Number 1

Hi everyone.I am back at it again.I have finally came up with some bran new ones.I hope you enjoy them and get a good laff out of some of read and review.

you start talking with a cold accent like Sesshoumaru.

you die in a accedent and then are brought back to life like Kikyou.

you just sit in your room all day thinking of ways to kill someone like Naraku.

you love someone but he is to cold hearted to notice that you do.

you travel all over the country side looking for jewel shards.

you are in love with someone but he cheats on you with your most hated enemy so you turn to his older brother for comfurt.

you have 2 guys coming after you but 1 is in the future and you can't tell him about your life so you ignore him and the other one is in the past and if you tell him of your true love he will expload.

you came to the past by mistake and end up braking a jewel and having to travel with a very stupid hanyou who you end up loving but he cheats on you.

the guy you love is ruthless,cold,but very very HOT.

you love this guy who is SUPER HOT but he has tried to kill you on several occasions.

Well there it.I am currently working on number 2.I hope you liked this 10 I came up you have any sugestions for the next chapter please tell me in a review or messege me with them.

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