Author's Note: *Stares blankly at potential reviewers* Uh…hi, everybody. Well, it's been a while since I first announced I would be doing this story, and after a very long period of pondering, I've finally made a decision.

I have decided to start my Kingdom of Earth series.

Now, I know most of you are rejoicing and jumping out of your seats at this point, but first, I thought I should just…warn you about a few things.

First of all, I don't mean any offense, but please don't expect this big epic story parallel to the game itself. I will try to get all the majesty of the original story; just in a more practical way. Second…I hope I'm not asking for too much, but please don't send me reviews or messages along the lines of "update soon." That will pretty much guarantee that I will not update soon.

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Kingdom of Earth

Long ago, there existed not many different worlds, but one large united world. This world was bathed in warm light, for all to enjoy. However…eventually, people began to fight over who owned this precious light. This introduced something new into the people's hearts: darkness. Soon, it seemed as though the entire world was plunged into darkness, and all signs of light were lost.

But this was not the case at all. For you see, there were still small shards of light hidden in an unlikely place: inside the hearts of children. Knowing this, all the children of the world got together, and recreated the world using each child's small shard of light.

But there was a catch: while the world was now not completely engulfed in darkness, it was not one big united world anymore. It was divided into smaller worlds.

The reason for this happening was simple, yet so complicated: the children did have light; this was true, but they didn't have the true light.

And that is because the true light was still hidden; hidden deep within darkness itself.

Prologue: The Dream World


She was falling. That much she could tell.

Who was this "she," you ask? It's a young girl, age fourteen. She has blue eyes, and long black hair. While some of her hair is tied into pigtails with two red bead hair ties, the rest of it is tied into three thick, long bands that fall down her back (these are also tied off with red hair ties). She is wearing a yellow sleeveless tank top with purple collar and armhole cuffs, and a red stripe going down one side of the tank top. She's also wearing a jean skirt, a brown belt with a pack around her waist, and plain red sneakers. She's also wearing bracelets on each wrist: one with red and black beads on her left wrist, and one with blue and orange beads on her right wrist.

Oh, and one more thing. She's psychic. The telekinetic, clairvoyant, and telepathic kind of psychic.

Her name is Abby.

'I've been having…these weird thoughts lately,' Abby thought as she fell. 'Like…is any of this for real…or not?'

Abby struggled to open her eyes. Now she could definitely tell she was falling. But…it also felt like she was underwater.

'Is someone…trying to tell me something?'

Abby blinked, and…the next thing she knew, she was back on one of the beaches of Vega Island, her homeland.

Confused, Abby turned around, toward the lapping waves on the sand. She saw somebody out in the water.

It was another girl, age fifteen. Unlike Abby, this girl had very dark skin, hazel eyes, and dirty blonde hair in a simple ponytail. She wore a dark green T-shirt with a dark red ring on the bottom and the top of the shirt; there were also holes in the top of the shirt that exposed her shoulders. She wore dark blue pants with red and black sneakers. On her right wrist was a bracelet made of red and black beads, identical to Abby's.

It was Abby's best friend, Galleria.

Abby attempted to call to her friend, but found that no sound came out when she opened her mouth.

'Wh-what?' Abby thought, grasping at her throat. 'Why can't I talk?'


Abby started; Galleria's voice flashed through her mind. She looked back at her friend; Galleria was holding her hand out, as if she wanted Abby to take it.

But Abby also saw something else: a giant tidal wave about to crash right into Galleria!

Abby immediately began running toward Galleria, trying to shout out a warning, to no avail. Just as Abby was about to reach Galleria, the wave crashed into them.

Abby felt herself flip underwater a few times before regaining her balance. When she refocused her eyes, she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Galleria was still holding her hand out to Abby, as if nothing had happened!

Abby attempted to swim closer to her friend, when all of a sudden a sharp current of water shot her straight backward, forcing her to surface.

Abby was back to where the beach was, but something was different?

'Sunset?' Abby thought. 'But it was daytime before…'

'Hey! Abby!'

Abby started; this time, it was another familiar voice in her mind. She turned around and found the source of the "voice."

Standing on the shore was a boy the same age as Abby. His skin was a little lighter than Abby's, and he had short, stringy red-orange hair and green eyes. He wore a simple white tank-top with a big letter "M" on it, jeans cut off at the knee, and a pair of white sneakers with blue and orange on them. Sticking out of one of his jean pockets was a metal chain; attached to the chain was a blue and orange beaded bracelet identical to Abby's.

This was Mick, Abby's other friend.

Abby began to run toward Mick; maybe he knew what happened to Galleria. But when she got to him, all he did was flash her one of his trademark smiles.

But then, Mick's attention turned to somewhere else. He was looking at something up in the sky. Abby followed his gaze until she saw what he was looking at: something was falling down from the sky. Abby squinted a little, and was suddenly shocked when she realized what it was.

