Title: If I Close My Eyes Forever

Author: Solarbaby

Rating: T

Disclaimer: All I own is the plot.

Words: 568

Summary: Ziggy can't sleep. Dillon never does.

Spoilers: Major spoilers for Go for the Green.

Notes: It probably could be seen as Dillon/Ziggy if you squint but it wasn't necessarily written that way. Title taken from the Ozzy Osbourne song by the same name.


It isn't always what it seems

When you're face to face with me

- Ozzy Osbourne (If I Close My Eyes Forever)

There was a faint rhythmic 'thunk, thunk' that echoed through the darkened garage. The noise caught his attention not too long after it began and he found himself peering around the corner. A figure was clearly seen sitting under the open garage door.

He moved closer and caught sight of the small green ball that had been making the sound. His own steps were silent and Ziggy never saw him until he was right there beside him.

Ziggy gave a visible jerk along with a 'Jesus, Dillon!' as his hand flew over his heart. It was amusing that even when he was startled he still had his flair for dramatics.

"Can't sleep?" Dillon asked, sitting down.

There was a weak grin. "Can't you?" Ziggy returned. It was a stupid question because the green ranger knew that Dillon slept very little and even when he did it was usually in the form of quick naps during the day.

Dr. K explained that it had something to do with his 'upgrades'. He had heard Ziggy mutter something about it probably having more to do with the large amount of sugar in those suckers he inhaled more than anything else to Summer.

A warm breeze drifted in, brushing over them. Ziggy closed his eyes in response, pulling his knees up to chest and wrapping his arm around them. There was a flash of white in the hand not holding the ball as it tightened and Dillon saw the paper crumple.

Something was going on with his friend, Dillon realized. Something other than morpher that Ziggy now wore around his wrist. He reached out, uncertainly, and placed a hand on his friend's shoulder, attempting to be comforting.

The green ranger went completely still and stayed that way for several long moments, just staring at the green rubber ball. It was more than a little unsettling because Ziggy was never still. He was constantly in motion, whether moving or talking and even sleeping he'd seen the green ranger toss and turn and murmur stuff he'd rather not dwell on.

"I'm not a good person, Dillon."

The words were whispered and Dillon was sure that if he didn't have his enhancements he wouldn't have been able to hear him at all. "What are you talking about?"

"I've," he paused, biting his bottom lip. "I've done things. Things that aren't exactly good."

It wasn't the first time Ziggy had hinted at stuff like that but Dillon never heard it been verbalized before. Things like that couldn't help but make him remember that his friend had been outside of the city for a reason and he couldn't help but wonder at times if the reason had been a good one. He just shook his head, patting Ziggy on the shoulder awkwardly.

"I'm sure we've all done stuff we're not proud of," Dillon said. "It doesn't mean you're a bad person."

Ziggy just chuckled but it sounded empty and disbelieving, if not a little hysterical. The green ranger just stood up, shoving the card into his pocket and tossed Dillon the rubber ball, which was caught easily. "Night," was called almost absently as the green ranger headed for the stairs.

The faint 'click' of a garage door closing followed him as he went and neither of the two saw the business card fall out of Ziggy's pocket and flutter down, coming to rest underneath Scott's red car.