won't happen again."

"Isn't that what you said the last time?" Obi-wan said with an eye brow raised. They had finally reached the Healers wing and Obi-wan deposited Anakin in a bed. "I'll be back to check on you in the morning, be sure not to give the healers any trouble. That means no running away."

"That only happened once!" Anakin defended, remembering the time when he was 9 years old and had tried to escape from the healers wing by running away.

"Despite that, I expect to see you unmoved from this bed in the morning. Don't worry about Ahsoka, i'll take care of her while your away." he said assuringly. "Get some rest." Obi-wan said as he left.

"Goodnight master" Anakin said rolling onto his side. As soon as he saw his master had left he began to think to himself.

'hmm...' he thought, getting an idea as he found himself looking at an air vent in the wall.
' I'm sure i could crawl out of here through that air vent up there, as soon as that Healer looks the other way'.

A mischevious smile crossed his face, a plan forming in his head. One way or another, he knew, he would get out of here.


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