It was her! Her body was falling down from the sky! But how was that possible…?

Just then, it felt like the ground gave way from below Abby's feet, and she suddenly found herself falling through the sand! She was just able to catch a glance at Mick's stunned face before all got dark again.

Then, it came back. The sensation of falling through water. But this time, Abby only fell for a little while…before landing on something solid.

Abby was confused at first, because it was all so dark. But when she took a step forward, a brilliant light shone below her; it was so bright, Abby had to cover her eyes. When the light finally cleared, Abby was even more shocked.

She was standing on a giant, circular stained glass picture. In the picture was a little girl, who couldn't have been more than ten or eleven years old, but…she was wearing a pink high school uniform and cute little pigtails. Circling the girl were five smaller pictures of five different girls: one with chin-length dark hair and energetic eyes, one with shoulder-length dark hair with wide eyes, one with long, light brown hair and glasses, one with long, black hair and calm blue-grey eyes, and one with short spiky brown hair and fiery eyes. They all seemed to be wearing the same uniform as the little girl.

'Who…is this?' Abby wondered, looking at the girl. Just then, a name flashed through her mind. 'Chiyo…Chiyo Mihama. But…I've never seen her before. Or any of these other girls! What's going on?'

'So much to do, so little time…'

Abby jumped. This voice wasn't familiar to her. 'Wh-what?'

'Take your time. Don't be afraid. The door is still shut.'

'What door?' Abby asked. 'Who are you? What do you mean?!'

'The powers inside you…kindness, courage, and intellect. They will give you form…they will give you strength.'

Suddenly, the stained glass picture of Chiyo and the five girls disappeared, and Abby found herself falling again. But once again, she didn't fall for long.

Soon, Abby found herself on another stained-glass picture. In the picture was a different, older girl, also wearing a high school uniform, but hers composed of a white shirt with a light blue collar and skirt. The girl had chin-length brown hair with a yellow ribbon in it, and large brown eyes. The girl was framed by four smaller pictures: a girl with short gray hair and gray eyes (wearing a dark jacket over her uniform), a girl with long orange hair and big brown eyes, a boy with short, dark brown hair and a disinterested look on his face, and a boy with short, light brown hair smiling with his eyes closed.

As Abby looked at the girl in the picture, another name flashed through her mind.


'You have gained the ability to fight.'

There was that voice again!

'Fight?!' Abby thought.

'There will be times when you have to fight. But keep your light burning strong.'

Just then, Abby noticed something else. There was a door on the other side of the picture. She walked over to it and grabbed the handle, but the door wouldn't budge.

'Huh?' Abby thought. 'It won't open…'

'Hold on. The door won't open just yet. First…tell me more about yourself.'

Suddenly, the door and the picture faded, and Abby found herself back on Vega Island. She turned around, and saw three other kids who lived on the island. They were Naru (a girl with wavy red hair and blue eyes), Yumi (a girl with long black hair and dark eyes), and Umino (a boy with sandy brown hair and glasses too big for his face) (A/N: these are not OCs; if you know where they are from, this is foreshadowing).

Abby walked over to Naru first. 'What are you afraid of?' Naru's voice asked Abby.

Abby thought for a moment. 'I guess…getting old,' she answered.

'Getting old?' Naru repeated. 'Is that really so bad?'

Abby walked over to Yumi next. 'What do you want out of life?'

Abby pondered for a minute. 'To see rare sights.'

Yumi tilted her head in thought. 'To see rare sights, huh?'

Abby walked over to Umino last. 'What is most important to you?'

'Being number one,' Abby answered.

'Being number one?' Umino repeated. 'But…is that really so important?'

Before Abby had time to ponder this, she heard the mysterious voice again.

'Your adventure begins at dawn. As long as the sun is shining, your journey will be pleasant.'

'My…journey?' Abby asked.

'The day you open the door is both far off…and yet very near.'

Another flash of light…then the Vega Island surroundings were gone. Abby was standing on another stained-glass picture. This one was of a young man in a white robe. He had short black hair, piercing eyes, and was holding a sharp-looking katana. Behind the man was a pair of large, menacing eyes.

'Samurai…Jack…?' Abby repeated the name as it flashed in her mind.

'The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes…'

As the mysterious voice spoke, Abby's shadow suddenly rose from the ground, enough so that it was standing right in front of her. Then, without any warning, the shadow charged at her; Abby flinched and shut her eyes. But when she dared to open her eyes again, she saw that her shadow had stopped, inches away from attacking her. It then sunk back into the ground at Abby's feet.

'You will be the one to open the door. But don't be afraid…'

Suddenly, the room was once again engulfed in light. It was too bright, and Abby was forced to shut her eyes.

'You hold the mightiest weapon in the universe…'