Number 4

This first one if from my BF killer dog demon

you start thinking you live in the feudal era with demon attacking every day.
When Sesshomaru comes to save you with only one arm you ask what happen to it.
He says "mind you business human", and walks away.
then inuyasha shows up and says "are you ok"

Ok now these ones are from me.

you bang into a wall and hurt your head and when you turn around and see a guy and think he is Sesshoumaru you love him.

you meet this super rich dude with a younger brother and they are around Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha's ages you think they are them.

you go to a Nascar race and run into these two looking guys and you are taken over by love that you yell out "Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha .I love you two"

you fly to New York city and see this tall building and you think it is Tasho Corporation and you run in and start to look for Inuyasha you really love the show.

you walk into a night club with some of your girlfriends and you a see a guy that looks like Miroku and you go over to him and say " Hey Miroku" But he doesn't say "Do you want to bear my children".

you travel to another country and run onto a ancient go ask your family if you can use it to get to the feudal era.

everyone in your school starts wearing uniforms like Kagomes.

you go into a new story and they have swords for walk over to the guy and say "Are any of these demonic" and he looks at you as if you are crazy.

your family starts digging in your back yard and you discover and old sword and you thinks it' "Tessiaga"

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